I Stand By What I Said

In response to my last commentary I received a lot of negative feedback, both private messages on Facebook and in my e-mail inbox. Surprisingly though, much of this came from people who tend to agree with the things I say. Among the things people said were the following; I was copping out, letting the other side win, giving up, and surrendering; all of which are untrue. I simply no longer wish to waste my time voting when it is a futile effort to bring about any real change in this country.

I am not giving up on my country; I will fight for the principles I believe in to my last dying breath. I am, however, giving up on the ballot box as a means to bring about change. I know I’m not the only one, but sometimes I feel like I am far removed from all that is going on in the political scene and that I can see things clearer than most and that my perspective allows me to see just how misguided people’s faith in the system is.

For instance, all this attention being given the presidential race to me only shows how little people truly understand how our system of government was designed to function. I don’t care whether you support Trump, Cruz, or even Hillary, when you choose to vote for one of these candidates based upon the promises they make in their campaign speeches, and in the debates, you do not understand the function of the Executive Branch of our government.

The job of the president is to E X E C U T E the laws that Congress enacts. Sure, he, and possibly she if a woman ever gets elected, has the power to veto a law sent to them for approval, but other than that they have no lawmaking authority. They can issue Executive Orders, but these Executive Orders must be in compliance with a previously enacted law; and they must be in accordance with the powers granted government by the Constitution.

The job of the president is not to dictate which direction the country will take, nor to tell Congress what laws they need to pass; it is only to ensure that our government functions according to the Constitution and the laws passed in pursuance thereof…nothing else.

So why all this fuss over who is going to be the next president when all they are supposed to do is be the chief executive officer who ensures that things run smoothly? Could it be because it is much easier to focus your attention on a single event that only takes place every four years; allowing people go back to their lives, ignoring all that is happening before their very eyes?

That is the first reality that people must accept before they can affect any change in this country. The second is that Congress is the body that creates the laws we live under; and our Congress has been corrupted and taken over by the political parties who only provide us with candidates who have been carefully vetted and will toe their party line. Sure we may get the occasional rarity like a Ron Paul, but that is the exception and not the rule; and the fact is that the political parties have a firm grip on what Congress does and we have absolutely no representation among that body of men and women who have sold their souls just to sit in the seats of power.

It is not just the fact that political parties control Congress either, it is the fact that Congress is no longer based on true republican principles. Our Founders, those who gave birth to our republic, wanted to ensure that in any form of government created the states would be co-equal members and have a say in what laws were passed. They did this by having the States chose the members of the Senate. By doing this the States would be able to block any laws which infringed upon their sovereignty as independent sovereignties. After the Civil War, and then the later ratification of the 17th Amendment the States became subservient entities with no say in what laws were passed by the federal government.

These days the States have sold their souls to the federal government because they have become dependent upon federal funds to fix their highways, fund their schools, and support a whole host of other programs that keep the States operating; which leads me to the next point, voting for a few ‘good’ candidates at the State level is also a waste of time.

I simply have chosen to no longer play their game; that’s all. I have not given up; I just no longer wish to waste my time in an exercise in futility. Even if we are able to get a few independent candidates elected to either the federal or the state governments the majority of the power will still be held by either the Republicans or the Democrats; and that means nothing is going to change.

I don’t know how many times I must repeat this quote for it to sink in, but George Washington once said, “However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”

The origin of the political parties today can trace their roots back to the principles held by two men; Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. One believed in a loose interpretation of the powers outlined by the Constitution and the other held in a stricter interpretation with more powers reserved to the States. Over time those beliefs shifted into what each party believed was the best course for America, and then to the course which best suited the special interests which fund the two parties; leaving what the Constitution says in the dust.

In today’s political climate any candidate who runs on a platform of strict adherence to the Constitutional limits of power or more power to the States is viewed as a raving lunatic. Make no mistake about it, I do not support Donald Trump in his bid for the presidency, but look how both parties are going after him; it is because he is an outsider and the parties cannot control him. That is how strong the parties control our government and anyone who stands for any principles which threaten their control over us is attacked by both sides.

To halt any further growth of the federal government, and any further infringement upon our liberty, the people must grow a set of balls and start standing up for their rights, and the States must also grow a pair and demand that the federal government stay out of their internal affairs and stick to the powers granted them by the Constitution.

Since the day our government went into effect it has been seeking to extend its power beyond the few powers granted it by the Constitution. When our second president, John Adams, sought to restrict the rights of the people by signing the Alien & Sedition Acts Thomas Jefferson responded by saying, “Resolved, That the several States composing, the United States of America, are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to their general government; but that, by a compact under the style and title of a Constitution for the United States, and of amendments thereto, they constituted a general government for special purposes — delegated to that government certain definite powers, reserving, each State to itself, the residuary mass of right to their own self-government; and that whensoever the general government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force…”

The States today, controlled by the political parties, have forgotten that; the people have forgotten that; and because of that the federal government today has grown into this massive entity which worms its way into almost every aspect of our lives.

If voting makes you feel good about yourself; then by all means, continue doing so. I see it as an utter waste of time and no longer wish to participate in the fraud.

There is only one way by which we can get our country back, and it is not at the ballot box. If we want our country back the people must rise up and take it back. I’m not speaking of grabbing your guns and starting a revolution. First you must enough people must educate themselves as to the purpose for which their government was created and the nature of their rights. Then they must have the courage to fight any usurpation of power or infringement upon their liberty.

The States lost their will to do this after the Civil War when the North won and took away the right of secession and the States became subservient to the federal government; no it must be the people, as individuals, who tell the government to go take a flying leap off a cliff.

If enough people did this then there is a chance we could take our country back. Sure, they could arrest you and try you, but if enough people were fed up with these laws that violate our rights and give the government power it was never intended it possess, then the jurors hearing the case could choose to find that the law a person is charged with violating is, in fact, not binding.

The 16th American Jurisprudence states, “The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law, is in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of its enactment, and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it. No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law, and no courts are bound to enforce it.”

Our legal system no longer administers justice, it upholds the law as the government says is the law, or as Supreme Court Justice Charles Evan Hughes said, “We are under a Constitution, but the Constitution is what the judges say it is.” But if the jurors know and understand the Supreme Law, the Constitution, then they can stand up to the growing arm of tyranny and halt its enforcement.

As long as people seek to place their hopes and dreams for liberty upon others, be it federal or state representatives there will be no change. As Learned Hand once said, “I often wonder whether we do not rest our hopes too much upon constitutions, upon laws, and upon courts. These are false hopes; believe me, these are false hopes. Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it; no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it. While it lies there, it needs no constitution, no law, no court to save it.”

You can continue to vote, if that’s what you want. I seek now only to write my articles and hope that the word gets out that the people must stand up for the principles once fought for long ago and expressed in the immortal words of Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty or give me death.”

But don’t you dare say I’ve given up; I’ve only given up believing in false hope and exercises in futility…

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