The War Against American Conservatism

Yesterday morning I had to take my son in to Urgent Care to have his thumb checked out after it had gotten smashed in a closing door the previous evening at work. Why his employer did not fill out an accident report or ensure that he have it checked out when it happened is another issue altogether, and one I won’t delve into now. While my son was in with the PA, (Physician’s Assistant), I struck up a conversation with a Korean War veteran and his wife; and of course the subject quickly turned to politics and current events.

Seeing as how this was all occurring early in the morning and since I work Swing Shifts I had not yet had the chance to turn on the TV to catch up on any Breaking News. It therefore came as news to me that another shooting had occurred; this time at a Republican practice for the annual charity baseball game between Republicans and Democrats.

Although the identity and motive of the shooter was not known at the time, the couple, especially the wife, spoke at great length about the vitriol and aggressive behavior of the political left in America today towards President Trump, anyone who supports him, or traditional conservative values for that matter.

As a passing comment I told them that there was a very good chance that the news media would not call this what it was; a hate crime. After all, how many times have they reported that those calling themselves liberals, or Democrats, have been accused of hate crimes for attacking Trump supporters? It would seem the category of hate crime only applies when the one guilty of bringing harm to another is of a conservative slant.

There are a great many things that both anger and sicken me; traits such as laziness or compulsive lying being just two of them. However, at the very top of my list of things that piss me off is hypocrisy and double standards.

What exactly is a hate crime? If one were capable of intelligent thought, (which it appears a great many aren’t) it would take less than two seconds to come up with an answer to that question. A hate crime is a crime which is committed by one person against another or one group against another, because those committing the crime hate the victim/s, or what they stand for.

Hate works both ways; conservatives can hate liberals and liberals can hate conservatives. Yet why is it that you rarely hear of a liberal being charged with a hate crime; yet whenever one is charged with such a crime they are typically found to have been committed by those with conservative leanings?

If I attack you because you are wearing a Gay Pride T-shirt, I will be charged with a hate crime. Yet if you attack me because I wear a Trump T-shirt, or a T-shirt bearing the image of the Confederate Battle Flag, the odds are very high that you will not be charged with a hate crime. Oh, you may be charged with assault, but the added weight to the charge that goes with calling it a hate crime will not apply to you.

Why is that? Why is it that those on the political left can get away with attacking people or groups because the dislike, or hate, what they stand for, yet if those on the political right were to act in the same manner they would be charged with hate crimes? What gives liberals any special treatment under the law?

I’ll come right out and say it, I hate government and what it has become; but I don’t go around assaulting those who hold the various positions within government, nor do I assault those whose political beliefs differ from mine. That is not to say that I would not use deadly force to protect my life, my family, or my property; I’m only saying that it is ridiculous to attack someone else simply because their beliefs differ from mine.

I’m all for open debate and an exchange of ideas, but the problem seems to be that those on the left believe themselves justified in using force to impose their beliefs upon those who disagree with them.

You see there is an underlying battle going on here that many seem not to notice. I do not consider Republicans to be true conservatives; not by a long shot. A true conservative could not stomach voting for any of the candidates who run on a Republican platform as the Republican Party does not adhere to the Constitutional limitations upon government any more than do the Democrats. It is only in how they exceed their authority that the two parties differ.

But underneath all that there is a battle waging between conservatism and liberalism. The liberals, or progressives if you will, have fought for decades to enact certain policies and programs which benefit the special interests that make up the base of the Democratic Party. True conservatives, and to a lesser extent, Republicans, threaten the gains they have made in pushing forward their liberal agenda; and they react with violence towards those who threaten what they believe themselves entitled to.

I truly think that they do not see what they are doing as a hate crime; I believe they see themselves acting the way they do out of self defense. Anything hinting of true conservatism threatens what they believe they are entitled to, or have a right to, and they are acting with what they believe to be justifiable self defense.

The news media is complicit in this because, let’s face it, they are predominantly liberal, or progressive, and haven’t been conservative in quite some time; and this goes for FOX News as well. If the news media were truly unbiased they would not support the actions of one president, or administration, yet condemn the same actions of another president or his administration simply because they are Republican.

Listen, I am no fan of President Trump, but look at how the news media keeps the furor going over the supposed Trump/Russia collusion into the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election. We are told that there is evidence that Russia did hack the DNC and release e-mails to Wikileaks that were damaging to the Clinton campaign. Yet where is the evidence to support that claim?

