Call Me A Pessimist If You Will

Authors Note: In no way shape or form am I endorsing a revolt or a taking up of arms against our government by the following words. I only offer my thoughts as to what would happen should such an event occur. I realize the futility of a revolt this late in the game. I am merely expression my opinions as to why I do not hold out much hope for the future of this nation.

With those thoughts in mind, read on if you desire to do so…

Upon returning from the Philippines I visited my place of employment and dropped off a few mementos for some of my friends. Upon seeing me, many asked me what I thought about Hillary, or the upcoming presidential election. In all honesty, I don’t think that much of any of the candidates running for office, nor for our chances of survival as a free republic.

Upon answering their questions as truthfully as I can the inevitable follow up question always comes next; what can we do to save this country? Again, being fully honest; I don’t think there is much that can be done at this point to save her; I believe our downfall is inevitable and is coming sooner, rather than later.

I’m guilty of this in certain respects myself, but I believe far too many people are reactive instead of proactive. In case those terms are unfamiliar to you, reactive is defined as reacting to a situation after it has occurred while proactive is taking measures to prevent an event from occurring.

As an example, how many people eat unhealthily and only when they find themselves diagnosed with an illness such as diabetes change their eating habits to a healthier diet; or begin an exercise regime? That is reactive thinking; waiting for a problem to arise before taking measures to prevent it in the first place.
There are times when a problem becomes so serious that nothing can be done to prevent catastrophe; such as when a smoker who knows that smoking is not good for them, but awaits a diagnoses of terminal lung cancer to consider quitting. During these times, often nothing can be done to prevent the inevitable.

I feel our country is at such a stage right now; nothing much can be done to prevent the inevitable downfall of our republic. I hate to come across all gloomy and such, but that is simply how I see it. I believe that people have been far too ignorant and apathetic for far too long, and that they have asked, no, expected too much from government for a return to the limited form of government outlined by our Constitution to be of any use in saving this once great nation; particularly this late in the game.

The people’s belief that is the governments job, whether it be at the state or federal level, to provide for the needs of the people; the fact that one Congress after another has bankrupted our nation, expanding its powers and creating agencies which suck the lifeblood from our liberty and cost more to fund than the revenue coming in from taxes; the fact that we have stuck our nose into the internal affairs of other sovereign nations when it was none of our business, all are coming around to bite us in the ass now.

You say, “Can’t we just downsize government and go back to the powers granted it by the Constitution?” We could, but would that erase the $19 trillion in debt this country owes? We have dug ourselves into a hole the tallest of ladders can’t get us out of. Besides, how are you going to explain to all those receiving some form of government subsidies that the well has gone dry, that there is no more money to give them, when that is what they believe to be the purpose for which government exists?

Are you going to be the one who tells those on Social Security that their money is being cut off? Are you going to be the one who tells those who rely upon Medicare, or Obamacare for their health insurance needs that their coverage is gone; that they alone are responsible for all their medical bills?
I didn’t think so.

That’s why, should a revolution occur, which I doubt would be successful in the first place, and why I will explain in a moment, would most likely be of no use. What if, just what if there were a revolution and we were successful in throwing out all the corrupt politicians and electing a new batch of people who swore they would adhere to the limits the Constitution proscribes for our government; what then?

What do you think would happen when all those without jobs; whose lives depended upon all these programs to fund their existence found that their means of support were suddenly taken away? How do you think they’d react? Why, there would be rioting and looting on a scale we’ve never seen before. Do you think our government, no matter how well intentioned they were, would sit idly by while our cities turned into war zones and people were dying left and right? No, it would not be long before either the programs which had been cut were reinstated, or martial law was declared; destroying the last vestiges of freedom the people had.

Besides, say there was a revolution, or at least a limited uprising among certain groups who felt that the government had finally gone too far and it was time to put them back into their place? How well would that turn out? How many have the stomach for another war that would, in all likelihood be, far bloodier than the Civil War; affecting everyone? Do you think the vast majority of the people have the stomach to support something like that?

