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I really haven’t felt like writing anything for the past week, I felt like what’s the use, I’m not getting through to the people who I really need to, so why bother? But for me, writing has become almost like an addiction, I can only go so long before I have to sit down and write something…anything…just to get rid of the urge to do it. So here I am, sitting here wondering what the hell I am going to talk about this time.

I don’t know if you have been paying attention, but I have noticed the initial maneuverings of the two primary political parties to select who they will submit to us as their choice for the next presidential election. I just read a CNN e mail that says 60 something percent of registered Democrats support Hillary Clinton as their choice for the Democratic nomination. A few months ago I heard that the GOP was thinking about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, until a scandal cost him support. I find it difficult to believe that a closure of a few lanes of traffic on a bridge comes anywhere close to Hillary’s disastrous handling of the Benghazi affair, but then again that’s just me and I tend to look at things a bit more logically than most.

It really doesn’t matter to me who either party nominates because both sides are going to present us with candidates who adhere to their respective party platform, and anyone who doesn’t isn’t going to stand a snowballs chance in hell of getting their party’s nomination. I’ve even heard rumors of Sarah Palin making a run for it, but as far as I’m concerned she talks a good talk, but she is just another RINO, (Republican in name only), who would endorse the same policies that McCain would have had he been elected.

Hell, if you want someone who is really going to stand for, what you conservatives call your belief system, why don’t we all elect Ted Nugent? He makes just as much sense as Sarah Palin and I think he’d be much better for us when it came to supporting our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. But this is just rambling when I should be getting to the point.

When you vote for a candidate, no matter if it is for a president, a senator, a mayor, or even a member of your city council, you should ask yourself what is it that you are voting for. Are you voting strictly along party lines, or possibly are you voting for the candidate who supports the issues you feel most strongly about? In either case there is something you are all failing to consider. How does your candidate stand when it comes to supporting the Constitution of the United States?

When our Constitution was first ratified there were two camps of thought among the colonists. There were those who felt that the Constitution said what it means and meant what it says, that is that there was no room for interpretation of its clauses. Then there were those who felt that the Constitution left room for interpretation, that there were ‘implied’ powers not specifically mentioned that the government should take.

Before I go any further, you have to understand, that all elected officials swear an oath to uphold the Constitution. So when these ‘politicians’ and oh, how I hate that word, run for office they are doing so either with the full knowledge that the Constitution imposes limits upon the things they can do, or they believe that it is full of loopholes which grant them the power and authority to do almost anything they want. So when YOU vote for them you have to ask yourself where you personally stand on the matter of Constitutional limitations upon your government…and you SHOULD vote accordingly.

Getting back to when our Constitution was first ratified, the two factions who fought for control of our government were the origin of the political parties we have today. One believed in a limited government which only did the things the Constitution authorized, and the other felt that the government had more powers than were specifically mentioned.

But no matter what you believe, James Madison, who is considered the driving force behind our Constitution, in Federalist 45 declared that “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined.” That means there was no room for interpretation, that all the powers were there in black and white for everyone to see.

Whenever you cast your vote for a candidate based upon the promises they make, there are two things you should ask yourself before casting your ballot―by what right do I ask that this person act upon the promises they make, and under what authority do they do so. You see we have fallen prey to the misuse of words when talking about those people whom we elect. We have taken to calling them politicians, when in truth they are public servants―they work for us.

But, unfortunately this country has become so divided along these so-called party lines that all we can see is our hatred of those who belong to the opposing political party. Most Americans have fallen prey to this belief in conserves versus liberals, Republicans versus Democrats, yet they all fail to recognize that the party they belong to has strayed from its commitment to upholding the Constitution.

But what is conservatism and liberalism? Is it adherence to what you consider to be either conservative or liberal beliefs, or is it adherence to the original idea that the Constitution either does, or does not impose limits upon our government?

Before I go on I want you to do a little exercise with me. Get out a piece of paper and draw a long line on it. Then right in the middle make a dot on that line. That dot represents a strict adherence to the Constitution, while the right represents conservatism, and the left, of course, represents the liberal belief.

