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When Logic And Emotions Collide

(Written on Black Friday 2013) Someone asked me awhile back why I haven’t been writing any more political articles. The simple truth is that I’m tired of arguing with people who choose to ignore the facts I present them, instead … Continue reading

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What I’ve Been Researching Lately

Recently our government went into a shutdown when a portion of the Republican Party fought to block funding for the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. Many people I spoke to said that the government did have the authority … Continue reading

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Heidi’s Cancer Story

In October of 2012 Heidi went in for her annual routine mammogram. After awhile we got a phone call saying that she would need to come in for another mammogram because they found something suspicious in the images. This had … Continue reading

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Will We Have A Fairy Tale Ending?

I’m a pretty avid reader and every once in awhile I will read something that just jumps out and slaps me in the face. Most of the time it is when I’m reading the writings of men who have been … Continue reading

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