Pot Calling The Kettle Black

While I was on vacation in the Philippines the nightly news was filled with stories regarding the deaths of those both using, and selling Shabu, slang for methamphetamines in the Philippines. While serving as mayor of Davao City, Rodrigo Duterte made what was once one of the most dangerous cities in the Philippines one of the safest due to his strict enforcement of the law regarding drug pushers, and crime overall. While running for president he made a promise to the Filipino people to clean up the drug problem throughout the country, just as he had in Davao City.

He was elected by a landslide; with his opponents dropping out of the race early on due to the overwhelming support he had from the Filipino people. While Duterte still has overwhelming support of the Filipino people, around 91% the last I checked, there are those who seek to stop the killings due to the fact that there has been collateral damage; innocents have been mistakenly killed by police seeking to crack down on the drug problem riddling the Philippines.

While his methods may be harsh, one cannot deny that drug pushers are on the run; hiding from those who seek to rid the country of the scourge that is Shabu.

Before I travelled to the Philippines president Barack Obama had called to congratulate Duterte on his election, and at the same time give him a subtle warning regarding human rights violations. According to a statement issued by the White House, Obama highlighted enduring values and shared commitments to democracy, human rights and rule of law.

I find that laughable, at best, coming from the so-called leader of the free world who, he himself is guilty of violating the rights of the citizens of his own country. Excuse the language, but that bastard took an oath upon entering the office he holds to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, yet the government which is his responsibility to ensure obeys the rule of law, is guilty of violating the Constitution on a minute by minute basis, and in so doing violating the rights which are protected by the first ten amendments to said constitution.

I honestly don’t know how Obama sleeps at night with the level of hypocrisy he is guilty of; that is of course unless he is a complete sociopath without any conscience at all.

But Barack Obama is not the first president who is guilty of such crimes; the list of those violating the Constitution for their own purposes dates all the way back to Abraham Lincoln’s unconstitutional war against the South. Yet people in this country turn a blind eye towards the violations of the rights this country was founded to secure, while pointing accusing fingers at the leaders of countries across the globe.

Again, I don’t know how people sleep at night with the level of hypocrisy they are guilty of.

Did not Jesus, when the scribes and Pharisees brought him the woman accused of adultery, tell them that he who is without sin should be the first to cast stones? There is another proverb which states, one who lives in glass houses should not throw rocks.

All of these imply that if you are not guiltless you should not accuse others of guilt.

Obama warned President Duterte to be mindful of the rights of the people he governs and adhere to the rule of law when he himself, and those who preceded him have been guilty of violating the same things they admonish other world leaders to uphold.

It truly sickens me to see how people support their own government, while condemning the governments of other nations for the violations of the rights of the people they govern when their own government is just as guilty of violations of human rights.

This goes equally to those who profess support and blind trust in law enforcement. I am all for law enforcement; as long as the laws they enforce are just and lawful. The moment the laws they uphold violate the Constitution or infringe upon my God-given rights, my support for their actions vanishes and they become just as guilty of committing crimes as those they unjustly arrest for unconstitutional laws.

I honestly do not know how much more I can say about this that hasn’t already been said. The people of this country still have faith in the system, when the system has been corrupted and the basic tenets upon which our system was established have been tossed by the wayside and the will of the people becomes the deciding factor in what laws our government passes.

That is the fundamental structure of a democracy, the very thing our Founders feared and despised the most. If I cannot get those these articles are intended for to see that the government has far exceeded its specific grant of power, and that it routinely violates both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, what use is my continued writing?

People say that they want change, but they type of change they seek only further leads us down the path towards abject servitude and oppression. If they do not stop and read the founding documents of this country, and return to the principles upon which this nation was founded, then there is no hope for our future; no hope at all.

If we wish to save this country, to restore it to its former greatness, then the people of this country need to take a long hard look inwards and ask themselves what it is they want from government. Then they must have the courage to stand up to government when it crosses over the line which restricts the power given them by the Constitution. If they cannot do that, then why bother pretending that we are a Republic? Why not admit to ourselves that we are on the same pathway that led countries like Germany to become National Socialists, or Russia to become Communist?

