Your Slavery Was A Bipartisan Effort

For the first time in a long while I awoke this morning without a single idea floating around inside my head to write about. Not to fear though, as I was perusing the things people had posted to Facebook I found the inspiration for what you are about to read. So with that in mind I would like to thank Danielle Mottale for the inspiration for what follows.

The time quickly approaches when the Yuba County Tax Collector sends their annual demand for tribute; or the privilege of living on the property I call home. Our home is old; roughly 35 yrs old to be exact, and it isn’t a big home; coming in at around 1,100 square feet…but it is home nonetheless; and we take great pride in keeping it, and our yard, in good condition.

I can’t speak for any other State, but in California if a person refuses to pay the tax imposed upon their property the local government can impose a lien against your home and sell it out from under your feet to pay the taxes owed upon it; leaving you homeless. I don’t know the technicalities of how that works, but I’m guessing that when that happens you don’t get back all the money you spent years paying to the mortgage company, nor do you get a portion of the money, above and beyond the taxes owed, that the County makes when they sell your home to someone else.

Yet people have the audacity to say that they own a home. If they owned it, how can anyone take it from them for failure to pay taxes upon it? Not only can government tax you upon the land you call yours, but it can take it from you under eminent domain if they feel that the public need is best served by booting you off your property to build a strip mall or a highway overpass.

If you truly owned that home the government could not levy a tax upon it, or kick you out of it if you refused to pay it. I’m not absolutely certain, but I would venture a guess that very few people in this country actually own their homes outright, and by outright I mean being in possession of an allodial title. An allodial title is basically a title to property stating that there is no superior landlord, or owner, of that property; that the person bearing it has full possession of the land they live upon.

People in America do not own their land; they are allowed to live on it, while having to pay for the privilege of doing so. In a truly free land the owner of a home could sell it to another and the title would transfer from seller to buyer. But in America today the titles are held in trust by the government, and it is only the money, (after making its way through the banks so they can get their cut), that is transferred…but possession of the land is retained by the government. That is how they can levy taxes upon it and kick you off it if you do not pay.

Then, of course, there is the annual tribute you pay for the privilege of operating a motor vehicle. If your vehicle does not have the current stickers affixed to your license plate, revenue generators, (law enforcement), can pull you over and fine you; and if you refuse to pay the fine, they can jail you; and if you do not comply when they come to arrest you, then can kill you.

It makes me want to gag when I hear people talk about how America is the greatest country in the world; how we are the so-called land of the free. Since when have we ever been FREE? I don’t think the average American would recognize freedom if it walked up to them and handed them its business card.

From the moment we enter this world, kicking and screaming, we are government property; or more specifically, our labor, and the revenue it generates, belongs to the government. At birth we are given a taxpayer identification number; better known as a Social Security Number. We are given injections of poisons and other toxic compounds without our consent; after all, when is the last time you saw a nurse or a doctor ask a crying baby if they WANTED those shots they were given?

When we become old enough we are sent to public indoctrination centers were we are taught, not how to think, but what to think. It does not matter if the facts we are being pumped full of are wrong; all that matters is that the vast majority accept them as the absolute truth. We are taught that patriotism is loyalty to and support for our government; not the principles that government was founded upon; and when anyone questions the authority of their government the people are taught to consider them as enemies of the State.

We are a nation filled with sheep who are taught to work, to pay their taxes, and to obey the law. But, as Jefferson said, “Law is often but the tyrants will, especially when it violates the rights of the individual.” But since most people aren’t taught what their rights are, they don’t even know that they’ve already lost most of them.

We live in a country where there are 2 categories, well actually 3 categories of people. There are those in positions of authority who keep the other 2 categories in line; who pass and enforce the laws we must live by. Then there are those who provide the labor, and the inevitable taxes generated off that labor, that funds government. And finally, there are those whose lives are subsidized by the labor of others; the non-productive members of society.

We are taught that it is our public duty to provide for those in need; that it is our patriotic duty to have our wages taxed so that government can turn around and give it to those it deems worthy or its benevolent assistance; be it the poor or some bank, business, or foreign country in need of federal aid. We are taught that the desire to keep ALL of our income is unpatriotic and evil; that we MUST give of our earnings so that others can live a life equally as comfortable as our own.

From the moment we enter the work force to begin earning a living we have reached the ultimate realization of our worth to the government as a creator of income for its existence. Sure we get to pick and choose who will be our masters, but the fact that they are, in fact, masters never changes regardless of which party is in control.

We work to provide for the things we, and our families, need to survive; a home, food to eat, clothes to wear, and all other non-essential items that make our lives more comfortable. Yet from the moment we get that first paycheck our income is taxed to fund government; and depending upon how much you earn that tax can vary from 10 to 37 percent of our income. Every year we prove our loyalty as good subjects by filing a 1040; declaring how much we’ve earned and by paying, like loyal slaves, whatever else might be owed.

Yet there are those who cheat the system and get back far more than they had withheld from their pay over the course of the year. Has it ever crossed your mind how someone who had only $2-$3,000 withheld from their pay over the course of the year can get a $5,000 refund from the IRS? In essence, they are getting a refund consisting of taxes withheld from other people’s pay…for what; for the fact that they have more kids to claim on their 1040, or more deductions to itemize? How people can begin to consider that a fair system is beyond my ability to understand.

