How Anyone Can Vote For Hillary Is Beyond My Ability to Understand


Due to my work schedule I was unable to watch any of the presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. As I’ve made it evidently clear, I do not intend to vote for either candidate, however I would have liked to watch the debates to see how the media attempted to hide the glaring defects in both the character and record of Hillary Clinton.

Since I was not able to see the debates, all I have to go on are highlight clips and second hand reports from those who did watch the two candidates square off against each other. Last night at work someone came up and told me that Hillary had accused the Russians and Vladimir Putin in particular, of orchestrating the Wikileaks release of her e mails in an effort to derail her bid for the presidency.

Since I didn’t watch, I can neither confirm nor deny that she actually said that. However, I did read that Clinton campaign spokesperson Brian Fallon said the following about Wikileaks, “You are no media organization. You are a propaganda arm of the Russian govt, running interference for their pet candidate, Trump.” So it is conceivable that Hillary may have made that comment during last night’s debate.

I don’t know whether Putin, or the Russians were responsible for the e mail hacks that the Hillary camp is whining about. I did see a story on the news the other night about how the U.S. is apparently gearing up for a cyber attack upon the person of one Vladimir Putin in retaliation for them. Whether there is any validity to what the US claims is another story altogether; but I trust the media about as much as I trust a chimpanzee to do open heart surgery on me. In any case, it does not seem that these leaked e mails have had much of an effect on the Hillary faithful; they would probably vote for her if she produced a birth certificate listing Satan as her father.

I do know that the animosity between Ms Clinton and Putin goes back awhile. Hillary likened Putin to Adolf Hitler, and said that as a former member of the KGB he is probably lacking a soul. Harsh words coming from a woman who ought to look deep within hers own soul before she starts tossing comments like that around. I do know that if it ever becomes public knowledge that Putin did successfully derail Hillary’s bid for the White House I intend to send him a Thank You card in the mail.

I would like to think that Putin, if he did have anything to do with leaking these e mails, did not do it solely out of spite for Ms Clinton. I would like to think that in the back of his mind somewhere he realized that if Hillary is elected there was a good chance that Russia and the U.S. would go to war over Syria; and that by exposing Hillary for the criminal she is he was only trying to avert World War III.

People need to understand that Syria is an ally of Russia; just like Israel is our ally, (an alliance I am not personally in favor of). Just as America would defend Israel, Russia will defend Syria if attacked. Hillary has publicly stated that she wants the President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad gone, and that she would like to see a no-fly-zone established over Syria.

I would like to ask Madam Clinton, and the people of this country, what Article and Section of the Constitution authorizes a president of the United States to declare the airspace of a sovereign country a no-fly-zone. You see, Russia is currently running bombing missions; both against ISIS strongholds and the US backed rebels seeking to oust President Assad.

These two items tie nicely together to form my next point; the hypocrisy of Clinton crying foul that the Russians may have attempted to interfere with, or influence the outcome of a presidential election here in America. Boy does the former First Lady got a pair of balls; probably bigger than her husband Bill’s as far as that goes. She has a lot of nerve to complain about Russia interfering with our internal political process; as if the US is not guilty of doing exactly the same thing to other countries.

Our meddling in the internal affairs of other sovereign nations goes way back to the late 1800’s when US citizens living in Hawaii engineered the overthrow of the duly elected monarch, Queen Lili’uokalani in an effort to annex the Hawaiian Islands. The ultimate goal was to see Hawaii become a State; which it did in 1959.

How would we feel if the Russians, or the Chinese, living here in the US attempted to overthrow our duly elected leaders and make the US a part of their country? I bet we’d be pretty pissed off; that’s what I bet. Yet we did it in Hawaii; possibly due to Hawaii’s strategic location halfway across the Pacific Ocean. It’s a nice place to build a big old military base to forward stage any operations in the Pacific; that’s what it is. Just another way for the U.S. to expand its empire, is the way I see it.

We also colonized the Philippines for awhile, and I saw just today where the current Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte is forming an alliance with China; telling the U.S. to go F*ck itself; calling Obama a son of a whore for his meddling in the way he runs his country. Yeah, our foreign policy is working real well at keeping allies and making friends!

But those are not the only times the US has stuck its nose into the affairs of other sovereign nations. Most of the Clinton faithful, probably most Americans as far as that goes, do not remember what happened in 1953 with the joint CIA/British Intelligence led coup that forced out the democratically elected Iranian Prime Minster, Mohammad Mosaddegh. All this was done because of the fact that the Prime Minister had nationalized its oil fields, effectively shutting out the western interests who were posed to lose billions in profits.

To replace the legitimately elected Prime Minister, the US/British governments installed the Shah, Mohammad Reza who was much friendlier towards western business interests. On the flip side, the Shah ruled his people with an iron hand; jailing, torturing and murdering those who opposed his rule. Is it any wonder their still exists animosity in Iran towards the US? Yet our government and the news media have the gall to say that Iran is the bad guy in all this. Maybe Iran wouldn’t have hated us so much if we would have minded our own business.

