Banging My Head Against A Wall

I am beginning to wonder if people will ever get it. I can only explain things in so many different ways; it is up to you to understand and apply the things I am trying to share with you. Nothing, and I mean not a damned thing is going to change until people put aside their party preference and begin looking at government as a single entity that either serves the purpose for which it was created, or it doesn’t.

When the first Pilgrims landed in 1620 there was no government here to welcome them; issue them visas or help them with food stamps when times got tough. In the first winter a vast number of them died because of a failed attempt at socialism. It wasn’t until Governor Bradford decided that each person would be given a plot of land, and that whatever they produced they were allowed to keep, that the first Colonists saw a fruitful harvest and they began to thrive as a community. It was the abandonment of socialist ideologies that saved them from dying off en masse. And here we are, almost 400 years later, not having learned a damn thing because the real history of Thanksgiving has been hidden from us.

But it’s not just the history of Thanksgiving that has been hidden from us; it is the entire history of this country; from why the American Revolution was fought; through the drafting and ratification of our Constitution; through the conflict known as the Civil War, and all the events that have occurred since. We have been lied to, told partial truths, and we graduate from school thinking we are making informed decisions.

Our knowledge of our nation’s past is extremely limited, and what we do know has been tailor made to shape and mold our thinking. It is because of this that we are so willing to allow government to overstep the limits originally imposed upon it, and to restrict our most precious possessions; our rights.

Our progression from free men and women to mere serfs who keep the machine running did not occur overnight; government did not issue a decree saying: You are hereby denied any rights and are henceforth, and forever slaves. No, our loss of freedom came in degrees so minute that we barely noticed that anything was amiss; nonetheless amiss it was.

People are simply not able to understand that our government was created by our will and is subject to it only as long as our will coincides with the limits imposed upon it by the document that created it. Certain powers were given government for certain specific purposes; while at the same time certain restrictions were placed upon government to protect certain rights from being violated.

We are NOT a democracy where a majority of the people is all that is required for our government to enact laws which affect the whole of society. We are a Republic where a majority vote of the people elect those who sit in the seats of power, but those people are restricted from doing anything the Constitution does not authorize them to do.

My God, is that so hard to understand?

People do not seem to understand that Congress is the lawmaking body in our government. They vote for whom will be president as if he/she had the prerogative of a King to do whatever they think the country needs. The primary job of the president is to see that the laws passed by Congress are duly enforced. Oh, he can make suggestions but if Congress chooses to disregard his suggestions there is nothing he can do; except possibly to appeal to the people to recall their representatives and chose those who are more amenable to his suggestions. Even so, those suggestions must be in accordance with the powers granted government by the Constitution for them to be just and lawful. Otherwise we are under the will of an arbitrary government and there is no telling where they will draw the line as to the extent of their powers.

The primary purpose of this government was to regulate the interaction between the States; especially in regards to commerce. It was also to act as the spokesperson for the nation in regards to its dealings with other foreign nations. It was to act as the defender of the nation should we be attacked, and it was to leave the States free to deal with the affairs that affected the lives and liberty of the people who inhabited them.

Now try telling me with a straight face that our government today fits that definition. How many agencies has our government created which pass rules and regulations that we must adhere to? The list could fill a phone book, that’s how many! The EPA, the DEA, the ATF, the ATF, the FCC, the DHS, the NSA, and the list goes on and on and on.

Stand up to any of them and the full weight of the Justice System will be brought to bear on you; yet it is they who are acting outside the law by passing all these rules and regulations government has absolutely no authority to enact, nor enforce.

Are you so obtuse that you cannot see that this is the very definition of tyranny?

Listen, I have nothing against people as individuals. I only judge people according to their actions. If I hear you say something you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about I’m gonna tell you that you are an idiot. If I see you do something that I know to be wrong, I’m going to call you on it. If government does something that violates the Constitution or infringes upon one of my rights I’m going to speak out against it. It does not matter that the person doing these things is basically a good person, a nice person, or someone everyone likes. Wrong is wrong.

So, if our government is violating the Supreme Law of the land by passing all these laws which micromanage our lives and restrict our liberty, then what do you call those who enforce these laws upon the general public? What do you call those who serve in the military and who go off to fight in the unjust and unconstitutional wars our government decides is in our nation’s best interests?

These people may be misguided, or just plain ignorant of the Constitution, but ignorance is no excuse. They all, especially those in the military, take an oath to support and defend the Constitution. Don’t you think it would be a good idea to read the bloody thing and see just what it is they are swearing an oath to defend?

The fundamental reasons for which laws should be written are either the protection of one’s life and property, or the defense of their rights. If a law is written to deprive people of their property, or restrict their rights, then those laws are unjust and those who enforce them are no better than those who wrote them; they are all tyrants and should be opposed.

But I can’t get people to understand these basic premises. All they care about is that the Republicans are better than the Democrats, or vice versa. All they say is, oh, Hillary did this or Trump said that. The Constitution, and the limits it imposes upon the actions of our government never comes into play in their decision making process. The fact that the States have been shut out of the government process by the ratification of the 17th Amendment never crosses their minds.

The fact that our government, not the Democratic Party or the Republican Party is the problem NEVER crosses their minds. The fact that all they are doing is choosing who gets to drive the bus that is taking us to the complete loss of our freedoms never crosses their minds. Only that their guy wins; that’s all they can see. It is this tunnel vision and ignorance that is the real problem; not which party wins the election.

What good is a Constitution if it is not enforced upon the body it creates? What hope does a nation have if the people choose leaders to govern them without an understanding of the powers granted those who govern?

I can explain all this to people time and time again, but it does no good if their minds are closed to ideas that conflict with their existing belief systems. I may as well be banging my head against a brick wall for all the good I’m doing. If I can’t get people to understand these basic premises how can I be expected to get them to believe the truly evil things their government has done?

Ponder that while I go bang my head against the wall a few more times…

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