How Neal Ross Would Make America Great Again

In the 2016 presidential election Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton based largely upon his promise to Make America Great Again; that and the fact that, in his supporter’s eyes, anyone was better having another Clinton in the Oval Office. I wonder how many Trump supporters have it in them to do what would be required of them to actually make America great again; that is assuming that they even know what it would take to achieve that goal.

Although the 2020 election is still over a year away, the field of Democrats seeking their party’s nomination already rivals the circus of sideshow freaks that ran against Trump in the last GOP Primary. I have neither the funds to support a run for the presidency, nor the inclination to do so; but that does not stop me from having my own thoughts as to what it would take to actually make America a great place again.

Seeing as how I’m a public service kind of guy I thought I would share my thoughts with you. Who knows, you may actually like what I say. Then again, it may only serve to reaffirm your suspicions that I am some kind of a radical nutcase that poses a threat to your indoctrination…oops, I meant beliefs.

In either case, here is how Neal Ross would go about trying to make America Great Again…

Before I begin laying out my plan there are three things you must understand. First of all, America cannot be made great by our government passing a new law, or an entire series of new laws. Secondly, government is not where you will find the means to make America great again, and anyone running for political office who promises you that is a shyster. Thirdly, America must rebuild our educational system so that our children grow up learning both the history of their country, and how their government was actually supposed to work BEFORE it began its transformation from a limited government with a few specifically enumerated powers to this monster we have today with almost unlimited power.

One of the biggest problems we face is that our government does not represent the entities it was established to represent. Had you read the Constitution you would have seen there is no mention of Congress representing corporations or special interests of any kind. Congress was established to represent two bodies; the people in their capacity as sovereign individuals, and the States in their sovereign and independent capacities.

So the very first thing I would do would be to take a chain saw to the tie which binds corporate and special interests to our government. No corporation or group of any kind would be allowed to contact, or attempt to contact any member of Congress – PERIOD! I would make it a crime for them to attempt to either directly, or through the use of lobbyists, to contact or attempt to influence the vote of any Congressperson on any bill being discussed on the floor of either house of Congress.

At the same time I would make it a crime for any corporation or special interest group to contribute a single penny to the election fund of any candidate seeking office, and to any political party. Both the parties and the people who emanate from them need to return to being beholden to the people and the States, not corporate and special interests; and the only way to do that is to prevent any interaction, (both physically and monetarily) between the two.

Next I would repeal the 17th Amendment; which made the election of Senators by a popular vote of the people. The Senate was established to represent the States in their political capacity so that the States would have some say in what laws were passed. The Senate needs to be restored to its proper function by placing the Senators under the control and authority of the various State Legislatures.

Then I would institute strict term limits; with 6 years being the most anyone could serve in Congress. I would also require that, once out of office, they return to civilian life; meaning they could not work for any business or corporation who did business with, or sold goods and services to the federal government. These people were elected to be public servants, and they can’t do that if they are treated as a privileged class who do not face the consequences of the laws they enact while in office. So they MUST be returned fully to civilian life so that they too can suffer under whatever laws they helped enact. This also means that they would not be eligible for any retirement pay for the time they served; other than what they contribute to Social Security or their 401k that is. They should seek office to serve, not for the pay or the retirement package that holding office secures to them.

Next I would implement a balanced budget requirement and require that the government completely shut down if no budget is passed for each fiscal year. No more continuing resolutions or temporary spending authorizations – if they can’t pass a budget, and stick to it, then they should shut down until they come to an agreement on one.

I the same vein, I would require that Congress stick to whatever budget they had produced, and if they didn’t, every serving member of Congress would not be paid for that fiscal year and they would be ineligible for re-election for the remainder of their lives.

Since we’re discussing budget and finances, I would require that any proposal to borrow money on the credit of the United States be put to a public vote; no more raising their own credit limits. After all, we are the ones who ultimately pay off the credit they amass; so shouldn’t we have some say in whether or not they can just borrow money like there is no tomorrow?

And finally, I would repeal the 16th Amendment; which established the income tax. Our country got along just fine for 126 years without a tax upon our income, so it’s high time we went back to taxation as outlined by the original Constitution; AS RATFIED IN 1789.

Then I would set my sights on the Supreme Court. As they are elected for life, the only way to remove them is for bad behavior or a violation of their oath to support and defend the Constitution. I would therefore ensure that the President remove any Justice who attempted to legislate from the bench; meaning those who attempt to interpret the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They should apply those documents to their decision; not seek to impose their beliefs as to what those documents mean.

