Betting I Lose A Few Friends Over This

Authors Note: I know, before I even begin, that I am going to upset some, and possibly even lose friends over what I am about to say. Nevertheless I think it needs to be said. I would hope, (although I’m not holding my breath), that people will have an open mind over what I am about to say and think about it before having an emotional hissy fit and just start hurling the insults at me. But like I said, I’m not holding my breath.

So let’s get on with it and wait for the wireworks to begin…

I grow weary of seeing and hearing people’s devotion to and support of law enforcement. I am not saying that law enforcement officers do not do good things, they do. There are many of the things that cops do that are praiseworthy and deserve the respect of the community – but there are many things they do that don’t. Also, there are many things that they WOULD DO, if ordered to by their superiors that I take great offense to.

I have had encounters with law enforcement, and for the most part they have been polite and courteous – but then again I gave them no reason to be anything but polite and courteous. But here is where the problem I have with law enforcement arises; the actual part called ENFORCING THE LAW.
The British Redcoats ENFORCED the law; the Gestapo ENFORCED the law…every tyrant has had their own LAW ENFORCERS who kept the subjugated in line and enforced whatever laws the tyrant imposed. Jefferson said that “Law is often by the tyrants will, especially when it violates the rights of the individual.”

I just saw a news story the other day on the local news channel about how the California Highway Patrol is stepping up enforcement of the mandatory seatbelt law. Believe me, having been the victim in a serious accident I can assure you that seatbelts do save lives; but it should be the choice of those driving whether or not to use them. Passing a law requiring that ALL DRIVERS wear their seatbelts, and fining those who disobey that law IS a restriction upon that person’s freewill and their liberty.

Let me ask those of you who support law enforcement unquestioningly a question. If you were to be pulled over for a minor traffic violation, and the officer asked to search your vehicle, would you allow it? If your answer was yes, might I ask why? Was it because they asked politely and because you, as the good law abiding citizen you are, have nothing to hide?

How many of you have heard of a little thing called the 4th Amendment? The 4th Amendment states, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

I don’t want to go too deeply into this particular aspect of the 4th Amendment, but as it was originally written the 4th Amendment only applied towards any agent, or officer, working under the authority of the federal government. In fact, the entire Bill of Rights ONLY applied to the federal government, as they were amendments to the document that created and limited what the federal government could and could not do. For example, the Supreme Court COULD NOT tell a school in a State run school system that prayer was a violation of the 1st Amendment, because the 1st Amendment ONLY applied to Congress, not the individual State Legislatures. The reverse is equally true, and I know this is gonna piss of all you 2nd Amendment folks, but the 2nd Amendment only applied to Congress; therefore it is entirely legal for the individual States to pass laws which ban certain types of weapons. They shouldn’t do so if they cared about and understood the intent of the 2nd Amendment; but nonetheless it was within their authority.

But times have changed, and thanks to Justice Hugo Black we now have this idea of incorporation; meaning that the SCOTUS can apply certain parts of the Bill of Rights to the actions of State and local officials. This means that, if the Supreme Court says so, the 4th Amendment applies to local law enforcement; meaning they can’t search your car without a warrant or your permission.

In our little imaginary scenario, how do you think that officer would react is you said, no, or asked him to see his warrant? Do you think they would remain polite and courteous, or would their tone change and they begin ORDERING you to do things…even if the only reason they pulled you over was to notify you that you had made a right turn without using your turn signal.

I have spoken with many former law enforcement officers, (who shall remain nameless for now), and they have told me that officers are trained to be polite and courteous as long as the public submits to their authority; but the moment the public questions that authority they are to treat the perpetrator as a threat.

I have seen numerous videos of people who have been pulled over for minor traffic stops and the cop has asked to search their vehicle. Inevitably when the driver says no, the cops attitude changes from polite to demanding. Yet when the driver asks, “Are you detaining me?” and the officer says “No” and the driver says, “So I’m free to leave?” the officer also inevitably says “No, not until you allow us to search your vehicle.” So which is it, were these people free to leave, or were they detained? Simply stated, defined means to keep someone from proceeding, to hold them back. So, if these drivers could not leave without first allowing the officer to search their vehicle, they were in fact DETAINED.

Where were their warrants, where was their probable cause? If any of you are ever pulled over for a minor traffic infraction, I defy any of you to ask the officer for his warrant if they wish for you to ‘pop the trunk’ so they can have a peek inside. Watch how quickly they go from polite and courteous to stern and demanding.

Yet are these officers not sworn to support and defend the Constitution; which also means supporting and defending OUR RIGHTS? Why is it then that the moment the people begin asserting those rights they are treated as criminals; and don’t give me any of that if you don’t have anything to hide you shouldn’t worry about privacy bullshit! You know what I tell people like that? I tell them, “Fine, let me come to your house and rummage through your closets and your drawers. Let’s see what I can find that might be against the law.”

Without going into much detail on this, that is my biggest gripe with the NSA and this entire spy apparatus that casts a dragnet over the entire country; monitoring and recording the private communications of each and every American. Where is the warrant for this, where is the probable cause? Does speaking the truth make one a criminal these days? Does speaking out against the things your government does make you a criminal? Well, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and John Hancock were all criminals too, but we call them patriots. A patriot is not one who obeys the law, they are those who defend what the law is supposed to protect; LIBERTY.

