When you read, or hear something, you have a choice which you must make. You must decide whether to accept it as the truth, or reject it as a lie. What then is the truth? Truth is defined as: the state of being the case; the body of real things, events, and facts. The opposite then is a lie; something that is inaccurate, deceptive, or misleading, and most importantly, untrustworthy.

Doesn’t it therefore seem logical that people would prefer the truth over a lie? Wouldn’t it seem prudent to seek out the truth for yourself instead of simply taking someone’s word that what you are being told is the truth? Or is taking the time to find out if you’ve been lied to simply too much work?

Unfortunately it seems that people are often more willing to accept that what they are being told is truthful, than to make the effort to find out if it may indeed be false. I don’t know about you but I was raised to tell the truth, and to not trust anyone who lied to me. Not that I haven’t told lies myself over the course of my lifetime, but I do try my best to speak with truthfulness and to not deceive anyone by the things I say. This is nowhere more evident than in my writings.

As the definition of truth states, the truth is the body of real things, events, and facts. As best as humanly possible I base all my opinions upon facts and I try to provide as much supporting evidence to back up my opinions. But nine times out of ten, when I find someone who disagrees with my viewpoint, I am met, not with contradictory facts, but with emotional outbursts.

Why is it that the truth is so repulsive to so many? Could it be because the truth is not politically correct; it does not sugar coat the facts? The truth shines a big bright light on all equally. The truth can ruin friendships, end relationships, and topple governments, but all this depends upon whether people chose to seek it out. If you ignore it, you are living life looking through rose colored glasses that only hide the truth. The truth is reality, all you have to do is have the courage and conviction to accept it, otherwise you are living a lie.

You see, the truth does not take sides, it is non-partisan, it does not care about your skin color, your gender, your sexual orientation, or anything else for that matter. The truth is honesty in that it only cares about facts and evidence.

A quick example: In the 1970’s Richard Nixon resigned from the presidency because of the scandal regarding the break in, and the attempted wiretapping and monitoring of documents at the DNC Headquarters at the Watergate Hotel. Yet 4 decades later we have a sitting president who is doing the same thing on a national level and very few people even seem to care. In the 70’s the Washington Post reporters Woodward and Bernstein were hailed as heroes from breaking this story, yet in 2014 Edward Snowden who broke details regarding the level of spying upon the American people by their government had to flee the country for fear of being imprisoned.

Now you tell me, which president is guilty of a higher crime? And, as Americans, which generation is guilty of not caring about the level of corruption by a sitting president?

Now I’m not saying that this spying upon the people by their government is something new, it isn’t, it has been going on for a very long time. But when facts regarding details of a program initiated by their government do not cause the same outrage it would have 4 decades earlier, there is something wrong with the people of this country. Yet if anyone calls for this program to end we are told that we must endure these simple inconveniences because we are at war, and that we must combat terrorism in any way possible. I don’t buy it.

The 4th Amendment to the Constitution is clear, it says, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

Have you been presented with a warrant stating what information the government is looking for when it monitors your phone calls, your text messages, you Facebook posts, and your e mails? Has probable cause been given to prove that you or I pose a terrorist threat? If so who has sworn the oath saying that we pose a threat?

The TRUTH is that it is a crime to listen in on other people’s conversations without a search warrant, and it matters not whether it is done for personal or professional gain, as was the spying at the Watergate Hotel, or in the name of national security as has been done by presidents like Bush and Obama. That is the truth, but the truth does not seem to matter to many people these days as many still believe that these things are necessary evils to keep us safe and secure.

Another truth, our government is full of hypocrites. At this very moment violent political protests are taking place in the city of Kiev in the Ukraine. Both president Obama, and Vice-president Biden have called for restraint by the Ukrainian government in regards to these protests. Yet would they show the same restraint if hundreds of thousands of violent protesters were at their doorstep in Washington D.C.? How long would they allow protests such as what is going on in Kiev continue before they called out the National Guard to restore peace? All one has to do is look at past history to see how well the government deals with any type of anti-government sentiments. You can believe the official story if you want, but Waco is a perfect example of what happens when people try to live their lives free of governmental interference. The government will squash any resistance to their power and authority like you’d squash a cockroach with your shoe.