Now if you spread your thumb and forefinger apart as far as you can and then place them on that line with the dot evenly between them you will see that there are conservatives beliefs on the right, and liberal beliefs on the left. BUT, if you shift your hand either to the right or to the left, you will see that in both cases you have shifted in some direction further from a strict adherence to the principles contained in the Constitution.

What has happened in this country is that we have come to believe that our belief system, be it liberal or conservative, is the only factor we should consider when voting for candidates, when in fact both sides have strayed from a strict adherence to what the Constitution actually says.

I liken our country to a drunkard who is staggering down the road. Every four years it takes a drunken step to the right, then in four, or eight more years, it takes a drunken step to the left. But it NEVER changes course, it continues to stagger drunkenly in the same direction.

We are drunk because, as Americans, we are woefully ignorant of the principles which guided our Founders in establishing our Republic. We have fallen prey to the belief that if we vote outside the two party system our vote is wasted and helps to elect ‘the other guy’.

We believe that our government has to do things for us. Be you conservative or liberal, you believe that unless the government is doing something, passes new laws, it is not serving its purpose. But you never think to ask yourself what is it exactly that our government is supposed to be doing.

Did you ever stop the think that these people you vote for are interviewing for a job? Well they are, and we the people of this country are the employer. They work for us and as with any job there are certain standards we should hold our employees to. In most cases if an employee does not perform according to the standards set by their employer, they are terminated. Why is it then that we as Americans do not hold our elected representatives to the same standard of conduct?

I’ll tell you why, it is because we want things from our government, we want it to do things for us to make our lives either safer, or more comfortable. That is what separates what I consider true conservatives from the rest of you. We don’t want our government to do a damned thing for us other than leave us alone in the enjoyment of our rights, and the freedom to pursue happiness. We get mighty upset when our hard earned money is taken from us, in the form of taxes, and spent upon programs we do not support, spent upon wars we do not condone, sent in the form of foreign aid to other countries, or used to enrich those who contribute to, what we consider to be, a corrupt political system.

It does not matter if you consider yourself a liberal or a conservative, both of your parties are guilty of overstepping the limited power granted them by the Constitution. Liberals believe that it is the duty of the government to take care of the needy, the less fortunate, and certain special interests who get benefits from the programs they institute. Conservatives tend to favor big business at the expense of the working man and they tend to be more hawkish in their stance on world affairs. BOTH are guilty of passing laws which take from us of our income to support the programs their party stands for, and BOTH are guilty of infringing upon our rights.

It won’t be until the people of this country stop being so selfish, stop being so greedy, stop being so reliant upon government to take care of them, that we will ever see a change in the way things go in our nation’s capital. As long as there are people who feel it is perfectly fine for our government to take from one, and give to another, nothing will change. As long as there are people who feel that the infringement of our rights is justified for the greater public good, nothing is going to change.

These are not the beliefs held by our Founders, and they would be disgusted by what they see in this country were they alive today. Samuel Adams once said that “...the grand end of civil government, from the very nature of its institution, is for eh support, protection, and defense of those very rights: the principal of which [] are life, liberty, and property.” James Madison also said, “It is sufficiently obvious, that persons now and property are the two great subjects on which governments are to act; and that the rights of the persons, and the rights of property, are the objects, for the protection of which government was instituted.

We are they employers, and therefore the bosses of those who represent us. It won’t be until we demand a change, in sufficient numbers, that they will listen to us. Whether we do it by calling their offices in sufficient numbers to get their attention, by protesting in the streets of our nation’s capital, or by armed resistance is completely up to us. But unless one of these three things happen you may as well stay home on election day, because no matter who you vote for, nothing is going to change.

As Roger Daltry of the Who once sang, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…”

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  1. Don says:

    I’ve voted for almost 40 years. NEVER along party lines, but always for some third-party candidate who never won anyway. Then I realized a long time ago that federal elections in this country are nothing more than stage-managed theatrics meant to make us think that we have a choice. As George Carlin famously said some time ago, “We have no choice.” So I will probably still vote from time to time for any strict Constitutionalist or Libertarian who pops us, like Ron Paul — otherwise I won’t waste my time voting at all.

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