It Seems I Have Issues

I am aware that there are some people at work who disagree with my political views and that there are some who consider me a radical, or maybe even dangerous. That’s fine, I can deal with that. But now, on top of all that, it seems that I also have issues. I apparently have these issues because I expect people to do their jobs.

I guess I grew up being spoon fed all these silly sayings, like an honest days pay for an honest days work. Or, if you’re going to take a mans money, make sure you earn it. Then there’s my favorite, if you’re going to do a job, do it right.

So, when I punch in at the time clock, I am prepared to work my ass off, if necessary, to get the job done. It appears that I am among a small minority of people who feel that way. It also appears that those who don’t seem to consider me mean and inconsiderate because I expect them to actually earn their pay.

My job is not rocket science. A person does not need a college degree, or even a high school degree to perform it. However, one must be willing to perspire. All I do is maintain a certain level of fruit in a hopper by diverting fruit into baskets, or dumping those baskets back into the hopper. I am also expected to keep the line I am assigned to clean, empty some garbage cans, and sometimes load cardboard into the machine which forms the cases that the finished product is packaged in. Pretty simple stuff, but you have to keep busy to get it done. It is the rare occasion that I have the opportunity to just stand in one spot for any length of time.

Yet I see people working on other lines, just standing there at their hopper all day long, fruit all over the floor, garbage cans overflowing, and these people don’t move a muscle to do the job they are paid for.

This angers me for a few reasons. First is the fact that these people are obviously lazy and don’t take any pride in their work. Second, since we are a union plant, these people earn the same pay as I do. If we were given pay raises according to how well we did our jobs, these people would never see a pay increase.

But what really bothers me is that the leads know who are the good workers, and the ones who don’t do the job that is expected of them get away with it without being written up, or terminated. So, what ends up is that people end up doing the least amount of work possible to earn their pay. I wonder, if it were their company, would they tolerate the same? Would they pay workers to do sub par work, to just stand around all day? I think not!

Also, I have been told that when I fill up my baskets, that I make them too heavy for people to pick up. I’m sorry, I don’t buy that. First of all people, before they are hired, take a strength test. To pass that strength test they are expected to be able to lift 50 pounds…continuously. It even says that on the job description, must be able to lift 50 pounds repeatedly.

None of my baskets weigh more than that, yet people always tell me that they are too heavy. If they are too heavy, then either you are incapable of doing what is expected of you, or you are just plain lazy. If you are incapable of doing the job, then maybe you should find one you can do. If you won’t do the job you are paid to do, then maybe you should be fired.

Let me tell people something, my wife weighs a whopping 103 pounds. A fifty pound basket is half her body weight. Yet she has no problem with the baskets I fill. In fact she fills hers heavier than I do. So what excuse do these other people have, other than laziness?

You wanna know what I think? I think people just want something for nothing. They want a paycheck, without having to earn it. I think that is something that society has been taught to believe, that they are entitled to something for nothing.

Just yesterday I went in to get an estimate on my federal taxes. The tax preparer was telling me that if you don’t even have to file a 1040 if your annual earnings are under a certain amount, somewhere around $3500. Yet there are people who come in, having earned only $1200, because they know that they can get an earned income credit refund of $600. These people probably didn’t even pay $100 in taxes, yet they are gonna get $600 back. It is fraud, plain and simple, but they feel that they are entitled to that money.

That sense of entitlement is why our country will never change. People expect these entitlements, like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. All these things are programs which have been enacted by our government to produce our dependency upon them. People are no longer capable of providing for themselves, or saving for their future. They expect to be provided for once they retire.

I admit, I was victim to that way of thinking, at least up until around 10 years ago. I bought into the belief that Social Security was my safety net for retirement, that I did not need to save anything on my own. How I wish I could go back to my first day of work knowing what I know now! I would have more gold in my safe than there is left in Fort Knox.

But like I said, that is why we will never change in this country. Even if we were able to throw out every rotten apple in D.C., which probably means the whole batch of them, things would quickly revert back to business as usual. That is because people no longer know how to fend for themselves. Instead of planning for their future, saving for a rainy day, at the first sign of hardship they go running off for some government assistance.

If we were able to replace the entire Congress with people who vowed to uphold the Constitution, then there would be riots in the streets as millions of people addicted to government subsidies suddenly found themselves having to rely upon themselves for their sustenance. Our government knows this and they intend to keep us dependent upon them by providing more and more programs to take care of our every needs.

Let me tell you something. True freedom means being able to take care of yourself and not rely upon anyone else for ANYTHING. So, with each government program instituted to do something for you, you lose a bit of that freedom. Freedom is proportionately lost by the growth of government. The less government interferes in your life, the more freedom you have, and vice versa.

If there were a way to opt out of every government program, I would do it. If there were a way that I did not have to pay a penny of my earnings to fund any of them, I would do it. But there isn’t unless I go completely off the grid. As long as I work I will pay taxes. As long as I own a home I will pay taxes and be bound by their rules and regulations.

When I need a permission slip from my government to hunt and fish for the bounty that God provided for me, than I am not free. When I am told that I cannot grow my own vegetables or buy produce from local farmers because they don’t meet FDA standards, then I am not free.

And you know that when you are bound, by law, to participate in programs you disagree with, you are not free. And the antonym of free is slave. So if you are bound to obey these laws, pay these taxes, participate in these programs, then you are a slave to them, and the people that enact them. And that is not what our founders intended when they created this land of the free and home of the brave.

I know I have already pissed off about 90% of the people I work with, but I have needed to get this off my chest for awhile. I would still hope that people would think about this anyway. That’s all that I can ask.

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One Response to It Seems I Have Issues

  1. Jorge Garcia says:

    What’s up Neal there is one thing I respect and admire about you is your work ethic I know I share the same value. Even now that I am stuck at a sorting table for I while I know that I do a good job no matter what. I don’t know about some of the issues you share but I sympathise with you. It’s good you got that off your chest I know when I bust my ass out there and I see people just doing what you just mentioned it pissed me off too. But fuck it I want to earn EARN! a living as much as the next well as much as the next person who really has that same mentality. Any ways though we disagree on some issues we do share some common ground is that we were born free! But I feel we are being brought up as slaves to society. I hope that all humanity frees themselves from the chains that prevent them from truly being free. And create a society were the whole human race is at peace and truly free. Ometeotl…

    Jorge Enrique Garcia Godinez

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