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A Challenge

The other day someone said that just because they weren’t a radical, and did not hold the same beliefs as I do, that they are not brainless. I suppose I have been a little bit harsh with my comments as … Continue reading

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This Just Doesn’t Make Any Damn Sense To Me

A year or so ago someone convinced me to sign up for Facebook, the online social networking page. I did so but never really intended to use it. Then a few days back an old high school classmate of found … Continue reading

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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Last Wednesday News With Views posted an article entitled Elections Will Change Nothing Unless You Act Now. It was written by my friend, Andrew Wallace. This article listed 24 points which all political candidates should agree to before being elected. … Continue reading

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There Must Be Something Seriously Wrong With Me [Satire]

When I am at work, the job I do does not really require a great deal of thought. My mind, therefore, is often free to ponder upon all manner of things. Often I spend much of my time coming up … Continue reading

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