I am not denying the need for law enforcement, I am simply saying that law enforcers need to be respectful of the liberty they are supposed to be defending. For a crime to be committed there MUST be a victim; someone else’s rights, their life, or their property must have been threatened or damaged for a crime to have been committed. Yet how many laws do we have that penalize people for doing things that hurt no one?

Let me give you an example. Two years ago California legalized the recreational use of marijuana. But under the law as it was written, if I am in my front yard smoking marijuana during school hours, I can be arrested; for the law states that it cannot be smoked outside a home when within 1,000 ft of a school, and I live closer than that to a school.

Who would I be hurting if I were sitting on a porch swing in my front yard smoking some weed? Whose rights would I be violating? I could see it if I entered on to school property while doing it, but on my property should I not be allowed to do anything I please so long as I bring no harm to anyone else? After all, liberty is the unobstructed action according to our own free will, with the only limits being the rights of others. A guy could be driving their car down the road right in front of the school and smoking a cigarette and not be fined; even though cigarettes are banned on school property. Yet if I sit in my yard and smoke weed I can go to jail.

Justify that!

Then of course there is the whole 2nd Amendment issue; which I touched upon briefly. The Supreme Court, in D.C. v Heller, has determined that the right to keep and bear arms IS NOT tied to membership in a militia; meaning it is an individual right. But they also held that the States may restrict that right or impose regulations regarding the private ownership, or the carrying of arms outside the home. So we have concealed carry permits which is a joke to me because one should not require a permit to exercise a right.

Nonetheless, to be allowed to carry a firearm on my person outside the home I must either break the law, or take a class, pay a fee, and await for my application to be approved by whom….some government official. In fact, it is not only a government official, it is a LAW ENFORCEMENT official; someone within the county sheriff’s office.

So say you go through the process and obtain your CCW permit, (Carrying a Concealed Weapon), and your driving down the road and get pulled over for a routine traffic stop. How quickly do you think it would be before the officer went from polite and courteous to gun drawn and pointed at you when they see your concealed weapon?

Listen, I fully understand the danger cops face from armed criminals, but does that justify them treating EVERYONE like a criminal? What, do we have to get a special license plate that notifies law enforcement that the occupant inside is a CCW holder?

So are we going to punish everyone, violate everyone’s rights for the actions of a few? Well gee, then let’s take the licenses of everyone for the DUI offenses of a few; let’s castrate all men to prevent rapes; and here’s the big one, let’s ban all guns to prevent crime.


The right to keep and bear arms was written into our Constitution to give me, (and you should you ever grow some balls and choose to exercise it), the right to defend yourself against tyrants. And yet some of you are saying that you are willing to let those who could become tyrannical pass laws that deprive you of the means of standing up to them. Are you fucking nuts or just plain stupid?

Yet I’ll bet you didn’t know that these law enforcers you so openly support have all trained in how to disarm the people of this country. They may not get everyone, not all at once, but they have contingency plans to go, block by block, and take away the legally owned firearms of each and every one of us, and haul off those caught with unregistered arms.

Don’t tell me they wouldn’t do such a thing, they already have. During Hurricane Katrina they went from home to home and disarmed those who remained in their houses after the hurricane. That was a training drill to find and fix the bugs in their plan to disarm America.

They will come to your door, probably late at night or early in the morning, and when you answer you will immediately be detained and restrained, while they do the same to your family. They will search each room; confiscating any weapons they find. This will be done in teams, probably with Armored Vehicles blocking the egress of anyone on the street.

If you resist, you will be shot and they will just continue on as if nothing had happened; you will just have become a casualty of the final nail being driven into the coffin that holds your liberty.

They will do this without question, without remorse, for they are simply following orders, doing their jobs. The most frightening thing I think I ever saw was an interview with one of the National Guardsmen who was going house to house in New Orleans after Katrina; confiscating weapons. The young kid said something along the lines of, “I never thought I would see something like this in America.” The person interviewing him said, “Yeah, but your still taking their guns away.” To which the kid replied, “Yeah, but I’m just following orders.”

JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS…keep that in mind the next time you say you blindly support law enforcement.

I have no problems with law enforcement if the law they are supporting is the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is when they start enforcing laws written simply to generate revenue for the local community, or laws which violate my rights that I take issue. The problem is, most law enforcers don’t see the difference; to them the law is the law and they are duty bound to enforce it upon we, the sheep. And that’s exactly how you will be treated if you even begin to question their authority, like a bloody farm animal to be put down.

I’m not saying there aren’t good cops among their ranks, but they keep to themselves for fear of losing their job if they speak out against what they see as violation to the rights of the people they are sworn to protect. But silence in the face of evil is evil as well, and therefore they should speak out, even if it means losing their job. For if our rights truly are a gift from God, I would rather lose my job standing up for them, than lose my immortal soul by remaining silent to the violations upon them.

And those are my thoughts about law enforcement. If they stick to their purpose of defending me, my property and my liberty, I have no problem with them. The moment they cross that line which separates liberty from tyranny, they lose my support…and most of them crossed that line a long time ago.
It doesn’t matter how many good deeds they perform, how many public services they provide; what matters is how they act when you attempt to assert your rights. For in the end a cattle or sheep farmer may treat their herd well; feeding and protecting them…but in the end they all end up in the slaughterhouse.

If you can’t see that you may as well get on your knees and bow down and lick their boots, for there is no spark of liberty living in you…

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