For instance, the 2nd Amendment merely states that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Therefore the Court could not uphold any federal law that limits what type of arms the people may own; as that would mean they are interpreting the meaning of the word arms. Arms, as used in the time the Bill of Rights was introduced, meant weapons of war. Therefore if the government can keep and bear certain type weapons, so should the American public. Now I’m not saying everyone should have a nuclear weapon in their garage and a Trident Class submarine in their bathtub, but a federal ban on automatic firearms is clearly an attempt to interpret what is meant by the word arms; and therefore unconstitutional – and any Justice who holds that opinion should be removed from the bench.

Next up on my list of things to do to make America great again would be to withdraw from the United Nations and then give it 6 weeks to pack up its shit and get off U.S. soil. America, and the people who live in it, are not beholden to the will of other countries and if our government is to be truly representative of those it was established to serve then all outside influence upon it must be severed completely. I can’t recall voting for who sits on the UN General Counsel, can you? Since we didn’t elect them, then they have no business enacting UN Resolutions that are binding upon the U.S.; especially when those Resolutions restrict the rights, privileges and immunities of the people of this country.

Next on my list of things to accomplish would be to set my sights on the military and how it is used. Our military was established to defend our country against foreign attack; meaning we have no business having any bases on the sovereign soil of another country. I would therefore close down all bases outside the continental United States and recall all our troops back home where they can actually defend this country; not act as foreign peacekeepers or nation builders.

Next I would require that not a single US troop be sent into harm’s way without a formal declaration of war from Congress; including both the name of the country we are entering into a state of war with, and a clear description of what goals must be achieved for peace to be restored. Countries go to war against each other, they do not go to war against ideas, beliefs, or tactics; such as is the case with this whole War on Terror. The War on Terror is simply a blank check written out to the military industrial complex to keep their profits up and requires a never ending stream of new terrorist threats for it to continue.

If radical Islam is the true threat, and the driving force behind all these terrorists attacks, then we need to come out and say so and stop pussyfooting around the issue for fear of offending Muslims. And, if that truly is the case, then we need to stop going into countries and trying to establish democracies; we need to go in and bomb Islam back into the Stone Ages and then bring our troops home.

In the same vein, many of the enemies our military has been used to fight against are monsters of our own creation. Saddam Hussein is a perfect example; we funded him, we provided him with weapons and intelligence, and then he turned around and became a thorn in our side that we were later forced to deal with. Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and even ISIS, were, monsters of our own creation. Iran hates us because they remember how the CIA overthrew their democratically elected government and installed a cruel and tyrannical puppet government that was friendly to US and British business interests. If we would just STOP meddling in the internal affairs of other sovereign nations then we just might see a corresponding drop in the number of countries who hate the U.S.

At the same time, the United States is not the welfare state for the world. That being said, I would cease and desist will all foreign aid, both financially and militarily. I do not work, toil and pay taxes so that my tax dollars can then be sent to some other country to provide aid for people who, more often than not, hate my guts. If people truly care about the plight of those living in other countries then they can choose between a veritable laundry list of charitable organizations to contribute to; but not a single penny of tax dollars should be sent abroad for that purpose.

Along those same lines, America is not the depository for all the needy of the world. When the Colonists found that they were living under the authority of a tyrant they didn’t pack their bags and flee to another country, they fixed what was wrong with theirs. In that same light, we need to stop making America the refuge of all those seeking to flee from war torn and impoverished countries.

People should come to this country for one of two reasons; for the opportunities America offers, or for the freedoms it provides. If you come here for any other reason you should be denied entry. With that thought in mind I would then turn my sights on the 14th Amendment and repeal it. Supposedly, (although there are many who know the truth about it) the 14th Amendment was ratified to give some sort of citizenship status to the former slaves who had been freed by the 13th Amendment. Seeing as how there hasn’t been a slave in the United States for over 150 years the 14th Amendment is no longer required and should be repealed.

Those living in this country should owe their allegiance to and citizen status to the State wherein they reside, not to the country. I am not a US Citizen, I am a citizen of the Republic of California; even as screwed up as my republic is due to the liberal leanings of most of the people living here. That should be the case for each and every citizen living within their respective States. If people could think with that mindset it would go a long way in changing how they view what powers the central government should be allowed to exercise on behalf of the States.

Aside from ridding our Constitution of unneeded baggage, the repealing of the 14th Amendment would do away with the nonsense we call anchor babies; those born to illegal aliens who become American citizens the moment they take their first breath outside the womb. Anchor babies are the means these criminal invaders use to seek and obtain taxpayer funded benefits they would otherwise not be entitled to receive – and that shit has got to end! They came here fully knowing that they were breaking our laws to do so. While it is sad that their children must suffer the consequences of the actions of their parents, it is no less a crime to make the people of this country become their caretakers and providers through taxpayer funded benefit programs.

