Then The Damned Phone Rang

I had not planned on writing anything today; in fact I had not planned on getting out of bed until the last minute before going to work – then the damned phone rang. When I picked it up and said hello, the guy said, “You’re the first person I’ve reached in 15 minutes, and I’m 6′ 6″.” I almost hung up, especially after a corny opening line like that, but I decided to hear what he had to say. I can’t recall the name of the particular organization he was calling on behalf of, but it was one of those that ask for contributions to support our law enforcement officers. He gave this long spiel about how many brave men and women we have lost in the last year and can he expect for my continued help in supporting them.

First of all, I don’t know what he was talking about regarding my ‘continued’ support, for I have never contributed to any of their calls to send donations to support our law enforcement officers. I have donated, and rather generously I might add, to the local firefighters when I see them out on the streets with their boots collecting money, but I have NEVER sent in contributions after being contacted on the phone.

Usually I just say, “Sorry, not interested” and then hang up on these type calls, but due to the fact that he woke me up, I decided to go off on him. Seeing as how I was still groggy and hadn’t had any coffee yet, I can’t recall the exact phrasing of my rant, but I said something like, “No you cannot expect my continued support. Listen, I understand that law enforcement serves a critical function, but I refuse to support law enforcement until they start defending my rights and not being just enforcers of whatever indiscriminate laws our lawmakers decide it is in our best interests to enact. The day I see cops arresting Governors, State Legislators, Congressmen and Presidents is the day you can call me and I’ll gladly contribute. But until then, leave me the hell alone!”

I’ll bet he wasn’t expecting to hear that; nevertheless it is how I feel.

Listen, I do understand that people are assholes, that they can be mean, cruel, vicious, and often care little about their fellow human beings, and that we need some policing agency to protect the lives and property of the innocent. That said, when those charged with serving and protecting the innocent become enforcers of laws that violate the rights of those they are sworn to serve and protect, that is the moment they lose my respect; no matter how much good they do.

I know that deep down many of them are good people; that they have families that they love and care for; but that does not mean that they should be allowed to get away with enforcing laws which violate my fundamental rights…should it? I could be a good loving husband and father, but if I break into your home and steal something from you I’m still a criminal. What makes cops any different?

But Neal, they do uphold the law. No, no they don’t; they uphold the penal code and there is a big difference. You see, that’s part of the overall problem in this country these days, people think that whatever laws our lawmakers enact is the ONLY law, but there are many types of law. There is criminal law, there is business law, there is international law, there is maritime law, there is common law, and there is even Natural Law; the wellspring from which all other laws are supposed to flow from. The question is; which of these forms of law are our law enforcers enforcing?

Nine times out of ten if you are arrested for a crime, the law you are supposedly guilty of violating is found in the Penal Code; which is simply the things our lawmakers have decided to make criminal offenses. But if you really were to think about it, for a crime to be committed there has to be both a perpetrator AND a victim. If I’m caught driving down the road without a seatbelt or riding down the road on a motorcycle without a helmet, I can be fined, and if I refuse to pay the fine, I can be jailed, and if I resist arrest I can be killed. But if these laws are supposed to be for my own well being, then how can killing me for resisting them be in my best interests?

Who am I hurting if I do any of the abovementioned things; who is the victim? For a law to be truly just it must protect the life, the property or the rights of others. Just because society doesn’t like something is not sufficient justification to make it a crime. Just because our almighty lawmakers decide that we’re too stupid to take care of ourselves is not sufficient reason to make stupid acts a crime. If that were the case, 50% of the drivers in California ought to be arrested RIGHT NOW; for they are simply too damned stupid to be allowed to operate a motor vehicle!

Look at prostitution; why is it a crime in many States? Sure, it might be sinful, but if the woman willingly consents to take money from a customer to provide sex for them, it is a business transaction between two consenting adults. So why is it a crime? If the law is to be intended to impose the morality of the majority, then the rights of the minority are ALWAYS in danger.

You cannot claim to be a defender of equal rights if you then turn around and deny others the right to do or say things that you disagree with based upon your moral compass. All this talk of hate speech and the tearing down of Civil War monuments because people find them offensive is merely an attempt to silence, or censor things a certain segment of society finds offensive. Well I find half the garbage on TV and on the radio offensive can I ask that it be taken off the air without violating someone’s freedom of speech? Of course not, so why should they be allowed to do the same with things they find offensive, and have their feelings backed up by the power of laws?

But Neal, think about all the good the cops do. I do think about it, and I feel for them in that they do serve some good; but that does not diminish the fact that they can quickly turn into jack-booted thugs if you even begin to question the laws they are enforcing.

