Are We About To Reap What We Have Sown?

It has been about a week since I wrote my last commentary and since then I have been doing a lot of thinking. You wanna know what I’ve been thinking? I’ve been thinking, “What the hell is the use?”

Part of that may be due to the fact that, instead of confronting me personally, some chicken shit son of a bitch went and cried to human resources, saying that what I had written offended them.

But that’s not all. This sentiment has been growing inside me for quite some time now. I just feel like I am fighting a losing battle and would be better off spending my time doing something productive, rather than trying to awaken a nation of sleeping ignoramuses.

In 1980 Neil Young produced an album entitled Hawks and Doves. On side B of the vinyl version there was a song called Comin’ Apart At Every Nail. From that song I quote, “Oh, this country sure looks good to me. But these fences are comin’ apart at every nail.” That’s about the way I have been feeling lately. I see this country comin’ apart at every nail.

If you have paid any attention to the news lately you will know that there are some serious fights taking place in both the federal, and sundry state governments. The Republicans appear to be making some attempts to limit the amount of spending in the federal and state legislatures, but are coming up against stiff opposition from Democrats and the people who these budget cuts will affect.

As I was watching the news the other night I remember seeing one Congressman saying that every time he passed through an airport he saw numerous TSA employees just standing around, that this was an area that could be cut back on to save money.

All this sounds good…on the surface. If you ask me these proposed cuts don’t go nearly far enough. I think that there are entire government agencies that should be shut down…permanently! It’s well past time the government had all this control over our lives. Shut these agencies down and let the states, or the people regulate their lives once more. We also need to make certain we close the doors on those agencies which take money from those who work, and give it to others in the form of subsidies and benefits.

The other day I got into a discussion with a few people on a Facebook thread regarding the making of the book Atlas Shrugged into a movie. There were a couple people who voiced the opinion that it is our responsibility to provide for all the homeless and those who are ill and cannot afford health care.

I mentioned that charity is fine, but mandated charity, when someone taxes me to provide for those less fortunate is both unconscionable and unconstitutional. That is coercion plain and simple. It is the same as if I came to your house and told you that you will spend a certain percentage of your pay for a specific purpose that you disagreed with.

Thomas Jefferson had much to say about this particular subject. He once wrote, “To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”

Furthermore, Jefferson said, “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

And finally, he said, “To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.”

I admit that there are people out there who have lost their homes and their jobs and are facing some very rough times. But there are two things people need to realize. First, is that things are going to get worse. Second is that if we continue to allow government, at all levels, to pay benefits for these people, then the whole house of cards is going to collapse.

Face it people, this country is broke, bankrupt, and in debt up to its ears. The federal government has accumulated a debt of $14 trillion and currently is facing a $1.3 trillion dollar shortfall in funds. That means they are going to have to borrow $1.3 trillion more to keep at their current spending levels.

The various states are also facing serious budget shortfalls. My own state of California has been mismanaged for so long that it has a $366 billion dollar debt and is facing a $28 billion deficit.

We just cannot continue with business as usual if this country is going to have any chance at all for survival. The FED has promised more rounds of Quantative Easing, which is merely the printing up of more money to infuse into the economy to artificially keep it afloat. All that is going to do is cause more inflation, making the dollars you do earn lose more of their buying power. Prices will continue to rise, and people will find it harder and harder to make ends meet.

I hate to be the one who says I told you so, but we have done this to ourselves. We are reaping what we have sown. For far too long people have trusted the government to do what they thought was in their best interest and the best interest of the country overall. In the process of ignoring what their government has been doing, their elected officials have slowly dismantled what was once a manufacturing giant with a vibrant middle class, to a nation on the verge of collapse.

Some of you may be too young to remember, but Made In the USA used to mean something. It was a mark of value and craftsmanship. Now go into your local WalMart and check the tags on what you buy. You’ll see that the majority of the items are manufactured in countries like China, Mexico, Taiwan, and Pakistan.

Companies that were mainstays of the American industrial backbone have long since moved operations overseas where they can pay workers a fraction of what they would have to pay American workers. Then there are those who have kept their operations here in the US, but who have outsourced for foreign laborers, displacing more American workers.

Instead of imposing tariffs upon these imported goods which could have been used to fund its operation, our government has just placed that burden upon the taxpayers. What people don’t seem to realize is that the larger the number of people employed the larger the tax base upon which the government can draw upon. Not that I agree with the concept of taxing the people, but that’s the way things are right now and the more people working, the less your share of the tax burden would be.

But instead, people prefer to be able to get their items at rock bottom prices at WalMart, which means that American workers will still not be able to find the kind of jobs that built this nation into the economic superpower it once was.

As I said, this whole house of cards is starting to topple, and we the people are to blame for it because we have been far too interested in being entertained, instead of keeping ourselves informed and educated.

The whole process which is currently happening can be summed up by something Alexander Tytler once said, “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.”

These rumblings we are witnessing on the nightly news about the decision by governments across the land to slash funding are only the first groans of a nation about to collapse in upon itself.

As a side note, just yesterday I took my wife to the local mall to look around. As I sat there waiting for her I was watching these salesmen in a T-Mobile booth. They were aggressively, almost to the point of being obnoxious, attempting to get people to switch to their service. They kept asking passersby what type phone they had, who was their providers.

Finally I got up and walked over to the booth. I was immediately asked the same questions. I told the guy I would answer if he would answer a question I posed him first. He said sure, go ahead. I then asked him if he owned any guns, and if so, what model. He said that he did not own a gun. I then asked him what he would do if someone broke into his home at night, would he pick up his cellphone and throw it at the intruder? He gave me a funny look and said that was ridiculous, that he would dial 911. I then told him that I hoped he had a lot of cellphones laying around, because the way things are going in this country you are going to need them to throw at the people who will be breaking into your home to steal what little you may have.

And that’s the whole point of this article. I am wondering if people are really prepared for what is going to happen in this country in the upcoming months, and years? Could they survive what can only be described of chaos on a Biblical proportion? Do they have enough food to last them for weeks, months? Do they have enough guns and ammo to defend what they do have? If not, then it is my sincerest hope that they do begin preparing, before it is too late. For this nation is about to reap what it has sown, and it isn’t gonna be pretty.

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4 Responses to Are We About To Reap What We Have Sown?

  1. Brian Cavallo says:

    As always, you hit the nail on the head.

    Gun control is steel on target.


  2. Austin says:

    Once again Neal you have wisdom and vision beyond mine . I know you get discouraged but there are those out here who are listening and are ready to stand with the real americans like you . Once again thank you for what you do

  3. jack says:

    Neal you and many Americans are very frustrated right now. Just remember that the fences may be comming apart but there are a millions of carpenters that can and will put it back up. And we will not spare the expence to build it better then before.
    God bless the Republic

    • Ira Snapper says:

      Neal, totally agree with jack, but still sad to admit that I don’t see how his “Carpenters” are going to go about it.

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