Please Try To Understand This

A friend of mine shared this public service announcement on his Facebook page that has me outraged to the point I can barely speak about it rationally, but I will try. The ad begins with this kid who peeks into his sisters room while she is reading a book on her bed. Then he goes into a room, (his parents?) and opens a dresser drawer and removes a handgun. He then takes the pistol to his room and puts it into his backpack then lays back on his bed.

It fades to the kid walking down the aisle at school into a classroom. The camera shows the faces of the students and you think that at any time he’s gonna pull the gun out and start shooting. Then at the end the bell rings and the kids file out. The boy is left alone with his teacher. He walks up to her desk, puts his backpack on the desk and pulls out the pistol and sets in on the teachers desk. The teacher is shocked, but then the kid says, “Can you take this away? I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house.”

That’s it, that’s the entire announcement. When I first saw it the first thing that came to my mind was that that kid’s home deserved to be hit by home invaders that very night. Then I thought that if that were my kid I’d either toss him out on his ass into the street or that while he was in school I would get rid of all his things and leave him with nothing but his clothes and a bed to sleep on. But then I calmed down a bit and started thinking about the reason they aired this ad in the first place.

The kid in this ad looks like your typical young boy. He is clean cut and looks well adjusted, as does his sister who is shown reading a book at the beginning. The home is clean and well kept, making it appear that they live in a stable environment. Yet the kid feels unsafe because there is a gun in the house. Why?

I’ve never spoken of this to anyone but my wife, but if anyone, and I mean ANYONE had the right to say they were afraid because there were guns in the house it would have been me as a teen. Let me explain why.

At one point in my parent’s marriage they went through a real rough patch, and I mean ROUGH. Both drank heavily and my mom would mix Valium with her Gallo Port putting her into an almost zombie like state. They fought daily, and I mean daily. The tension was so thick in our home I would not bring friends over and I stayed away as much as I could to be free of it.

Also, they both had loaded guns on them during their fights. Some nights I would go to bed and they’d be sitting at the kitchen table with loaded pistols in front of them. I wouldn’t know if they were going to shoot each other while I slept or not. One night I did hear a gunshot and came running out of my room only to learn that my mom had accidentally fired a round through the ceiling.

Then one time I came home from somewhere and every cop car in town was in front of my house. It seems my dad had chased my mom down the street, shooting at her as he did. Someone called the cops and my dad was arrested. He went in for psychological evaluation and eventually came back home.

This period of my life lasted almost three years. Yet I never feared the guns. Before all this my father had taught me gun safety and that guns are a tool, nothing more. What I feared during all this was two emotionally unstable adults, not the guns they held in their hands.

Yet this ad is designed to instill fear into our children simply because there is a gun in the home. It is telling our kids that even if you live in a stable home and there is a gun in the house you have the right to feel unsafe. Instead of showing how kids can ask their parents about guns and have a discussion about their use and the safe handling, it is telling them it is better to be afraid and even to take matters into their own hands and give the gun to some authority figure such as a teacher.

There are two big problems I see with this advertisement/announcement. The first is that it was even produced. That someone would feel the need to create an ad which instilled this kind of fear of guns into our children shows me that there is an evil out there that would see all gun owners labeled as dangerous and a threat to society. That is the first problem I see with this announcement. The second is that this ad will be accepted by a large percentage of people without ever really thinking about what the goal is of those who produced it.

My father had far more guns in our home than I presently own, and his were NOT locked away in gun safes. This was not unusual. Most of my friends were familiar with guns, their parents having them and having taught them about the safe handling of them. Kids drove to school with rifle racks in their trucks with either ‘deer’ rifles or shotguns in plain display for all to see. There was never a school shooting, and kids never even thought about using one in anger to settle a dispute. Sure there were fistfights, but guns never came into play. They would beat each other up and the winner would strut around and the loser would lick his wounds and live to fight another day. That was how we settled our disputes. We didn’t grab a gun and shoot everyone who gave us crap at school.

Yet today we hear about these rampage shootings and the need for stricter gun laws. There are those who claim that these kids are being mind controlled and it is all one big false flag to try and get our guns. I don’t necessarily buy into that, but it is always a possibility. I do believe that most of these rampage shooters have been affected by medication they had been given to control such things as ADD or some other mental illness diagnosed by a psychiatrist.

I also believe that two other things have played a major role in these type shootings. First is the lack of proper education regarding firearms has led kids to not learn their use, and their dangers. Secondly, the media, including movies, TV shows, music, and video games, all contain much more graphic violence than when I was a kid. They glorify gun use but then our kids are not taught the safe handling of them. That is a very dangerous combination. Then you add to that the fact that many kids are under the influence of mind altering prescription drugs and you have a recipe for disaster.

But what do we do? We demonize the tools used by these kids when they do go off the deep end. We call for more restrictive measures to control who can purchase a gun, or what type they may purchase. As I said, I was taught that guns are simply a tool.

When some kid gets behind the wheel of a car and goes out and drinks and drives, then kills someone we don’t hear for bans on cars do we? No, we try to educate them regarding the dangers of drinking and driving. I constantly see ads on TV about drinking responsibly. Seminars are given in schools about the dangers of drinking and driving. Kids are required to attend drivers safety classes before they can get their license.

Why don’t we take the same approach with firearms? When I was in high school the NRA provided Hunters Safety classes that did just that; they taught the safe handling of firearms and how to properly fire and then clean them afterwards. There were no accidents, and the parents never complained about gun classes being taught on school campuses.