Yet, just as with your property tax, if you refuse to pay federal income taxes they can put a lien on your property and sell it to collect the money they say you owe them. Yet they, and those of their ilk seem to be above the law as it pertains to paying taxes. Look at Al Sharpton; who owes approximately $4.5 million in State and federal taxes. Then of course there are Justin Clark, Joe Alexander, and Deborah Cox-Rousch; all Trump appointees, who owe upwards of $50,000 each in unpaid taxes. But these are all important people, so they cannot be expected to live by the same laws they impose upon us peasants.

It’s bad enough that they can tax you for upwards of 1/3 of all your income, once they so graciously allow you to keep 2/3 of it they then turn around and impose a tax upon the things you purchase with it. Go to the store to buy a gallon of milk and you’ll pay a sales tax upon that milk. If you want a TV or a cell phone, you not only pay a tax upon the item itself, but you pay taxes upon the airwaves, or cable, that sends you the signals so that you can enjoy your purchases.

And then if you are wise you might decide to set aside some of your income for retirement or a rainy day. Well guess what, the interest you make off your savings is taxable; and if you invest in a retirement plan, such as a 401k, when you go to collect it you can be taxed upwards of 30% of that as well.

You can’t even get away from taxes after you die either. So you live your life being a good, honest, tax-paying citizen; then when you die the things you leave behind for your kids is taxed once again as it passes from your hands to theirs in the form of an inheritance tax.

From the moment we come kicking and screaming into the world we live our entire lives as slaves to the taxman. Not only that, all through our lives we are taught, no, encouraged might be the better word, to utilize credit to purchase things we don’t have the money to pay for. Credit cards, home loans, auto loans, student loans…we are told, “It’s okay if you don’t have any money, we’ll loan it to you…at 21% interest of course.”

America is the land of the free alright; we are free to work…so that our income can be taxed; we are free to buy things…as long as we pay the applicable sales tax; we are free to buy a home…as long as we pay our annual tribute for the privilege of living in it; and we are free to borrow money to fill our home with crap we don’t really need…as long as we make our payments plus whatever interest they charge us.

But by golly this is still the land of the free…isn’t it? Not so fast there with that freedom nonsense. The 1st Amendment protects our freedom of speech, religion and the press; as well as the right to protest and petition government for a redress of grievances. Well if I say something others don’t like then I am told to shut up because I’m ‘OFFENDING’ them. Is that what passes for freedom of speech these days?

If I send my kid to school they cannot pray because it too offends people. That not only violates my right to freedom of religion, it also violates my right to free speech; as prayer is speech between the faithful and their God.

I have the right to petition my government for a redress of grievances…right? When is the last time you tried doing that? You’ll be lucky if you get a form letter in response from your representative; let alone a detailed explanation of why they voted in favor or against any proposed legislation.

Try carrying a gun on your person without having first obtained a permit from some ‘authority’ figure and see how free you are. Try installing measures where the government cannot spy upon you in your home and see how quickly you become the subject of inquiries into your activities. Try partaking of the bounty that God has provide us for our sustenance without a hunting or a fishing license and see how free you truly are. Try living off the grid; being truly self-sufficient and see how fast some bureaucrat comes to your door telling you that you are in violation of a multitude of civil codes and must cease and desist in your activities.

But that’s okay people; as long as we still have the vote we are a free people. (And if you could have heard me say that aloud you would have noted the heavy sarcasm)

As I said, most people wouldn’t know freedom if it came to their door and introduced itself; and they certainly wouldn’t let it into their homes. That’s because freedom, and I mean TRUE freedom comes with the responsibility of accepting the consequences of the choices you make…and that terrifies most people. They want, no, they need a safety net in case they make poor, or stupid decisions. They want a big government in place to catch them when they fall and cover for their mistakes.

Try being free in this country and they’ll slap your ass in jail or kill you. But that’s the America we live in today; a country where people willingly sacrifice freedom for comfort and security. The problem with that is, although it might be a voluntary choice on your part, it isn’t voluntary on my part…your acquiescence to a government of unlimited power and authority is forcing servitude upon those who only wish to be left alone to live their lives as they see fit.

And that is why I no longer support government. I don’t see one, two, three, even a couple dozen people making a difference in the fact that government today exists to enslave the American people to a multitude of rules and taxes which restrict the very thing government was established to secure…LIBERTY.

So keep playing your game, voting for this candidate or that, but realize this, you will still pay taxes and you will still see your rights slowly being taken away from you; and one day you will wake up and ask yourself where they all went.

Maybe then you will see that I was right. But then again, maybe y’all will just keep on blaming Trump…or Obama; without ever coming to the realization that the goal of making you a slave to government was a bipartisan effort. If I had to bet money on it, I’d say people would go on blaming the ‘other’ side. When they come to that realization they will find a scapegoat; it will be Obama’s fault, Trumps fault, or whichever other scapegoat they choose to blame. But there is one thing I can assure you of; they won’t stand in front of a mirror and blame the person staring back at them.

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