Are Ye Free or Are Ye Not? (Why We Went from Masters to Slaves)

When Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence, and the 56 signers affixed their names to it, it was just words on a piece of parchment. It took men who were willing to die defending those words for that document to have any force or validity. We call those men patriots – although revisionist historians are attempting to label them otherwise. Yet what were they if they were not tax protesters, armed insurrectionists and other assorted hooligans and rebels?

To King George III and his faithful Loyalists that’s exactly what those fighting for independence were; radicals, insurrectionists, or as we might say today, domestic terrorists. But as the old saying goes, “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” I have heard that quote before, but in preparing for this article I did some research on it and found that it has been around for a very long time. On page 12 of the Annals of the American Academy of Political Science, published in 1890, it states that this quote was already in existence at the time of publication; meaning it has been around since at least 1890…if not longer.

For those who support a system of government; or any institution for that matter, those who use force or violence to overthrow that system might appear to be terrorists; but in their minds they are only trying to break free of whatever shackles that system has imposed upon them.

Look at all the Hollywood movies that people flock to see, like Robin Hood or The Patriot; starring Mel Gibson. Didn’t the lead characters in both movies use guerilla tactics to fight their enemies? Didn’t they lie in hiding, or set ambushes to confound and incapacitate their enemies?

Now imagine if they’d had the technology we do today; don’t you think they would have set roadside bombs; or IED’s to inflict as much damage as they could upon their enemies. Look at the film Red Dawn; either the original or the remake, and you’ll see that the Wolverines did exactly that; and theater goers cheered them on. Yet when Al Qaeda or ISIS does it we call them terrorists.

You see, terrorism is only a tool that people use to further their cause; nothing more, nothing less. Terrorism itself is not an enemy you can confront on the battlefield anymore than a tank is. It takes a person, or group of people to drive and fire that tank, and it takes a group of individuals committing acts of terrorism for it to have any impact upon those who suffer from it.

You see, terrorism is a matter of perspective; which side you are on or what cause you support. I’m certain that King George III probably viewed the patriots fighting for independence as a form of unruly terrorists; but we call them patriots. Yet weren’t they, in effect, rebelling against their government?

Why do so many Americans call people like me, who love, and seek to restore liberty to America, terrorists? You would think that anyone who even suggests that they are patriotic would join our cause; not support the very entity that deprives THEM of their liberty.

Our Founders did not risk their lives, fortunes and sacred honor just so that they could turn around and establish a tyrannical government they could call their own. As Mather Byles so famously said, “Which is better, to be ruled by one tyrant three thousand miles away or three thousand tyrants one mile away?” For the cause our Founders risked their lives for to have any meaning, it only makes sense that they would seek to establish a system of government that furthered, or defended the principles they were fighting for.

Did they?

If you don’t even know the principles your system of government was supposed to be established to serve; if you don’t even know the specific powers that system of government is supposed to exercise on your behalf; how can you begin to understand the weakness of the document that created that system of government; the loopholes, intentional or not, that are found throughout it?

Twenty-five years ago I could not have told you what any Article of the Constitution said; I was totally ignorant of what was contained within the document that established our form of government. Yet I voted; just as most of you do; thinking that I was making informed decisions because I watched the news and the debates on TV.

The one day, and I still don’t know why this happened, I decided to try and learn what the Constitution actually says are the powers my government was supposed to be exercising. I began reading the document itself, as well as the Federalist Papers; believing as most do that they are the ultimate source for understanding the Constitution.

That was the first step of my educational process and what I learned was that my government was doing a shitload of things that it wasn’t supposed to be doing. Yet a part of me wanted to cling to the belief that the Republicans were still the only hope for America; as they represented the last vestiges of conservatism and true constitutional government.

But that first taste of knowledge had done something to me and I wanted more. It’s like that scene in Interview with the Vampire when Kirsten Dunst is first made into a vampire and she gets her first taste of blood and says, “I want more.” That was me, except I thirsted for knowledge. So I continued reading, and along the way met some folks who helped guide me in the right direction so that I could further my educational process.

What I came to realize is that most of what I had been taught was either a superficial glance at a subject, or an outright lie. I knew that we had a system of government with 3 branches that were supposed to act as checks and balances against each other; I knew that we had fought a Civil War and that it was fought over slavery. Then I found the truth, and my whole outlook on things changed.

When a patient is diagnosed with a terminal illness they don’t start dying the moment they receive notification of that diagnosis; they begin dying the moment that illness takes hold in their body. A good healthy body can prolong a person’s life for years, but the moment a terminal illness, such as cancer, takes hold, that lifespan is shortened dramatically.

When our country was born, at the end of the American Revolution, it was healthy and thriving; and that health was due to the abundance of liberty enjoyed by the people who comprised the 13 States. But then a cancer was introduced which would eventually kill the liberty they enjoyed; that cancer being the Constitution.

In the years leading up to America’s war for independence Patrick Henry was outspoken in his support of independence; yet he was viewed by King George III as a rebel, or as we would say today, a domestic terrorist. Yet to many he was heralded as the Voice of Thunder who trumpeted the cause of liberty for all.

