Two Weeks Till Election And Some People Still Don’t Get It

I was watching NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams last night. During the broadcast Mr. Williams and Chuck Todd were discussing the upcoming election and the fact that the public is expressing a lot of anti-government sentiment.

I got the feeling that, although they were reporting on it, they couldn’t comprehend it. It is almost as if they thought it were an aberration, something that reasonable people should not be feeling. I thought to myself, these people just don’t get it, do they?

So, for anyone who still doesn’t get it, for those who still staunchly stand behind either the Democrat, or the Republican parties, let me try to explain this phenomenon in terms that hopefully you‘ll understand.

Some of these anti-government protestors are just plain mad over the current direction our nation is taking, while others are mad at certain laws that have been passed since Obama has been in office.

A good number of these protestors are just plain mad and want to see all incumbents ousted, and replaced with anyone, so long as those currently in office are sent packing. While I can understand the anger of people, a simple change in whether the Republicans or Democrats hold a majority in Congress is not the answer.

Face it, we have been flip-flopping between Republicans and Democrats for a long time now, and every time there is a power shift in D.C. it is because people are not happy with the direction our country is taking.

Think about that simple statement for just a minute would you. If the people are not happy with the direction the Republicans take the country, then vote in a bunch of Democrats, only later to be dissatisfied with the direction the Democrats take the country, do you think that by once again switching between either of the two parties is the answer?

No, the problem lies not with who holds the reigns of power in our nation’s capital, it lies with how much power they hold. Until people understand the purpose of their government, simple changes between Republican and Democrats is not going to make on bit of difference.

Until the people who go to the polls and vote get it through their heads that under our Constitution, those whom we elect were never intended to do things to make our lives as individual citizens any more comfortable or better.

Okay, I know that is hard to accept for some. But nevertheless, its true. If our system of government was working the way it was intended, we wouldn’t have a million different agencies, each one of them controlling, regulating, and directing our lives down to the minutest of details.

We need to stop voting for candidates because they promise us health care, or create new jobs, as those are not within their legal powers to do. Ever hear the story of King Midas? In the story, Midas is granted one wish, and he wishes that everything he touches would turn to gold. At first he is overjoyed with his new gift. But when he sets down to eat, and touches his food, it also turns to gold. In some versions of the story he also touches a loved one and turns them into a statue of gold. The moral of the story is that getting what you want can also be a curse.

When we ask the government to do things for us, with each thing they assume control of, we are sacrificing a bit of ourselves, our independence as individuals. Besides, when have you ever known government to run things better than the private sector. In fact, you could say that government has the reverse Midas affect; everything it touches turns to shit.

Before governments existed, back in the early stages of mans existence, people relied upon themselves, and their families for their health, welfare, and very survival. Then tribes formed and either a tribal counsel, or a tribal leader made decisions for the tribe in general.

But, in the beginning, whether you believe that man evolved out of the primordial soup, or that man was created by God, the fact was that man as an individual was the freest and most independent they have ever been in the entire course of human history.

However, there is a flip side; with that freedom comes the responsibility that man alone is responsible for his own needs and safety. That is the true definition of freedom, and one reason I think it frightens people so much. People may claim that they are free, that they cherish their freedom, but do they really?
When people give up a bit of their freedom and allow government to dictate to them what they can do, say, drive, plant, drink, shoot, or even watch on TV, are they really free?

If we were really free, we wouldn’t be paying Social Security taxes, as it is not the governments job, nor responsibility to save money for our retirement. Yet on the flip side when we retire, and we have squandered our life away on items that we think bring us happiness, and we have nothing saved away for retirement, we alone should bear the responsibility for our failure, not pass it on to others by asking our government for food stamps and welfare.

If people would put aside their personal beliefs about the purpose of government, and just read the writings of our founders, or at least Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, where the powers granted Congress are individually listed, they would understand that the government we have today is hundreds, possibly thousands of times larger than the one envisioned by those who drafted the Constitution.

It has grown so huge that it cannot even support itself, even with all the taxes it leeches from us. It has to borrow, and borrow, and borrow, until now we are so deep in debt to creditors that we may never see daylight again.
It is no longer our servant, managing the affairs of the nation, and defending it from attack. It has become our master with numerous agencies, all with the power to penalize us for non-compliance to the laws it passes.

Does that sound like freedom to you? Our rights existed prior to any government, they are our birthright as human beings. No man, nor group of men have the power, or authority to take them away from us.

These protest movements are the beginning of people coming to that realization. They may not see it fully themselves, but that is the underlying principle which fuels their anger, their loss of liberty to a government that is out of control.

When you, as a voter, vote for a candidate that promises you something, at someone else’s expense, you are asking someone else to infringe upon other peoples liberty. Under our system of government, what you are asking is illegal.

Thomas Jefferson said, and this is the only quote I will use during my tirade, “The majority, oppressing an individual, is guilty of a crime, abuses its strength, and by acting on the law of the strongest breaks up the foundations of society.”

If someone were to be elected sheriff because they ran on the platform that they would solve all crime by driving around town and just shooting anyone they ‘thought’ was committing a crime, would that make you happy? How about if it were you that the sheriff thought was the person doing something suspicious?

Not only would what the sheriff be breaking the law, but he would be the sole decider of his own powers. Well, our government is that sheriff. They alone decide what are the limits to their powers. They alone enforce their laws, often by both literal and figurative gunpoint, held by agents of the IRS, FBI, ATF, DEA and a whole host of others.

Our Constitution is a law, in case you weren’t aware of that. It lays out the form our government shall take, and the powers it shall wield. It was designed so that with routine changes in the people holding the reigns of power, we the people held the ultimate power over them.

Over the course of time, as our government grew, the tables turned, and now government holds all the power, and we are subservient to the demands of those whom we elect.

The election process has become a charade designed to give us the illusion that we still have some say in the way our government is run, but think about it, do we really? Does it matter whether the Democrats are in control, or the Republicans, do we really have any say in what laws get passed, or rescinded?

Has any of you ever written, called, or even visited the office of one of your elected representatives? Although I have not visited them, I have both written and called on numerous occasions. Never once have I spoken directly to my representative. In my calls I have spoken to a staff member who answers the phone. When I write I get a form letter which, more often than not, thanks me for participating in the political process and says that they will keep my thoughts in mind when the issue arises. Is that your definition of representation?

I define it as tyranny, when those elected to represent me do not do so, and they enforce their unconstitutional laws by threats of fines, jail time, or, ultimately death if fail to pay the fine, or resist arrest.

Right now these protests are just that, protests. Over 200 years ago there were protests as well, and the King of England refused to recognize their significance, and the underlying principle. Look what happened then. Is that the course America must take once again to restore our liberty, and put our government back on its Constitutional track?

You can either think about what I say, and then spend the next two weeks seriously thinking about for whom you will vote, for a candidate from the two parties that have gotten us into this mess, or you can think about voting for a candidate that will represent you, and defend your right to be a free man/woman.

I do not know how many more election cycles this country has left in it. Soon, either the chains of slavery will bind us all to our government, or our nation will collapse due to the actions of the people we chose to elect. Whatever happens, the vision that our founders had for this country will be gone. I just hope they make it a National Holiday. We could call it Death of Liberty Day. At least you would get one day off from your lifetime of servitude.

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