Neither do I; especially when I see that the things I, and my fellow patriot writers scribble in our rants, cause us to be despised and hated by our fellow countrymen. No, I do not believe there would be much support for any kind of uprising against our government, and I believe that should one occur, (which is still a distinct possibility), that the average American would take the side of government and inform on those patriots resisting tyranny.

You see, the government has more than weapons on its side; it has laws and Executive Orders in place should just an event occur. They knew long ago this day was coming; that our country was doomed to fail, and they prepared for it by creating numerous agencies to handle such a crisis. They are better armed, and more prepared than we are to sustain, what would prove to be a long and costly conflict.

Should such an event occur, the government, in all likelihood, would implement a series of Executive Orders passed long ago, that give them virtual control over all aspects of our infrastructure. For instance, Executive Order 10990 gives the government control over all modes of transportation, highways and seaports. That means, should they deem it necessary, they could confiscate your privately owned vehicle; depriving you of the means to travel to the market to buy the good you need to survive.

Then there is Executive Order 10998 which gives government the control of all food supplies. So it wouldn’t matter if you had a car or truck; the government can close down stores and hand out food only to those whom it feels are not on the sides of any rebel uprising.

But that’s not all. EO 10995 gives government control over all forms of media; television and radio would only broadcast what the government wanted the people to hear. EO 11000 gives the government the power to mobilize the citizenry into work brigades. EO 11004 allows the government to relocate whole communities; most likely into FEMA type camps where they will, more likely than not, be prisoners under armed guard. And finally, EO 11921 gives the government the power to regulate wages and control the flow of money. Not only can they cut off your access to funding if the president declares a state of national emergency, Congress cannot review his actions for six months. How are you to survive if you have no access to money for six months? How long would you tolerate patriots fighting back against government, when by their doing so your lives were made a living hell? Not very long if you ask me.

So again, what other means do you think are available to fight back against a government grown way too powerful and oppressive? I can see that the election process has been working real well for you; and yet you still expect me to put faith in a system that hasn’t worked in decades? Think again.

Yet if nothing happens, and happens soon, the downfall of our republic is ensured; if it isn’t already. If you ask me, we’re damned if we do, and damned if we don’t.

And I blame it all on the citizenry of this country who have not had the time, nor the inclination, to educate themselves in regards to the true purposes for which our government was established; and then hold them strictly accountable for any abuses of power.

For crying out loud they know who writes articles such as these; they are probably monitoring every keystroke of my computer as I type this. The NSA listens in on every digital conversation that occurs in the U.S. after all; which is a clear violation of the 4th Amendment. Yet you, in your selfish need for security have allowed your freedom and privacy to be taken away from you. When Edward Snowden tried to warn you what your government was doing, what happened? Why, the people called him a traitor and he was forced into exile. For what; telling us the government was breaking the law? Shows how little regard people have for their rights and the abuses of power their government is guilty of. It also shows me that should the shit hit the fan, which side of the fence most people will take.

Not only has our government overspent us into a black hole of debt, it has created enemies across the globe who despise us for our intervention in their internal affairs and for our unjust wars of aggression disguised as the War on Terror. Now, after our actions have resulted in the bombing their homelands and killing their friends and family members we are told to open our arms to the refugees who flee these war torn lands. That’s real smart, let me tell you. That’s like beating on a beehive and then opening your front door to let the angry bees inside your home. How soon do you think it is before you get stung?

We’ve already seen a taste of what is on the horizon with recent events; such as the shootings in San Bernadino and Orlando. These will only increase in frequency and in the level of harm brought to the America people; and you can mark my words on that. Oh, but that’s racial profiling and Islamophobic. Bullshit, it’s realizing that Ron Paul was right when he spoke of blowback for our failed foreign policy and seeing his warnings turn into reality.

And yet people still have the gall to ask me what they can do. I’ll tell you what they can do; they can put their head between their legs and kiss their asses goodbye, is what they can do. The America they know is going to change, and change drastically. The thin veneer that hides the cancer that has been eating away at our freedoms, and at our society, is ready to burst open; revealing the ugly truth that the land of the free and the home of the brave has is breathing its last dying breath. When it finally dies it ain’t gonna be pretty, and most will still have the audacity to ask; “How did all this happen?”

And people wonder why I get so angry about their ignorance and apathy…

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