Then there was the deployment of U.S. fighters to Lebanon in 1958 under Eisenhower’s Operation Blue Bat. To support the U.S. friendly regime of President Chamoun, the U.S. deployed fighter planes and troops to Lebanon to fight the possible spread Communism, and to halt the outside influence from countries such as Egypt, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. Had the U.S. not been in Lebanon, the bombing at the Marine Barracks 25 yrs later would not have happened and 241 US servicemen would not have died.

Moving forward in time, we come to the Bay of Pigs fiasco during the Kennedy administration. Again, the U.S. stuck its nose into the affairs of another sovereign nation; this time Cuba. Once again, via the CIA, Cuban exiles were trained and funded, going by the name of Brigade 2506, in an effort to overthrow the regime of Fidel Castro. The effort failed after only 3 days of fighting, but once again showed the world the willingness of the U.S. to attempt to oust the leader of another sovereign nation who was unfriendly towards the US.

Years later, 1973 this time, the CIA, through Project FUBELT, orchestrated the overthrow of Chilean President Salvador Allende. Once again, the replacement, Augusto Pinochet was just as bad for the Chileans as the Shah was for Iranians. Pinochet is credited at disappearing over 3,000 political dissidents, imprisoning 30,000 more, while forcing into exile another 200,000.

Then of course there was Afghanistan and Operation Cyclone; another U.S. funded operation aimed at overthrowing the leadership of Afghanistan, while at the same time funding the Mujahadin who were fighting to rout the Soviets from Afghanistan. Although the Soviets gave up and left Afghanistan in 1989, funding for Operation Cyclone continued until 1992. From amongst these Mujhadin freedom fighters were the beginnings of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda with Osama bin Laden at the helm. Once again our intervention either ended up hurting the people of the country we meddled in, or it turned around and bit us in the ass later on.

And of course, we can’t forget the Contras, the terrorist group that was trained and funded by the U.S., and which became the subject of the evening news with the Iran/Contra hearings during the Reagan presidency. The Contras were used in an effort to destabilize the Nicaraguan government. This continued even after the democratic election which saw the Sandanistas win the election in 1984.

I think I have made it abundantly clear that our country is not above meddling in the internal politics of another country. So, for Hillary Clinton to sit atop her self-righteous pedestal and cry foul because Russia may be doing the same thing the US has been doing for decade’s reeks of hypocrisy. It’s a classic example of do as I say, not as I do, with the US being free to do whatever it wants, but we condemn the rest of the world for doing the exact same thing we do.

And Ms Clinton’s hypocrisy is not confined to her whining about these leaked e mails. Her campaign is now latched on to revelations of Donald Trump’s treatment of women, and the comments he made years ago. Yet the former First Lady of both Arkansas and the US remained deathly silent while her husband, Bill ‘Can’t Keep His Dick In His Pants’ Clinton, went molesting and screwing everyone from Paula Jones to a young intern named Monica Lewinski.

You see, not only did Ms Clinton not condemn the actions of her husband, she stood by him and attacked the character of many of the women who came out with charges of sexual misconduct against him. I guess Slick Willy was her ticket to the big leagues, and his mistreatment of women took second fiddle to her dreams of a chance at sitting in the Oval Office. Kind of shows the true nature and character of Ms Clinton; don’t you think?

Then of course there is all the other garbage hidden away in the Clinton closet; the Whitewater Scandal, Benghazi, and the list of nearly 70 dead bodies of those who posed a threat to the Clinton Crime Family. God help us if Chelsea ever gets involved in politics like her parents.

This lack of integrity on behalf of Hillary Clinton should be enough to dissuade anyone with an ounce of integrity from voting for her. But since it hasn’t seemed to phase the Hillary faithful I can only presume they have no integrity either. I suppose some people will sell their honor and integrity for the promise of benefits that Hillary Clinton offers them. It certainly says a lot about a large segment of America that this woman is running for president and not rotting away behind bars.

What gets me the most is those who say it is about time we had a woman president. With all the women in America today are you going to tell me that Hillary Clinton is the best you could come up with?

Even though a Hillary presidency scares the living hell out of me, there is a dark side to me that wants to see her win just to see who she blames for all the problems she will encounter. After all, it has been 8 years since a Republican was president, so it would be kind of hard for her to keep on blaming everything on Bush.

But then again, maybe she found a new scapegoat; if elected she intends to blame all her woes upon Vladimir Putin. Why not? After all, the people are getting awful tired of this war on terror. Why not start another Cold War, or better yet, an all out war with Russia. Keep the bankers happy, the military industrial complex happy, and give the government more reason to restrict our liberty.

It’s a win-win situation for all; except the people of America. But hey, if they’re stupid enough to vote for Hillary they deserve exactly what they get.

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