Yet less than two decades later his words fell on deaf ears as his fellow Virginians voted in favor of implementing the instrument that would destroy liberty in America – the Constitution. On June 5, 1788 Mr. Henry bemoaned the fact that, “I am fearful I have lived long enough to become an fellow: Perhaps an invincible attachment to the dearest rights of man, may, in these refined, enlightened days, be deemed old fashioned: If so, I am contented to be so: I say, the time has been when every pore of my heart beat for American liberty, and which, I believe, had a counterpart in the breast of every true American.” Henry saw the writing on the wall, and he didn’t like what he was reading.

Let’s be honest, if government is supposed to defend and protect liberty, as is found in the Declaration of Independence, then any system of government which man might propose which leads to the destruction of that liberty, is a cancer that eats away at what made this country great.

What do doctors do when they discover cancer in a patient? They either excise it by surgery or they seek to kill it by a combination of radiation and chemical treatment. But the key thing is they seek to KILL the cancer that is destroying the health of the patient.

When you vote, you are only feeding the cancer that is destroying liberty in this country. The cancer is the system which was instituted in 1789. By perpetuating the system you are keeping that cancer alive; and the only way to cure America and restore liberty is to kill the cancer that is eating away at our core principles. Now I’m not saying kill our elected representatives; I’m only saying tear the structure down which gives them any authority over our lives and restore America to truly federal features by restoring a confederated republic.

Did you know that back in the late 1700’s those living during those times did not refer to ‘their government’ using those terms? They often spoke of Congress, the Confederation, or a combination of the two; the Confederation Congress – but they rarely, if ever, used the term our government. Sure, they used the term government, or governments when discussing the various forms they have taken throughout history; but when referring to their own system they hardly ever called it ‘their government.’

I found that a bit odd, until I looked up the meaning of the word govern – then it all began to make sense. The first definition simply states, conduct the policy, action, affairs of (as state, organization, or a people). But then I read some of the synonyms, (words that mean the same thing) and I realized why those of the late 1700’s did not use the term govern, or government. Some of those synonyms are: rule, preside over, be in power over, exercise control over and to dominate.

No wonder they didn’t call it government, for it was not supposed to dominate them, rule over them; it was supposed to represent them, act on their behalf according to a strict set of guidelines which were instituted by the creators of government, and not subject to the arbitrary will of those who hold positions within that system.

Does it really matter how this all happened; how we went from a country where the people enjoyed a plentitude of liberty to a country where the government regulates everything from the production of corn to how much water your toilet can use when you flush it? Does it matter whether or not the most destructive of laws have come from Republicans or Democrats? What matters is that the system itself has allowed for this destruction of our liberty to take place. It is the system that is bad, not those who use the system for their own benefit or agenda.

Lysander Spooner said it best almost 150 yrs ago, “But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case it is unfit to exist.”

If the Constitution itself is unfit to exist, then the system it establishes is also unfit to exist; for that system derives its authority from the voice of the people of this country consenting to the form of government outlined by the Constitution; either that or our system truly has become tyrannical – believing that it’s will is superior to the will of those who created this system – and whose continued consent gives it its authority.

You consent to this government when you vote for people to occupy positions within it. You consent to it when you consent to having your income stolen from you to fund things this system was not supposed to be doing. You consent to this system when you serve as jurors and find people guilty of violating laws that never should have been written.

In effect, you are consenting to the destruction of your own liberty – how insane is that? What separates people like me from the rest of you is not the fact that we are free and you aren’t. What separates us is the fact that we recognize we are slaves, and we understand the reason why we are slaves, while you support and cheer on the entity that enslaves you just because it is being managed by people of your choosing.

We understand that our enemy is not the Republicans or the Democrats, it is the system itself. Yet this makes us terrorists, or anti-government radicals. We ARE NOT anti-government, we are anti-BAD GOVERNMENT, and the Constitution outlines a BAD system of government.

The anti-Federalists tried to warn us about the dangers this form of government posed, but even 230 years ago the people were guided by fears of what would happen if they didn’t institute a system with more power, more vigor; one with more ‘energy’. Not much has changed; we still support measures that deprive us of our rights simply because we fear what will happen if ‘something isn’t done’ about this crisis or that crisis.

America will continue down its current path until all liberty is destroyed until the people, in large numbers than exist now, begin to realize that liberty is not found at the voting booth when the very system you are electing people to was designed to destroy that liberty. Liberty can only thrive in a system that has ample checks and restraints against the government so that your liberty CANNOT be touched by those who represent you in government. The Constitution was intentionally left weak and ineffective; a mere parchment barrier that was easily torn to shreds once the system it established went into effect.

And as long as you continue to support that system; remain ignorant about what it is doing to your liberty, then you are as much a part of the problem as is those who enact these laws which deprive us of our liberty.

I discovered this truth after years of study and reflection; both upon the things our government was doing and my own personal beliefs regarding government itself. You can too, that is you can if you care about liberty. If not, then please do me a favor and admit that America is now bass ackwards; the servant has become the master and the masters have become slaves – all by the consent of We the People.

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