I’m truly at a loss as to what I can further say which will cause people to see the light. I’m also mad; mad as hell, and my anger is aimed not at our government, for they could do nothing without the support of the people of this country. No, my anger is aimed at the ignorant and apathetic populace who go to the polls and cast their votes for those who, anyone with half a functioning brain, could see have no intentions of upholding the oaths of office they take upon being elected.

You may not hear from me in a political rant for awhile; but I needed to get this off my chest, as it’s been eating at me for awhile now. I will continue to write my commentaries regarding my vacation in the Philippines, but don’t expect anything from me of a political nature until I begin hearing some common sense and logic coming from you.

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3 Responses to Pot Calling The Kettle Black

  1. Gassius Maximus says:

    Dear Neal: I find your appreciation of all things Filipino to be tiresome. I currently live in the Philippines and am married to a Filipina. I am American. But seems whenever anyone writes about their experience here, they only have “good” things to say about the nice people. I find those comments to be less than truthful because everyone knows Filipinos are so sensitivo.

    Me, I look at this country and it’s neighbors and wonder why it was left behind after all the progress of it’s Asian neighborssince WWII. Even Vietnam, which is communist, and suffered a war with the US since WWII is still doing better and has more cajones.

    You might like their quaint lifestyle, one of poverty, but I see people who have no leadership and no desire to improve their lives even though Filipinos travel the world and get exposed to all sorts of ideas that could make life better back home. But the proud Filipino won’t accept them because they are not their ideas. Ignorant pride. And now, they elect a bully as president. I told people I know, “Be careful what you wish for.” And they are getting it and it looks to only get worse as he thinks Russia and China can be his friends while he disses the US.

    I would tell him to visit the American Cemetery in Taguig and remind him that despite the ill treatment a century ago to the Spanish-American war (yes, his complaints go back that far), he would be speaking Japanese if it weren’t for the US. And he will be in for a rude awakening if he thinks the likes of Russia and China can be trusted.

    Du30 is doing the easy thing. I told people the hard work is fixing the economy, creating jobs. Even in fighting drugs, his people are going after the low level street guys, not the big fish who fund everything. For some reason, he doesn’t bother them at all. What comes to mind is the old saying about why government hates organized crime … because they don’t like competition.

    The country claims they know English but really do not. Their current claim to fame on the job front is the “Call Center” but they pay peanuts as employees are not much better than slaves. This is one of the better jobs and yet a young guy can’t afford an apartment, to purchase a car, much less a mortgage for a home (& lot, he he), or raise a family.

    And as a “Catholic” country, no thinks twice about dropping kids like puppies and then leaving them to run around on the streets begging as part of the Muslim scams for fundraising. As a democracy, the political and justice system are a joke. I might even “disappear” just for writing this. The media is pathetic. Everything is dialed down to about a first grade level because education is so poor. Entertainment is at a child’s level. And politicians, like ours, rob the country blind. They can’t afford anything like a military. While I have lived here, any police or military action has ended in disaster. They’ve had US advisors for decades but obviously they don’t learn anything because it sure doesn’t show when they confront terrorists on buses or Abu Sayef in Mindanao. I saw their Air Force the other day … two helicopters! And they just grew their Navy by 100% when Japan gave them a ship! /sarc Seriously, they got nothin without someone giving it to them, like Uncle Sam.

    I am only living here because of my wife. As soon as I can get her a VISA, I am gone. It might be a nice place to visit (I still have to wonder about that one) but living here is no fun if you don’t have a lot of money because Manila and the money masters (the Chinese) think they can charge first world prices for real estate and such. It is a joke.

    Yes, America has it’s problems. I left when Obozo was running for office. Now that he is leaving, I might return if Trump wins. That is what is energizing me these days. The renewed spirit of the people to some kind of positive leadership, American pride and “can do” attitude. Chew on that.

  2. Gassius Maximus says:

    I apologize for my post. Had a horrendous day. Should not have unloaded to you like I did. Sorry.

  3. Neal says:

    I fully understand. In my first article I said it wasn’t all a bed of roses, and I’ll get to some of the things you discussed in your rant in later articles. But overall I left with a greater appreciation for the conditions they live under, and their willingness to share their homes with us. You simply don’t see that in the U.S.; no matter what part of the country you live in.

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