Next, as the federal government was established to act externally upon the States; primarily in regards to their interaction with each other as sovereign and independent entities, any government agency that has internal policing powers upon the States would immediately be abolished. I would abolish the DEA, the BATF, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, the Bureau of Land Management, and even the National Park Service. Those are just a few of the agencies I would eradicate, but they are the worst offenders and therefore would be the first to go. After that, any agency that attempted to act directly upon the people as citizens of their respective States would slowly be abolished; including the NSA which spies upon every person living in this country – in clear violation of the 4th Amendment.

That about wraps up what I would do to government itself to make America great again, but that is only a fraction of what I’d really like to see done; but it’s enough of a start to satisfy me for now. Now let’s turn the focus on the people of this country to see what we can do to ensure that our country never needs the kind of drastic measures I am proposing again.

As our government is one based upon the consent of the governed, the people are either woefully ignorant, or they simply do not care that the central government oversteps its delegated authority. Although I am a realist and know that you can’t eliminate that entirely, one can take measures to reduce the effects of ignorance and apathy in American politics.

First of all I would make a requirement that no one be allowed to vote unless they could pass a comprehensive test on both the history and the political system in this country. This test would not be a cake walk and there would be no multiple choice questions; you would have to know the data to pass it – and nobody would pass it if they did not score 80% or higher.

Next, I would prohibit anyone from voting whose job depended upon funds spent out of the federal treasury. What that means is all federal employees and all companies who depend upon government contracts for a majority of their income stream would not be allowed to vote; for it would be a conflict of interest to let them vote for people who will be tasked with deciding to continue or discontinue funding for their jobs.

Then I would require that anyone on taxpayer funded assistance be prohibited from voting until they became self-reliant again. Once again it is highly unlikely that anyone would vote for a candidate who seeks to reduce or eliminate benefits programs; so it is a conflict of interest to let these people vote. That does not include Social Security and Medicare, as those are funded by deductions taken from the pay of those receiving them; it would only apply to programs like Food Stamps, Welfare, WIC, federal grants and other taxpayer funded subsidies.

Then we need to focus our attention upon the educational system in America. Schools need to stop being indoctrination centers and return to being places where our children learn to think. By the 3rd or 4th grad they should already have learned how to read and write and have been given a basic foundation regarding the true history of their country. From that point further the goal should be to hone their skills and understanding. At this stage I would start our children reading books of a more serious nature. I would assign them books which they would take turns reading aloud each day in class, while having homework questions discussing the subject matter covered in class. I would require that before leaving elementary school that they had read Brave New World, 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and possibly Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies, or Johnny Got His Gun. And maybe for extra credit they could be offered the choice or reading, and writing a comprehensive book report on Atlas Shrugged.

By the time they got to middle school, (what we used to call junior high), they should have pretty well been taught how to analyze facts and ideas; then the real education could begin. I would require that a serious focus on the history of their country begin; starting with the reason why the Pilgrims fled their homes to come to America up to the period immediately following our War for Independence. By the time they graduated middle school they would know the names, and the roles they played, of every Founding Father.

While that was going on I would further their reading skills by having them read, discuss, and write reports on Bastiat’s The Law, Locke’s Second Treatise, and The Social Contract by Jean Jacques Rousseau.

By the time they entered high school they should have developed a critically thinking mind that was capable of processing data and forming intelligent decisions based upon that data. Then I would begin a comprehensive 4 year course over the intricacies of our federal constitution; both its content and the arguments both for and against it.

Is that a rigorous course of study? Hell yes it is, but what’s the alternative; producing entire generations of mindless automatons who meekly follow orders and do not question the actions of their government – even when those actions are blatantly unconstitutional.

You asked, well maybe not you personally, but I was asked how I would fix America; so I just told you how I’d go about doing just that. If you recall I think I did mention that I don’t think many people have in them what it would take to Make America Great Again. I think they want empty slogans and a few ineffective measures that won’t make any difference in the long run – anything that doesn’t cause them any discomfort.

Sorry folks, but fixing what’s wrong with this country isn’t going to be easy, and it won’t come without a little discomfort. It’s like what happens if you don’t take care of your teeth and one of them gets infected; you have to extract it, and that always causes a certain amount of pain. Well fixing America is going to require some effort and some pain; but in the end it is all our faults for waiting so long to put the brakes on both a government that has gone wild, and an educational system that is producing morons who don’t know the first thing about their country or its system of government; and who probably couldn’t find Alaska on a map.

So there you have it, Neal’s plan for making America great again. Can I get a second on the motion to implement it?

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