I’ll Take Whatever Freedom I Can Get

Of all the fundamental rights that belong to human beings is the right to survival; or the right of self-defense and self-preservation. Jefferson defined this as the right to Life in the Declaration of Independence, which was immediately followed by the right to Liberty. In 1772 Samuel Adams wrote about these rights, stating, “Among the Natural Rights of the Colonists are these First. a Right to Life; Secondly to Liberty; thirdly to Property; together with the Right to support and defend them in the best manner they can–Those are evident Branches of, rather than deductions from the Duty of Self Preservation, commonly called the first Law of Nature.”

No man, nor group of men, may divest or deny another of any of those fundamental rights without the grossest of injustices being committed. Yet here we are in America today with entire generations of Americans voting for candidates who do just that – deny us our fundamental rights. It does not matter if these crimes are being committed at the local, State, or federal level, they are still crimes against humanity and any lover of liberty should be incensed that they are being done under the guise of representing the people.

I have often pondered upon what sets me, and those like me, apart from the vast majority of Americans who cannot, will not see this travesty which is being committed right before their very eyes. I am, also, absolutely flabbergasted that there are those living in this country who don’t care one way or the other that these crimes against their rights are being committed; caring more about sports or some other form of entertainment than they do the fact that they are quickly becoming free range slaves to an uncaring government.

While I still don’t fully comprehend it, I think I have come to some sort of understanding as to why this has happened. In his Notes on the State of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson writes, “Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.” I feel that if you become dependent upon someone, or something for your needs, your very survival, you are highly unlikely to do anything that will antagonize them. If you rely upon your Social Security check for your survival you certainly aren’t going to call for the abolishment of the government that mails them out to you, are you?

The more that government can do for you, the more you come to depend upon it and are less likely to question the ‘other’ things government does that threaten your very liberty. How much of what our government does is done under the guise of protecting or taking care of us? People today, especially Trump supporters, are proud of their president because he is bringing jobs back to America and making America great again. But has he revoked or repealed any of the laws that violate your basic rights? Are you any freer from the prying eyes and ears of your government? Are you able to keep and bear the arms of your choice without the BATF breaking down your door, confiscating them and arresting you for federal firearms violations? Has Trump pardoned Edward Snowden; who revealed the extent to which your government is spying upon you?

But by golly the economy is doing great and the stock market is up; that’s all that matters; right?

If you ask me, it is almost like a massive case of Stockholm Syndrome; where those held captive feel sympathy or an emotional alliance for their captors. People almost go into a state of panic at the thought of living life without the benevolent arm of government keeping watch over their every need and desire. How, in the name of all that is good, can people call that freedom? If a person cannot live without their daily fix of heroin or methamphetamines, then we call them addicts. What would you call people who cannot live without some form of governmental assistance; or who panic at the thought of a government shutdown?

The only explanation I have for why people cannot see and understand things from my perspective is that they have been conditioned not to think for themselves. I think people have been conditioned to think and act as a herd; or as George Orwell wrote in his book 1984, Groupthink. Being truly free demands that you accept complete and absolute responsibility for yourself, your survival, and the needs of those you call family. But, when you are part of a group, the group assumes that responsibility. It’s like the quote Hillary Clinton referenced in one of her speeches and in her book; it takes a village to raise a child.

Individual responsibility is the enemy of those who seek to exert control over a people as a person who is self reliant does not need the services government provides; therefore they are more likely to oppose measures that restrict any of their freedom. But those who are a part of this so-called village are conditioned from an early age to believe that government is an absolute necessity; and all talk of government should be confined to the parameters that they establish.

That is why political campaigns are such a joke to me; they are platforms where contenders for an office get to discuss the issues – but who defines the issues? I have yet, in my years of watching political debates, see a candidate other than Ron Paul, bring up the constitutionality of the things government wants to do. That alone should send up warning flags in any thinking person’s mind; but unfortunately people aren’t actually thinking when they watch the debates, or vote. What they are doing is reacting to pre-established programming that they have undergone throughout their formative years. You believe you are thinking because you are voting based upon your understanding of the issues, and you are making a choice between either a Republican or a Democrat; or even from among the best sounding candidate within a political party. But what you are doing is responding according to preset programming which keeps you from questioning the legality of the ‘issues’ under discussion. Your only thought is along party lines; whether the Republican view or the Democratic view is right; never whether the issue itself is something government should be enacting laws upon.

On top of all this you are forced to pay tribute to this entity you call your government in the form of taxes upon your income. You know, in the history of most of the empires that have spanned the ages, those who conquered others demanded that they pay tribute for the privilege of living under their benevolent guidance; be it the Romans, the Egyptians, or any of the other empires that flourished throughout history.

Those living under the rule of Egypt in the time of the Pharaohs were typically expected to pay around 20% in tribute to the kingdom. How much do you pay now; 20%…30%…50%? But you consider it your patriotic duty to pay your taxes, and condemn those who, you believe, are greedy because they feel they should be entitled to keep the money they earn. That is the mark of a true slave; one who believes that those who seek to be free of government are the bad guys.

There are times I wish there was such a thing as time travel; I would send some of these people back to 1775 or 1776 and let them mingle amongst those who were fighting for America’s independence. I wonder if they’d come away with a different perspective on government if they had a chance to hold political discussions with the likes of Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry or Thomas Jefferson?

Yet today people like me are both ridiculed or ignored because we quote from those men and hold the same beliefs they did about the powers government should hold and the nature of our rights.

People want to make America great again but they are going about it wrong. You don’t make America great by electing someone to office, you make it great by adhering to the principles it was founded upon. If enough people would simply learn what powers their government was supposed to be exercising on their behalf; what their rights were and that government CANNOT infringe upon them, then they would not be electing these so-called politicians and ass clowns to office. If people cared enough to see through the indoctrination they have received in the public indoctrination centers, (public schools), then we could become a force to be reckoned with; a force our government would have to submit to…not vice versa; a divided and ignorant mass of ants fighting one another instead of uniting against a common enemy.

Our Founders could not have obtained their independence had they remained separate and divided; they had to unite or accept the tyranny of King George III. Today we are divided by the issues; be they whatever are the hot topics of discussion during any election cycle. We should be arguing over whether government has the authority to enact laws upon these subjects, and how we can begin to downsize government and its far reaching scope of powers.

Until we can do that, not one single thing will change as it pertains to how free we as a people are. We can either unite, or keep voting for new slave masters…it’s your choice. But don’t ask me to participate in the election of anyone until I see candidates who are worthy of my vote; for as it stands now I do not support them, or the government they seek entry into.

I may have lost my rights, but in spirit my mind is still free; and I’ll take whatever freedom I can get in these days of serfdom.

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