You Lose

This is primarily addressed to my co-workers at Sunsweet Growers, but can be read by anyone if they care to see what I’m about to say. Yesterday when I got to work I had a note on my time card telling me to go see Human Resources. I knew immediately what had happened; something I had written or said had hurt somebody’s precious feelings and I was going to be chastised for it.

When I got to Jack’s office I was told that not one, but 3 people had complained about the opening paragraph in my article Circling The Drain. I won’t repeat it here because those of you to whom this is addressed will just get all butt hurt about it all over again.

Jack will not tell me the names of those who complained; which is almost a violation of my 6th Amendment right to be able to confront the witnesses against me. In any case, I must be getting better at what I’m doing because 3 people complained instead of the usual 1.

I’m continually amazed at how stupid some people are. The paragraph in question made mention of me being torn between getting physically ill or shooting someone. Are people so stupid as to think that I would actually carry out such a threat? Are they so stupid that they can’t tell when someone is using words to convey an emotion, not intent? Are they so stupid that they can’t tell sarcasm or jest from actual danger? I guess so, because 3 people misunderstood my meaning when I said it; I was simply using those particular words to convey an overall sense of how stupid I felt the person who made the comments to be.

Seeing as how there are, at least, 3 additional stupid people at work; I know this because the person to whom I was referring when I made that statement is not among the hourly plant employees, I now have to explain how, if they had used their brains, they could have determined that they were in no danger whatsoever.

Had they been thinking, instead of just freaking out because of the word shoot, they would have noticed a few things. First of all I said I was talking to a guy which eliminated about 50% of the workforce seeing as how 50% of the workforce is female.

Secondly, I said the guy believed that if we could just elect enough Republicans all would be well in America; which indicates the person to whom I was speaking is Republican. This eliminates a vast majority of the remainder of the workforce as they are so weak minded that they will vote according to how their Union reps tell them to; Democrat.

Thirdly, on a typical day how many people do I have conversations with about politics? To answer my own question; very few; which eliminates all but a few individuals; and I believe most of them are smart enough to know that I was NOT making any threats against them, just venting off steam about how stupid certain other people are.

So which leads me to conclude that whoever it is among you that complained to Jack, and Brad for that matter, just got butt hurt because I jokingly said I felt like shooting a certain individual. Jack asked me to tone my comments down and I agreed. But after thinking it over the rest of the night I came to a conclusion; you fucking idiots are not worth my time and effort.

I have been bringing these articles to work for a long time now. I do so as a courtesy; and attempt to try and educate and inform you. There are some who read them who truly like what I write, and there are those who are actually using their brains and thinking about the things I say. But the majority, at least this is what I think, just see them laying around and it gives them something to read during breaks or lunch. They don’t actually care about the things I say, and they certainly don’t think about what I’m saying. It’s kind of like how people used to leave a copy of Readers Digest in the bathrooms; so people could have something to read while taking a shit.

I could fight this saying it violates my First Amendment right to free speech; and there is a possibility I could win. There is also the possibility that I could lose, and in the process lose my job. I have come to the decision that you idiots aren’t worth it; I have seen that what I write has not made any difference in how you think or believe, so I have decided that this will be the LAST article I bring to work.

You may think that you’ve won, that you’ve finally shut Neal up. Not true as I am not going to stop writing, and posting my articles to my blog and Facebook. It’s just that because of you being so thinned skinned, overly sensitive, and incapable of understanding the nuances of the English language, that certain others are going to be denied the privilege of reading what I write.

But this is a tactic you people are all too familiar with; aren’t you. Like how people have tried to silence Trump by infiltrating his campaign rallies and making so much of a commotion people can’t hear him speak, or by blocking entrance to the locations his rallies are held. You cannot come up with factual statements of your own to counter what people say, so you resort to shutting their ability to spread their words to others.

It is also the mark of cowards who are too afraid to directly confront the person whose words offend them. All those 3 people who were offended by what I had written would have to have done was ask me what I meant, or who I was talking about; I would have told them. No, instead, they sneak around behind my back like little tattle tales and turn me in to the ‘authorities.’ Is that the way people deal with things that offend them these days; by censoring speech?

You may think you’ve won, but consider this; you may have worked to silence me, or at least stop me from bringing my articles to work. But what do you think will happen when something YOU say offends someone else? How are you going to feel when something YOU say lands you in Jack’s office with his telling you to tone it down a little? When is this chain of censoring things that others find offensive going to end? What will become of free speech when it does?

But before I go I want ya’ll to know that you’re not the only one who is offended; I’m offended too. You see, the thing is that I realize that being offended is not an open permit to violate other people’s right to free speech.

I’m offended when I go out in public and I feel like I’ve entered a meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations; with a multitude of languages being spoken with none of them being English. That offends me.

I’m offended when people think that they deserve the same pay as me for less than half the work expected for that particular job. I’m offended when I’m told to go help someone on their line because they can’t handle the job by themselves, or when I see someone sitting on their ass talking to someone when there is work to be done. I’m offended when I get to work and find the line I’ve inherited from Day Shift is a disaster and the person working that line is just standing there doing nothing. These things offend me. And just so that everyone does not get offended, I’m only referring to those who do Utility work here, not anyone else.

So you see, whoever you are that turned me in, you’re not alone in being offended. The difference is that I just deal with it, while you run to rat out the person in who offended you. Another victim sacrificed on the altar of political correctness is the way I see it. But know this, you have not silenced me, you’ve only succeeded in making the things I write a bit more difficult to find for those who truly care about what I say. You’ve also cut off your only source for factual information regarding the truth about our system of government. If you think you are getting the truth in the paper and on the TV news then you are too stupid to even comprehend what I have to say anyway.

So actually I should be thanking you; you’ve saved me quite a bit of work. I will no longer have to print these articles out and then seek out the people I know like to read them to give them copies.

So thank you.

And to those who truly like what I write I apologize. But if you are truly interested in reading any future writings you can find me on Facebook, (I post all my articles there), or you can go to my blog and read them there:

And just to let you know; this is a persona decision, not something the company has forced upon me. So there is always the possibility that at a later date I could change my mind and be back to be a thorn in your thin-skinned sides again.

Stirring up shit, raising hackles, and offending the weak minded in the heart of the Socialist State of California from the wastelands of the former land of the free and home of the brave.
Neal Ross
2016 Anno Domini

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  1. Rhett Arnold says:

    Neal, I’ve worked for more than 15 different companies. I must say, Sun Sweet, HANDS DOWN, the worst place I have worked. There are some good people there, but more idiots than good ones. Keep up the good work.

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