I’ll be the first to admit that some people simply shouldn’t be allowed to own guns. But I would also qualify that by saying that some people who do own guns should be required to learn the safe handling of them. I’ve seen enough YouTube videos of people doing idiotic things with guns to know that there are a lot of gun owners who are irresponsible and dangerous.

But one of the basic premises our country was founded upon is that you do not punish those who have committed no crime simply because someone else did. Making it harder for me to purchase a gun, by saying what kind I am allowed to own, or requiring me to have a permit to carry one for my defense goes against all the Second Amendment stands for.

Honestly, if guns were as dangerous as you have been led to believe there wouldn’t be a one of you alive today. There are millions of gun owners in this country, some of whom could probably equip a small army. If guns were as dangerous as they say they are you would all be dead. Yet these law abiding gun owners live among you; they are your neighbors, your friends, and among the people you work with. So, if guns are as dangerous as they say they are, why are YOU still alive?

People are so gullible and easily led around by their emotions…by fear. They fail to see what is happening right before their very eyes. Aside for the responsible gun owners in this country who have studied American History, most people fail to see that history is repeating itself all over again.

Just as in the period prior to our nation’s revolution there is a lot of distrust and dislike by many in this country regarding the actions of the ‘legitimate’ government. But there is one thing everyone must realize; that power, once entrenched, is rarely given up by those who have it. It matters not if those in power are benevolent, or malevolent, they cling to their power with ruthless greed and are unwilling to give it up.

Such was the state of affairs, particularly in Boston, in the years just prior to the Revolution. The ‘legitimate’ government considered actions taken by the colonists, such as the Boston Tea Party, to be open rebellion against the will of their sovereign. As tensions mounted a concerted effort was made to disarm the people, making them unable to fight back against what the colonists considered to be the actions of a tyrant.

In fact, in 1775 General Thomas Gage published a commentary in the New York Journal which, in part, stated, “…that all persons in whose possession any fire arms may hereafter be found, will be deemed enemies to his majesty’s government.”

The Shot Heard Round the World came when the British tried to take the colonist powder and arms stored at Lexington and Concord. The colonists knew that the possession of arms, AND a well regulated militia, not arms for the purpose of providing for a militia, but a combination of both, was the only security they had for their liberty.

What we are witnessing today is simply history repeating itself. However today those in power have learned from history, while the vast majority of people are oblivious to it. Those in power know/knew, that decades ago had they came out and simply tried to disarm us there would have been another revolution…right then and there.

What they had to do was create a climate in America where people feared guns and were more readily willing to surrender them. The news media, our politicians, and a whole gaggle of anti gun groups worked together to create an atmosphere of fear and loathing for guns and gun owners.

Former Secretary of HUD, (Housing and Urban Development), Henry Cisneros once said, “There is little sense in gun registration. What we need to significantly enhance public safety is domestic disarmament…Domestic disarmament entails the removal of arms from private hands…”
In 1993 New York Governor Cuomo wrote, “Gun violence won’t be cured by one set of laws. It will require years of partial measures that will gradually tighten the requirements for gun ownership, and incrementally change expectations about the firepower that should be available to ordinary citizens.”

Columnist Walter Shapiro, who wrote for USA Today and the Huffington Post, lays out their end game by saying, “Repealing the Second Amendment is no cause for the faint-hearted, but it remains the only way for liberals to trigger an honest debate on the future of our bullet-plagued society. So what if anti-gun advocates have to devote the next 15 or 20 years to the struggle? The cause is worth the political pain.”
Instead of simply coming out and trying to take our guns from us they have created an atmosphere where guns are feared and the people clamor for more restrictive measures designed to keep them safe. Well to all of you I recommend you think about something Ben Franklin once said, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” I have that quote used by others who also say that you will deserve neither and lose both.

All I can tell you is that this ad, the one that got this whole ball of wax rolling, is one slick piece of mind control. It is designed to make you fear guns and those who own them. The truth is that most gun owners could give a rats ass about you. But we do value our liberty, and therefore we value yours as well. We stand up for our rights, and by doing so stand up for yours.

If you are afraid of guns, or simply don’t like them, fine, don’t buy one. But don’t you dare try to see us disarmed. As Andrew Fletcher said way back in 1698, “Arms are the only true badge of liberty. The possession of arms is the distinction of a free man from a slave.”

History can only repeat itself when the people have not studied, and learned from it. Unfortunately, in America today, it seems that those who have learned from history are taking a new approach, ‘thinking outside the box’ in their efforts to ensure we cannot fight back against them should the need arise. While the vast majority of people in this country could care less about history and the lessons it teaches us.

That is the only reason an ad like the one currently under discussion can be successful, because the people do not see it for what it really is, another mind control tool designed to make you more willingly surrender your only means of defense against tyranny.

Please think about this, and have a pleasant Christmas and a safe New Years. You won’t hear from me again until 2015.

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2 Responses to Please Try To Understand This

  1. Along those lines, I take people who have never shot before shooting all the time. The media tries to instill an irrational fear of firearms. I show them gun safety first before we go to the range. Then we shoot. Then they see how much fun guns are and no longer have that irrational fear of firearms.

    That’s how to beat the anti-gun people.

  2. C. R. Voss says:

    The Anti-Gun idiots seem able to ply their insidious game endlessly. Is it due to the Drive By Media, who are glued & married to the current White House Regime? I’m convinced this is a part of the whole scheme, thus having been bought & paid for by the Elitists of this criminal Cabal, it will not be easy to swing the pendulum in the opposite direction. But give up, we Gun Owners, must not.

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