Political Correctness At Its Finest

My first exposure to political correctness came many years ago when they changed the name of the people who collected refuse from garbage men to waste management specialists. Back then we thought political correctness was both silly and harmless; I sure wish we had taken it more seriously and recognized it for the threat it posed.

But it was just this morning that I think I heard the pinnacle of politically correct speech when I read the following on a Facebook thread; “Women deserve control of their reproductive rights.” Reproductive rights huh? Boy, that’s a good one; they outdid themselves with that one, that’s for sure.

I agree wholeheartedly by the way; a woman should be given the right to decide whether or not she wants to reproduce or not. BUT, and there’s always a but, it is not always your choice, and your choice alone. Reproduction takes two people, does it not? So what about the person who donates the sperm to this little process; do they not have rights?

And what about that little life growing inside your womb; do they not get a say in deciding whether they want to be born? Let’s not kid ourselves here, reproductive rights is just a touchy feely way of saying that a woman has the choice of whether or not to murder an unborn child.

As with all subjects today, it seems, the subject of the right of a woman to obtain an abortion is one that stirs up deep sentiments on both sides of the issue. So I know that what I’m about to say is going to piss some people off, but honestly, I don’t care. Why is it that for many women the idea of having a doctor reach up inside them and terminate a life growing in their womb is perfectly acceptable, and morally justifiable, but at the same time the putting to death of a violent criminal is reprehensible and considered cruel and unusual punishment?

In one instance you are taking the life of a person, who more often than not, has a long history of violent crime and who, if were they not put to death, would either rot away in prison costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars to care for, or be released into society and most likely harm someone else. In the other instance you are terminating the life of an innocent fetus that has done nothing other than inconvenience your life.

While I will admit that I could at least understand why a woman might choose an abortion when the pregnancy was due to rape or incest that does not mean it still is not the taking of an innocent life. However, there is absolutely no justifying the termination of a pregnancy simply because it was unwanted.

Just the other day I went to watch a YouTube video and there was a teaser for a 2016 film called The Thinning. The plot revolves around a high school were population control is enforced via an aptitude test given the students; those that don’t achieve a high score are put to death. Apparently the film goes into how the system is rigged and people are being killed who shouldn’t be, but that is besides the point for my discussion.

How would people like it if there were some sort of a board, or a group of men and women in some government agency, that got together and went through the files of every man, woman and child in America and compared them to a set of standards they had established to determine whether each individual deserved to go on living?

Who would get to set those standards and what would they be? What if all the homeless and unemployed were decided to be among the undesirables? What if it was everyone who voted Republican…or Democrat? What if the sole crime which condemned you to death was that you liked a certain style of music? How would you feel if your name where chosen to be terminated?

Wouldn’t you be saying, “Why me, I didn’t do anything wrong!” What if the standard they set for terminating a person was simply whether or not they had had an abortion? Did you know that if that were the case 3,000 women per day would be killed off in America? That’s right, according to statistics there are 3,000 abortions performed each and every day in America. That’s almost 2 million abortions per year…in America alone. While some of them may be somewhat justifiable, the majority of them are simply due to unwanted pregnancies.

I was laughed at in regards to, and have not been spoken to since I made the comment that if a woman can’t accept the responsibility of giving birth to a child then she should take proper precautions to prevent pregnancy. I was called old-fashioned when I even hinted that if a woman is not ready to shoulder the responsibility of motherhood that maybe she ought to abstain from having sexual relations.

And if you ask me, that right there is the biggest problem in this country today; the lack of a large portion of society which refuses to adhere to old fashioned values, morals and ethics. I could go on for days in regards to that, but simply stated the values that were held by the generation that raised me as a youth are no longer being instilled in our youth. What this does is it creates entire generations with loose morals, or no morals at all.

If it feels good, do it. Why should I have to work to deserve my pay? Why should I have to accept responsibility for my decisions? My rights matter but yours don’t. The list goes on and on, and it, above all other things, is what is truly wrong with America today; and no constitution, no government, and no law can fix that.

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