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My Final Thoughts on Rights

If the scientific community is correct, then man has been around for roughly 4800 years. Yet it wasn’t until 1791 A.D. that our nation’s Bill of Rights was added to our Constitution. So, what did the Bill of Rights do; … Continue reading

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Quick & Simple (And If You Still Don’t Get It, There’s No Hope For You)

Time and time again I have written about rights, about liberty, yet people still do not seem to get it. Either people are obtuse, (slow to understand or perceive something), or they simply do not care. The Preamble to the … Continue reading

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DO NOT READ (Lest You Be Accused of Thinking)

Most long time readers of my commentaries are well aware of my affinity for Thomas Jefferson quotes. Therefore, it may come as a bit of a surprise that my favorite quote comes, not from a founding father, but from Winston … Continue reading

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Just Calling It As I See It

I’ll be the first to admit it I’m not that damn smart. I may spend more time reading than many people do, but that doesn’t make me smarter, just more well-read. I may also have a talent for stringing thoughts … Continue reading

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