My 2013 rant - the Pussification of the American Male Part 1

I've told my son many times that I had a WAY better childhood than he did. Not even close. Not saying it to rub it in, just saying that it's not my fault the way America headed. I fought against it, for the record.

Here are 3 examples of things we did growing up that couldn't happen today: 1) I went to grade school in California. Every year, near the end of the year, they had a tradition - softball. Not just regular softball, but the teachers vs the 6th graders. Needless to say, the teachers slaughtered the students.

I specifically remember a 300+ lb white teacher, I'll call him Mr. T because I only remember his last name started with a T. He may have been obese, but he could smack the shit out of a softball. The field had no fence, so the ball kept going and going. It was a funny sight, watching him smack the ball and some poor 6th grade slop futilely running after the ball. To rub it in, he always ran the bases twice.

Nowadays, parents would bitch that it would damage kids' self-esteem. Boo fucking hoo. Kids NEED to be humbled, folks. It's part of growing up. You need to lose, and lose badly. You need to know what it's like. It's a life lesson, because Earth to parents - life isn't easy. You need to learn what it's like to fail early, and you need to learn that failing doesn't kill you. How the fuck do you expect him to handle a layoff as an adult when he's never had to handle shit as a kid?

2) My parents were always into a better edumakation. So they sent me to a special school from 6th-8th. I missed the softball game. Damn. However, I played the key part in another rite of passage.

The Intermediate School coaches used to have the 8th graders take on the 6th graders in tackle football. Of course, the 8th graders would slaughter the 6th graders as they were twice their size, twice their speed, and knew each other for a few years whereas the 6th graders barely knew each other.

So the gameplan for us 6th graders? Get the ball to Zombieslayer. He's fearless. Yes, the very first play the 8th graders did, they sent out their fastest guy and threw a deep bomb. I covered him and picked them off, dodged a tackle, ran for about 10 yards, then got smeared. But I held onto the ball. The coaches were shocked and watched me the rest of the game.

Of course we lost. By a lot. But boys need to be humbled. It's part of growing up. I'm not a criminal psychologist, but I can guarantee you that they would agree with me - that if a boy wasn't humbled, there would be something wrong with him as an adult.

3) I went to 2 high schools, started in California then ended up in Texas. Keep in mind, this is before California was a pussified state. Yes, California really wasn't always like this.

For show and tell in my California HS, one of the boys brought a throwing axe and a tree stump. He put the tree stump on the other side of the room and threw the axe across the room, sticking it into the stump. He did it several times too. Couldn't do that today. A kid bringing an axe to school? OMFG! He might murder your pwecious porcelain children!!!

Now when my son was growing up, they make mountains out of molehills. He got in trouble for showing any signs of being a male. Everything was a federal case. Every boy had problems and they tried to get him on Ritalin (which is synthetic cocaine - if you don't believe me, look it up yourself. This is Newsweek saying this, not me). I refused and needless to say, wasn't too liked by certain school administrators.

My son would get in trouble for things they wouldn't have even brought up when I was growing up.

Kids don't go out that much nowadays. They stay inside. There are more kids today than when I was growing up, yet, the fields are all empty except for organized sports (which many have been pussified - my son was in a football league where they weren't allowed to keep score. WTF?!) Heck, everyone my age remembers being on their bikes until the sun went down. Halloween is a joke nowadays. Kids have no idea how fun it used to be when we were kids. I also can't believe how fat kids are nowadays. Another WTF.

Boys need to be boys. Fist fighting is part of growing up. Not everyone needs to get along and the way to handle a bully is punch him in the face repeatedly. Even if you get your ass kicked, he'll leave you alone. Nowadays, everything is bullying and everything is forbidden.

And boys should be outside playing rough games and getting hurt. That's part of becoming a man. Beware the adult male (I hesitate to call him a man for obvious reasons) who never had a broken bone or at least a good scar or bruise.

And yet, I hear many women complain to me that there aren't that many Real Men any more. I wonder why (said with extreme sarcasm).