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Something different from me

I can’t recall EVER having posted something someone else wrote on my blog, as I kept this as a place where I could share MY thoughts. However, in this instance, I could not pass up the chance to post what, … Continue reading

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…And Speaking Of Character (A Companion Piece)

In my last article I spoke a lot about the manners and character of the people, and how there was sufficient evidence to support the belief, that as Jefferson said, a degeneracy in them would eat to the heart of … Continue reading

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Is There Really Any Hope?

Every once in a blue moon somebody will respond to one of my commentaries with something along the lines of, “You know Neal, you sure bitch a lot about how screwed up things are, but you never seem to offer … Continue reading

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America, How Did We Screw Things Up So Badly?

The title of this piece is something I have been asking myself for quite some time now. I know that I am not the only one who sees it, but sometimes I feel as though I am among an ever … Continue reading

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Letter to Speaker of the House Boehner

I don’t expect a reply, in fact I am just rattling his cage a bit. But it was fun to write, and it would be interesting if he actually does send a reply. Mr. Speaker, The current state of affairs … Continue reading

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What Would YOU Call It?

Written on, what feels like my death bed, this Nov 5, 2012 It simply amazes me that so many people, who are in most cases pretty smart people, refuse to face the fact that they have become slaves to their … Continue reading

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Can I Make It Any Damn Clearer?

As I write this the presidential election is less than a week away and I am thinking that no matter who wins we the people are screwed either way. I really don’t want to see Barack Obama in the Oval … Continue reading

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