Another truth. 911, people believe the official story because our government would not lie to us about something so horrific. Yet there is plenty of evidence showing that they knew in advance something was going to happen. Yet when those planes diverted from course there were no military aircraft dispatched to see why, which as I understand was standard procedure in the case of a commercial aircraft diverting from its registered flight plan.

Also there are plenty of people, myself among them, who believe the twin towers, and more importantly, building 7, did not come down because of the impact of the planes. Those buildings were specifically designed to withstand the impact of a commercial plane. Look it up if you don’t believe me. Yet why was molten metal found in the basement of the twin towers when the planes hit 800 ft above? Why did not one, but two steel structures fall at almost free fall speed into their own footprints without toppling over sideways, taking out buildings on either side? Why do were the reports of first responders who survived that tell of explosions IN THE BASEMENT not shared with the news media? And why was there a BBC broadcast saying that building 7 had collapsed, yet the video feed clearly show that it was standing behind the reporter? Did they know in advance it was going to collapse and got the timing of their report wrong?

Too many unanswered questions regarding what happened that day for me to believe the official story. I’m not saying our government did it, but I’m not saying it didn’t either. I only want to know THE TRUTH.

Now you may say that our government simply isn’t capable, isn’t evil enough to commit acts of terror like that upon its own people, then you should do some homework. In the early 60’s top military leaders in the U.S. drew up plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities, and then blame the Castro regime for them in an effort to stir up anti-Castro sentiment in the U.S. These plans were called Operation Northwood, and were, thankfully, rejected. But to say that people wouldn’t plan, and even possibly execute plans like that is to deny that man is capable of great evil and no country is exempt from evil.

Like I said, I only seek the truth. Did our government know in advance? Did they let it happen to stir up anger so we could go to war in the Middle East? And, were they somehow involved in the events that transpired on 911?

But it seems the memory span of most people in this country doesn’t last much longer than a half hour sitcom. You watch, should Hillary run, and God forbid, get elected in 2016, any mention of her failure to take action while Americans came under attack in Benghazi will be shut down by cries of “You don’t like her because she’s the first woman president.” Just the same as any calls for action against Obama are met with cries of “You don’t like him because he’s black.”

No, I don’t like these people because they are liars, they are criminals, and they are violating their oath to uphold the Constitution. That’s the only reason I don’t like them. But then again those who call me names because I oppose the actions of people like them do not have any FACTS to support their claims, so they resort to name calling, an politically correct rhetoric to try and silence THE TRUTH.

All I’m asking, and I know it’s a lot, is for you to be open to the truth, even though it may clash violently with what you currently believe. I know it’s a lot, but it can be done. I was once a staunch supporter of the GOP, believing in this lie of conservative versus liberals. Yet I woke up, I did some research and found the truth, that there really is no difference between the two parties, that they are both controlled by the same people who are keeping us divided by the lie that we have a choice over who runs this country. We don’t, and we never will until we ALL find the truth.

In closing I’d like to leave you with a few random quotes about the truth.

“Never tell the truth to people who are not worthy of it.” -Mark Twain

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” -Aldous Huxely

“The truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words the truth.” -Lao Tzu (Tao Te Ching)

“People often claim to hunger for truth, but seldom like the taste when it’s served up.”
-George Martin

And finally, George Orwell once said, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

It is my hope that you will seek out the truth, as it has been said that the truth shall set you free. That is of course unless you do not wish freedom, then by all means, continue to believe the lies you are being told.

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2 Responses to Truth

  1. Don says:

    Neal, you wrote, ” I don’t like these people because they are liars, they are criminals, and they are violating their oath to uphold the Constitution.”

    Well, that about sums up the extreme vast majority of all of the politicians in America – especially those in out federal government.

  2. Neal says:

    Don, You know that, and I know that. But the people I was writing this for think I don’t like Mr. Obama because he’s black. If I had a nickel for every time someone has called me prejudiced because I complained about something Obama has done I could retire…comfortably.

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