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For Your Info

At the urging of a friend I have begun compiling my articles into folders by subject matter with the intended goal of picking out a few select commentaries for publication in book form. Once completed a link will be provided … Continue reading

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On Guns & Atoms

By now you know me pretty well, I am constantly harping on how our rights are being infringed upon, and I am pretty sure you are getting tired of hearing it. The fact is that I simply can’t help myself. … Continue reading

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Bring It On

I am quite certain that a great many people think that I am have lost my marbles because I believe in all these, as people are so fond of saying, nut case conspiracy theories. Yet the truth remains that for … Continue reading

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Labor Day Thoughts

Remember back in 1992 and the Clinton campaign phrase, “It’s the economy stupid”? Fast forward 20 years and for many Americans that is once again their primary concern for the upcoming presidential election. I have not studied economics and do … Continue reading

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