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A Legal Brief of Sorts

I know that these missives I write do make their way around, and that there are some people who actually read them. However, there are still those who disagree, or refuse to accept the truth, the truth being that their … Continue reading

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Is The Outcome Inevitable?

In 1787 a group of 55 men were chosen from among 13 colonies and tasked with the job of reforming the Articles of Confederation to give the existing government more power and authority to manage the affairs of the nation. … Continue reading

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Hey, If George Bush Can Do It, So Can I

In an essay published in the National Gazette in 1792, James Madison stated, ” Where an excess of power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe in his opinions, his person, his faculties, or his … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Down To Basics

About an hour ago I had to go out to pick up a couple items at the grocery store and fill up my truck with gas. Something a woman said started the gears rolling in my brain, and by the … Continue reading

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A Follow Up Of Sorts

It has been about two weeks now since I scribbled out my last missive entitled My Silence Explained. In response to it I received an above average number of comments, some of which I will address in this commentary. I … Continue reading

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