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This Is Really Pretty Straightforward

Before I get started, there is something I would like for you to take a moment to think about. Whenever government enacts a law, what authority do they have to require you to comply with that law? Take as much … Continue reading

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More Questions Than Answers-An examination of D.C. v Heller

Recently I wrote Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer a letter in which I questioned his position on the interpretation of the Second Amendment. Much to my surprise I actually got a reply from Justice Breyer. Although brief, he mentioned that … Continue reading

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So Simple A Caveman Could Understand It

Awhile back I sent off a letter to Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, questioning some things he said in regards to the Second Amendment. I really didn’t expect a reply, and told him as much in my letter. However, much … Continue reading

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Why The New Years Is No Big Deal To Me

Well, 2010 is now relegated to the history books, with the inevitable Life Magazine’s 2010 in photos. The coming of a new year always seems to be cause for great celebration. Maybe it is hope that fuels the urge in … Continue reading

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