For instance, recently fired director of the FBI, James Comey refused to press charges against Hillary Rodham Clinton for her handling of classified material as Secretary of State. There was sufficient evidence to prove that Ms Clinton did violate the law in regards to her use of a personal server and the storage of classified material on an unsecure device. Yet Comey refused to press forward with charges. Yet the media refuses to address the actual crimes committed by Ms. Clinton, a liberal, and at the same time continues to fuel speculation and innuendo that there is some sort of tie between President Trump and the Russians, and that played a role in Trump’s winning the election.

You want to know what all this reminds me of? It reminds me of a million little sperm cells circling an ovum trying to find a weakness. The news media’s constant reporting on the Trump/Russia collusion, these Senate Intelligence Committee hearings, they are all like those sperm cells, circling around trying to find someone who will be found to have obfuscated the truth, or committed perjury; just so they could say, “Ah ha, we told you so.”

I honestly can’t tell whether I am more amused by this whole thing, or more sickened by it. If you want my honest opinion it is hypocrisy at its finest; or as the old saying goes, “The pot calling the kettle black.” You have a committee comprised of United States Senators who are universally corrupt, investigating corruption as it pertains to the Executive and election fraud.

I honestly don’t know how they can keep a straight face for the CSPAN cameras. Let’s just say the Russians did hack the DNC; that they did release what they found to Wikileaks, just to damage the Clinton campaign; what about the content of the information they released? Whether it was obtained illegally does not diminish the fact that the information may have been of such a nature that it discouraged some voters from casting their vote for Ms Clinton. I know; the fruit from a poisoned well thing. But if that doesn’t convince you, I have more.

Again, what if the Russians did somehow interfere in our election process; how many times has the U.S. interfered in the internal politics of other countries? How many democratically elected leaders have we ousted by coup, or attempted to oust; such as all the times we tried to get rid of Castro down in Cuba? What about the US/British led coup that saw the brutal Shah of Iran installed after the CIA played a significant role in having the democratically elected President removed from office? Oh, but that was in America’s best interests you say, so that makes it okay. Well maybe it was in Russia’s best interests to ensure Hillary did not win the election; but I suppose what’s good for the goose is good for the gander doesn’t apply, does it?

And if you really want to talk about voter fraud, how about all the confirmed reports of illegal aliens voting Democrat, or people long dead voting for Democratic candidates? But again, there again you see those double standards, which I hate so much, coming into play.

If you want to know a truth, and I think a great many people don’t, the fact is that the closer one comes to being a true conservative, the more they find themselves under attack for their values and beliefs. This is true whether those doing the attacking are Republican or Democrat. While I had my doubts about Ron Paul because of his refusal to address the ineligibility of Barack Obama to serve as president, (and that’s another subject unto itself), the fact remains that those running on the GOP side ridiculed him and their party refused to endorse him; preferring that a Democrat win over someone who was the closest thing to a true conservative this country has seen for a long, long time.

Conservatism, and by conservatism I mean those that adhere to the same principles held by Founders such as Thomas Jefferson are under attack and, if you ask me, face extinction in America. Maybe we ought to have the Environmental Protection Agency add conservative Americans to the list of Endangered Species.

How many so-called conservatives do you know who would dare repeat Jefferson’s words as stated in his first Inaugural Address, “… a wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government…”? Yet people who support the Republican Party, and it’s big government agenda, have the audacity to call themselves conservative. If you say so!

It’s all one big screwed up mess here in the land of the meek and the home of the slaves. People care less about the Constitutional violations committed by both parties than they do the loyalty to their party’s platform. The only difference between the two is that those on the left are using violence as a means to fight against anything which threatens their agendas.

They are also a great deal more hypocritical, and display far more double standards than do their counterparts, the so-called conservative right. So while the Republicans and the Democrats wage their little battles against each other, do not forget that there remains a remnant of true conservatism in America that is grows tired of the crimes committed against us, and our Constitution and Bill of Rights by both parties.

You may not care about us, or our beliefs, but if you had any understanding or our nation’s history you would realize that we are those who best represent the intent and desire of those who originally founded our Republic; and we are tired of your double standards, your hypocrisy, and your faith in a system that has been corrupt and broken for over a century.

Thomas Jefferson once said that the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants, and if you do not take heed you may live to witness such a cleansing of political debris and misfits during your lifetimes.

Tread lightly, but more importantly; Don’t Tread on Me!

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