After all, the British Redcoats, (who were the King’s law enforcers), served some good too. They did keep the Colonists safe from the French and the Indians; yet that didn’t stop the patriots of 1776 from opposing them when they began enforcing laws the Colonists felt violated their rights.

Isn’t that what Lexington and Concord was all about; patriots taking up arms to oppose gun control laws enacted by their government and enforced by the King’s law enforcers? Can you imagine how people would react, how the media would spin a story like that today?


A shootout happened today when armed citizens gathered together to face off against local law enforcement and agents of the BATF when they attempted to impose recently enacted gun control legislation. In the shootout numerous law enforcement agents were killed in the line of duty.

You see, that’s how it is always spun, these officers died in the line of duty, or they are upholding the law, or they are doing their duty. Well, what is their duty if it is not to defend our rights? If their duty is to simply enforce whatever laws our government enacts they are no better than the Stasi, the SS, the KGB, or any of the other agents who enforced the will of tyrants and despots throughout the ages.

It has been said that the average citizen commits an average of 3 felonies per day in the daily course of their lives. There are so many laws on the books governing what we can and cannot do that a person simply can’t keep up with them all; yet we can be penalized for violating them. They say that ignorance is no excuse; that we should be informed as to what the law is.
Is that so?

Well shouldn’t the same be said about all those who have the authority to enforce the law upon us? Shouldn’t they also be informed as to what the SUPREME law of the land is? Shouldn’t they be informed as to the fact that any and all gun control laws violate the 2nd Amendment and that by enforcing them THEY are the criminals? Shouldn’t they be informed that each and every one of us has the right to retreat into our homes and be free from the prying eyes and ears of the NSA?

Why can’t I dial 911 and have cops go arrest the lawmakers in Sacramento who vote in favor of laws that infringe upon my right to keep and bear arms? Why can’t I dial 911 and have cops go arrest the head of the NSA and any and all persons involved in collecting my private data and conversations?

Hmm, can you answer that for me?

Just look at what’s happening to Julian Asange right now, and what has happened to Edward Snowden. They are both treated as criminals for exposing the crimes which our government has committed. If you ask me, when exposing a crime becomes a crime, we are governed by criminals; and those who enforce the laws these criminals enact are no better than those who enact those laws.

At the conclusion of World War II there were two sets of trials held for Nazi War Criminals. Known as the Nuremberg Trials, the first set of trials were to convict those in positions of authority within the Nazi regime. But the second set of trials went after low level members of that Nazi party; the law enforcers and other personnel who were guilty of human rights violations. Of course some of them were allowed to escape punishment because their particular skill set, or knowledge was deemed valuable by the U.S. Government, so they were given immunity and brought to the U.S. Don’t believe me, Google Operation Paperclip to see if I’m lying.

During the second set of tribunals, or trials, many pleaded that they were simply following the orders of their superiors. This was held to be insufficient justification for the crimes they were accused of committing; meaning that just following orders doesn’t cut it. If the law violates the rights of a single individual, then it is the DUTY of every law enforcement officer to NOT enforce it. And if our own ignorance of the law is no excuse for us, then it is no excuse for them either.

Our entire criminal justice system, from top to bottom, is designed to make criminals of us all, and to keep us in line. Sure, they may let the violation of some laws slip simply because to enforce them would mean they would have to arrest half the population, but make no mistake about it, if you step out of line they are going to hit you with every law you have violated to make sure you pay for questioning their authority.

Our lawmakers break the law routinely by enacting laws that create or fund agencies that violate our rights. Our law enforcers, at the local, State, and federal level, break the law by enforcing those laws upon the people. Our court system is populated by judges who tell the jurors what the law is according to their own interpretation or the interpretation of past court cases; never asking whether the law violates any of our inherent and unalienable rights. And the prison system, well that’s just a money making scam that profits off the incarceration of people who have committed no real crime; for remember, if there is no victim, there is no crime.

That’s why I harp so much about becoming informed. There is simply too much ignorance in this country as to the purpose government is supposed to serve, and if the people don’t know why we have government they are highly unlikely to question the authority of whatever jack-booted thugs enforce upon the people.

Those who fought during the Revolution understood what their rights were; they understood the purpose government was supposed to serve; and they were willing to die defending their beliefs. Today all I see is a nation full of sheep who follow the orders of their shepherds…and it makes me sick.

Blind faith, blind trust, and blind obedience to our lawmakers and those who enforce these laws is not the creed of freemen, it is the creed of slaves.
As far as I’m concerned the thin blue line is there to keep law enforcement from violating my rights, and more often than not they cross it with impunity. And you want me to support them by contributing my hard earned money. Are you out of your fucking mind?

And that’s all I’m gonna say about that…

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