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The Truth Would Be Nice, Just Once

Under our system of government, the people who hold office are our elected representatives and they are, supposedly anyways, accountable to us for their actions. Therefore when we attempt to contact them with concerns, or comments, they should take the … Continue reading

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Allow Me To Explain My Point Of View (A Follow Up To My Last Article)

As I expected, my last little ditty received mix reviews, with about half the folks commenting agreeing with me, and the other half not. Of those who disagreed with me the general sentiment expressed was that the only priority this … Continue reading

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You Want Me To Vote For Romney? (Here’s What I Ask In Return)

I keep hearing from friends and co—workers that I HAVE to vote for Romney to stop Obama from getting elected again. They say I have to sacrifice my principles, be a realist, not an idealist, and vote for Romney to … Continue reading

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An open letter on California’s Gun Laws

This letter is being sent to the Governor of CA, as well as the State Attorney General, the CA Supreme Court, and members of the Supreme Court of the United States. Each letter contains a cover letter which addresses the … Continue reading

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To My Twelve Faithful Readers (And anyone else who may read this)

Well, well, well, the Supreme Court is at it again, providing me with plenty of fodder for an article maybe a dozen people will read. But hey, if it keeps me from throwing things at all those political ads on … Continue reading

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Point Blank

In 1787 a group of men drafted a document which we know as the Constitution. In 1788 it was ratified, (agreed upon), by the required number of states to become legally binding as the Supreme Law of the Land. Article … Continue reading

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