My Final Rant of 2017

It really should come as no surprise to me that people are loathe to engage in any serious conversation which involves the use of logic and reasoning; but knowing that fact does not make it any less frustrating for me. There is a truth that I know some probably do not want to hear, but it is true nonetheless, that truth being that an ignorant people are easily manipulated and controlled by using the most powerful emotion in the world against them; fear. It has gotten so bad in America that nowadays even the truth is to be feared.

Truth is that if people can be convinced that if they do not accept this measure or that, then the consequences will be devastating, then they will readily accept even the most unconstitutional laws and the most Draconian restrictions upon their rights. That’s just how most people are internally wired; their fear response is greater than their ability to use logic and reasoning. It is also why our government has declared war on so many fronts; because nothing causes people to fall into the trap of patriotic duty and surrender their freedom for the common good than does the cry for war. Could that be why we have a War on Drugs, a War on Poverty, or a War on Terror???

This tactic is not new; it was employed as far back as 1787 when the Federalists sought to rally support for the Constitution they had just written. Those supporting ratification of this document warned that if the people did not accept the form of government it outlined then all they had fought for in the Revolution would be undone. Now it may very well have been that our country was experiencing problems, and that something needed to be done to give the existing government the necessary power to enforce the laws it passed; but was the government created by the Constitution the answer?

The Federalists, in a war of propaganda, told us we had nothing to fear from the form of government outlined in the Constitution; those opposing the Constitution warned us of many dangers; a great deal of which have proven to be valid concerns on their part. One of the most vocal of patriots against the ratification of the Constitution was none other than Patrick Henry; the same Patrick Henry who just years prior had spoken with such vigor and force for American liberty.

Henry made many claims in his arguments opposing ratification; that the people would lose their liberty, that the States would lose their sovereignty, that there was no effective way to punish those who abused their power and authority; all of which have proven to be true.

Let me ask you a something I just asked another individual on Facebook. First of all, do you believe that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land? A simple yes or no answer is all that I want; without any qualifications. If you do, then how is it that the government created by the Constitution can enact laws which violate the restrictions on the powers given it, and then enforce those laws by threat of fines, criminal prosecution, and even death if a person refuses to submit to their authority? How is it that we cannot do the same to them for their many violations of their oaths of office to support and defend the Constitution? How is it that we cannot dial 911 and have our representatives in Congress arrested, prosecuted, and yes, killed even, should they resist? The truth is, if the Constitution were strictly enforced, we wouldn’t have a government; they’d all be in prison.

But to even suggest that, or hint that it happen, causes people to quiver in fear; “What would we do without government?” they cry out. Well golly gee, we might actually start enjoying some of that liberty that our government was instituted to protect.

As it stands now our government enslaves us to a debt we can never hope to pay off. Our government also passes a multitude of laws and regulations that dictate whether we are entitled to know if the food we are eating has been genetically modified, it authorizes our medical providers to withhold information from us in regards to the dangers posed by the immunizations they give us, it spies upon us from the moment we get out of bed in the morning until we return to it once again at night, it dictates what form of medical treatment it allows us to pursue, how much water our toilets can use per flush, and the list goes on and on and on.

Let us not forget that it also engages in global conflicts without a Congressional declaration of war and maintains military installations across the globe, all the while meddling with the internal politics of other sovereign nations. But after all, isn’t that the purpose of government? Don’t we have to keep the military industrial complex happy? Don’t we have to keep Big Pharma Happy? Don’t we have to keep Wall Street happy? Don’t we have to keep the profits flowing and the interest payments flowing? It doesn’t matter that us serfs are struggling to make ends meet under the boot heel of tyranny and oppressive restrictions.

But when I ask that people take some time to become informed you’d think I had asked them to offer up their virgin daughters to be sacrificed to the bowels of a fiery volcano; “Gee Neal, you really want us to give up our TV, our football, our Facebook just to pick up a book that might teach us something? Are you out of your mind?”

It’s like Madison said, “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance…” and if there is one thing the people of this country are, it is ignorant. Just ask anyone around you to tell you who the current Speaker of the House is, or who we fought against in the War of 1812 if you don’t believe me. I’d be surprised if you can find more than one or two people who can answer those questions. Being informed does not mean being up to date with current events, or what’s trending on Facebook, it means having a thorough knowledge and understanding of our system of government and the true history of this country; not the revisionist garbage we are taught in school.

If I had my way I’d shut down the federal government and put everyone in it in prison for the rest of their lives. I also wouldn’t allow it to reopen its doors until the people of this country could prove that they understood why it was originally established, the specifics of how it was to operate, and what powers it was to exercise on their behalf. I imagine that many are thinking that it’s a good thing it’s not up to Neal, for they’d be forced to accept the responsibility for a great many things they have come to expect their government to do for them.

You see, I don’t believe the basic framework for government our Constitution outlines is bad; I simply believe it relies too heavily upon the people to be informed and that it lacks an effectual way for those who cherish their liberty to punish those who threaten it. I believe that the boundaries which separate the 3 branches of our government have become muddied, if not erased entirely. I believe that the influence of moneyed interests has become the driving concern of those we elect, with the candidates playing to our ignorance, wants and fears for their election.

If our Constitution and Bill of Rights were strictly adhered to, I would throw my full support behind our government. However, if that were to happen there would be no need for political parties of any kind, as both of them seek to twist and pervert the Constitution to fit the agendas of the special interests which channel money into them.

It is said we have a representative form of government. I suppose the question people should be asking themselves is, who does it represent? It certainly does not represent those of us who want a government that respects their rights and keeps itself to the specific powers granted it.

But nothing is going to change as long as we have so many people in this country divided along political party lines, or divided over certain issues that, in all truthfulness, should not even be of concern to the federal government if it were to adhere to the Constitutional limitations upon its powers. Our Founders wrote extensively on these divisions, calling them factions, with most of them fearing the effects they had on a true Republican form of government.

But that’s just the way our government, and those behind the scenes which actually controls it, like it. They are happy that we spend our time fighting over the issues rather than uniting and fighting against any encroachments upon our liberty and the usurpation of unconstitutional powers.

That’s the one fatal weakness of our system and the document which created it; it relies too heavily upon us to choose virtuous leaders who will refrain from overstepping their authority, and who will work tirelessly to safeguard our liberty. It also leaves no means by which those who do overstep their authority or violate the rights of the people can be punished for their crimes.

And, as Lysander Spooner so effectively stated, “But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case it is unfit to exist.”

As I mentioned in yesterday’s commentary, people have made it a standing joke that I never smile; well I’m offering you the chance to make me smile. In fact, I’d not only smile, I’d dance a naked jig on the roof of my house if the next election came and went and not a soul showed up at the polls to cast a vote for any of the candidates running for office. Were that to happen I would know that people had finally woken up to the corruption that pervades our government at all levels and that they had chosen to withdraw their consent from it.

And that would make me a very happy man.

Well, that about sums up all I have to say for this year. I intend to take a break and spend the holidays not worrying about whether the people of this country pull their heads out of the sand and wake up to the fact that their government does not deserve their support and loyalty. I’ll see y’all next year.

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