Not that many people visit here, but for those that do, I may not be posting much for the near future. My wife and I found out yesterday that she has breast cancer so I’ll be busy with her upcoming surgery and whatever treatments she decides upon.


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I'm just one person out of millions of others. The only thing different about me is that I don't walk around with my head up my ass.
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  1. kdzu says:

    God Bless your wife and you Neal. Focus on the most important things first. The people who care will be here if you return.
    Sadly, I think, most people are concerned with work and family and without a big problem will never focus on anything outside their own little world of concerns. One reason 90% of incumbents are re-elected, I suppose. Let other people (politicians) take care of us is the dumb masses credo. To self absorbed to recognize or even think that the politicians are there to take care of themselves first and foremost.
    Love your writing by the way.

  2. Warren Hudson says:

    Neal, please accept my heartfelt prayers and wishes for your wife and yourself that all may come out as well as possible.
    I do not comment as I am one of your ‘Lurkers’, but be aware that your thoughts do find their way to many hundreds as I forward to fellow thinkers within my social group at work at an unnamed government contractor and club of freedom loving practitioners of constitutionally protected rights.

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