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Can I Make It Any Clearer?

Imagine, if you would, that a dear friend, or a loved one, gives you a valuable gift. Later, someone attempts to steal that gift from you. How do you think you would react? Would you just let them have it, … Continue reading

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The Lines Have Not Been Blurred, They’ve Been Erased

You know, just when you think you have a pretty good grasp on something, someone always goes and says something that proves you don’t really know as much as you thought you did. American philosopher Will Durant once said, “Education … Continue reading

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Two Weeks Till Election And Some People Still Don’t Get It

I was watching NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams last night. During the broadcast Mr. Williams and Chuck Todd were discussing the upcoming election and the fact that the public is expressing a lot of anti-government sentiment. I got the … Continue reading

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I Can Explain Things, But It’s Up To You To Understand Them

Imagine, if you will, the outrage of an author who writes a book of great importance, then later discovers his words have been misconstrued, or misinterpreted, and put to use for the pursuance of evil. Do you not think that … Continue reading

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I’ll Sleep Soundly November 2nd, Will You?

Although my last article did not generate the amount, and type of comments that I had hoped, there was one comment that I felt was worthy of discussion. I won’t bother quoting it, but it can be found at The … Continue reading

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I Want You To Think About Something

With the mid-term elections coming up quickly, many political pundits are speculating that the Republicans will most likely trounce the Democrats and regain control of Congress. While some may find that cause for celebration, the possibility that the Republicans may … Continue reading

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