Orwell Would Be Horrified

Warning: Contains thoughts and ideas that might cause you mental discomfort. Proceed at your own risk.

If you turn on the network news you are more than likely going to see at least one story about Trump’s attempt to build the border wall he promised those who elected him in 2016. If you go to Facebook you are inevitably going to find meme’s from those who support Trump in his efforts to build this damned wall regardless of how many stumbling blocks Congress puts in his way.

Is illegal immigration a problem in America? It most certainly is; but it is minute in comparison to the other problems this country faces; and in fact it is a symptom of the other problems in this country. Focusing on this border wall is like worrying about a single ant that got into your home while your house is being eaten away by termites – there are a great many other things you ought to be focusing your attention on.
For instance, what about the fact that your government has amassed a $22 trillion debt? Can you even picture that much money in your feeble minds? You think a MILLION dollars is a lot of money; that you would be pretty well set for life if you won a million dollars; right? Well $1 Trillion is one million times one million; and our national debt is 22 times that amount.

Back in 2011 CBS News reported that the government spends about $6.85 million per minute…PER MINUTE PEOPLE! Our government is currently running at an $871 billion shortfall; meaning it spends $871 billion MORE than it takes in from taxes; which means it is adding $871 billion to the national debt.

But what do we do? Well, if we are Republicans we tell our President to hell with Congress, just build his damned wall, and if we are Democrats we tell government to institute more social justice programs to help those in need. In short, we keep asking government to do more for us. Well, one of these days the bubble is going to burst, and from the altitude that our debt sits at, America will not survive the crash!

It simply does not seem to matter to most people that their government, via the NSA, is spying upon them and collecting data on each and every one of us; in clear violation of the 4th Amendment. That’s old news, so who cares…right?

It doesn’t matter that your government currently has troops stationed in 150 foreign countries; none of whom we are in a state of war with; that’s just us spreading democracy and flexing our military might so that the world does not mess with us. But I bet we would take great offense were China or Russia to begin stationing troops in, say Cuba. But most of you weren’t alive in the 60s’ when we lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis. I find it hypocritical as hell that people think it is okay for America to flex its military might across the globe then when someone else does it they take offense.

Americans flocked to the movie theaters when the film Red Dawn came out; about a group of high school students who became guerilla fighters against a Soviet invasion of the US. Yet these same people denounce Al Qaeda and ISIS for setting IED’s along the roadside to take out the American infidels who have invaded their homeland. If our troops weren’t in those countries in the first place then those IED’s would not be killing them; it’s as simple as that.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for bombing a country back into the Stone Ages if they attack the US; but did Iraq or Afghanistan attack us? Weren’t most of the supposed hijackers on 9/11 either Saudi or Egyptian? Why didn’t we invade Saudi Arabia and Egypt? Oh, that’s right, they are our allies. Silly me.

And since I broached the subject of 9/11, what about the way the collapse of the Twin Towers violated the laws of physics? I don’t care about the official 9/11 report which stated that the fires caused by the planes weakened the steel; causing the buildings to come down…that is irrelevant.

Do you know what the laws of physics are? The laws of physics are certain laws, explainable by formulas, regarding the interaction between objects and how objects act under certain conditions. The laws of physics cannot be amended or altered by an act of Congress or an Executive Order; they are immutable; meaning they are unchanging.

The laws of physics state that an object dropped at a certain height will fall at a certain speed and reach the ground in a certain number of seconds, or minutes depending upon the height it is dropped from. The laws of physics also state that if resistance is encountered on its fall, an object will take LONGER to fall to the ground than if it fell without encountering any resistance.

The Twin Towers, as well as Building 7 fell at free fall speed; meaning they encountered no resistance in their fall to the Earth. How is that even possible when, at each level, there were thousands of welds holding the structure together and the floors in place? As each level fell it would have had to snap the welds holding the next floor in place, causing the Towers to fall at LESS than free fall speed. It is physically impossible for a structure built as the Twin Towers were, to fall at the speed they did unless they were aided in their descent by the removal of all resistance to their fall – meaning it had to have been a controlled demolition.

What about the reports from first responders who heard explosions in the sub-levels of the Twin Towers moments before they began collapsing? What about the reports of molten steel in the debris days AFTER the Twin Towers collapsed? After all, burning jet fuel might weaken steel, BUT IT WON’T MELT IT!

It would seem that those facts alone ought to cause any thinking person to want a more thorough answer as to how and why those buildings came down – after all, isn’t the attack of 9/11 the whole reason behind the War on Terror and the increased police state in America?

But that’s old news too; water under the bridge; so who cares anymore…right?

What about hero worship and the idolization of the enemies to our rights and the organic document that established our country – the Declaration of Independence.

As I write this a monument sits in our nation’s capital honoring a man who tore down all the Declaration of Independence stood for – the Lincoln Memorial. Having a statue dedicated to Lincoln is akin to the Catholic Church erecting a monument honoring Judas Iscariot; it’s ludicrous. Yet how many people say Lincoln was a great president and that he should be honored with his own monument? Does the truth of his crimes against the people of the South count for nothing in the court of public opinion? I guess not, for all monuments honoring those who fought for their independence from the tyranny of the US government are being torn down, while the monument dedicated to the tyrant who waged an unlawful war against them remains unscathed.

And then there is this whole thin blue line nonsense; you know, support law enforcement. I would, if law enforcement would support my rights; but so long as they treat me like a farm animal to be herded around, and tased or shot should I question the legality of the laws they are enforcing, they are no better than the British Redcoats, the Stasi, or the Gestapo.

Now we have laws coming our way that would cause Orwell to roll over in his grave. These Red Flag laws are laws which can be used to disarm, not those who have actually committed a crime, but those who MIGHT use their guns to commit a crime. And who is to determine which one of us MIGHT commit a crime? This is Orwell’s Thoughtcrime come to life, stuff of films like The Minority Report; where you can be arrested for something BEFORE it actually happens.

This should scare the living bejeezus out of you; but I hear people applauding it as a way to keep them safe. Well gee whiz folks, if you’re locked away in a prison cell you’re pretty damned safe too; but you sure as hell aren’t free, and last time I checked our government was supposed to have been instituted to protect our freedom.

When George Orwell wrote his epic novel 1984 it was supposed to be a warning, not an instruction guide for wannabe tyrants. Yet here we are with most of what Orwell warned about being reality.

While we don’t have telescreens in our homes we are monitored by our PC’s, our cellphones, and our smart TV’s. Our history has been rewritten by revisionists to fit whatever politically correct agenda they support, or to fit the narrative of the government. We have more troops stationed overseas now than we did during World War II yet we are told that we are in a relative state of peace in the world.

The whole while people blindly follow along, like sheep or cattle, supporting their particular political party or their candidate; regardless of the fact that government as an entity is the mortal enemy to freedom. It’s almost as if at birth they had the critical thinking portion of their brains removed, and are merely mindless automatons that obediently follow orders and keep the machine running. Pay your taxes, vote, obey the law, and oh yes, be sure to support those who enslave you.

Groupthink has replaced individuality and critical thought in this country, and unless that changes you may as well stand up and recite the party slogans:

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength

Sleep tight America, for Big Brother IS watching you…

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