How Far We’ve Fallen

The other day Pacific Gas and Electric, PG & E, announced that they would most likely be shutting power of to residents living within 25 counties in California in their efforts to reduce wildfires. They say these outages could last up to 48 hours and affect thousands of people. Just last week the shut off power to more than 10,000 customers in my old hometown; Oroville and this particular outage was small in comparison as it only affected 4 counties.

PG & E pretty much has a monopoly on the power industry in California; you either buy your electricity through them or you buy or lease solar panels; there are no other options unless you choose to go without electricity altogether.

I am no legal expert but I thought the government had enacted laws prohibiting monopolies. From what I understand three acts, The Sherman Act of 1890, the Clayton Act of 1914, and the Federal Trade Commission Act of 1914 were all designed, in one way or another, to prevent monopolies and promote free trade and competition; yet here we are with PG & E being the only distributor of electricity in California.

Yet PG & E is regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission, meaning it is a monopoly that has to ask the State for permission to raise its rates or make any other changes that would affect the price of their product – electricity and natural gas.

PG & E used to have a 4 tier system in which you would fall into one of 4 tiers based upon your power consumption; the more you used the higher rate you would pay. They, with permission of course, did away with the 4 tier system; knocking it down to a 2 tier system; meaning you either paid the poverty level rate for electricity and gas or you paid out the ass for it. Recently they petitioned the CPUC for a rate increase as well, and were granted it; meaning the cost of our utilities will go up by roughly 15% over the course of the next couple years. Already my rates have more than doubled since they did away with the 4 tier system, now they’re gonna jack them up even more with a rate increase.

Screw them. So yesterday when they announced they would be cutting power to residents in 25 counties I got pissed and posted a suggestion on Facebook. I said that if your power was cut due to PG & E’s efforts to prevent wildfires that those affected should wrap their smart meter in aluminum foil; thereby cutting it off from PG & E by blocking its ability to send and receive radio signals.

I got one comment and 2 likes on my post…that’s it. I also printed my suggestion out and took it to work and showed it to people. Some agreed with what I said; although no one admitted openly that they’d do as I suggested should their power be cut off. Others gave me a funny look, while some told me that they wouldn’t do it because they were afraid of the repercussions of doing so – which leads me to the point of this article.

There is a scene in the film The Dark Knight in which the Joker comes to confront the crime bosses of Gotham City and he asks them, “What happened, did your balls drop off?” Thatt is a question I have been wanting to ask the people of this country as well. I understand that when fighting a behemoth like government one has to pick and choose their battles, but to just bend over and take every infringement of our rights without a single complaint or act of civil disobedience is pathetic.

I sometimes have to shake my head in both disgust and exasperation when I see and hear people talk about how much they admire civil rights leaders like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, yet they bend over and take infractions upon their own rights right up the ass without even thinking about fighting back. Not only that, when someone does take a stand to the tyranny being forced down our throats they condemn and ridicule them; calling them radicals, subversives, or treasonous.

If you don’t believe me, just ask yourself what your thoughts are on Edward Snowden; whose only crime was exposing the crimes being committed by your government against your right to privacy. Ask yourself what your beliefs are regarding the Branch Davidians; who were slaughtered by YOUR government in 1993. Ask yourself what your thoughts are regarding Ruby Ridge; where an unarmed Vicki Weaver was shot by an FBI sniper while holding her infant child. Then of course there was the Bundy Standoff and the murder of LaVoy Finicum by state and federal authorities.

With increasing frequency we also see and hear stories of how local law enforcement uses excessive force to subdue and harass people whose only crime is to question the reason they were stopped or detained. Yet I hear people who say they love liberty also say that they support law enforcement and that we should just obey their orders and be good obedient little sheep.

The media, which is merely the propaganda arm of those that seek to control us, tells us they were subversives, or a cult, and that it was the government’s duty to roust them out like they did; and the people swallow that garbage hook, line and sinker.

What the hell happened to this country; did, as the Joker asked, our balls drop off? We have a system of government which, as the Preamble states, was designed to secure liberty to the people; yet these same people bend over and submit to all kinds of rules and regulations which restrict their liberty. We have a Bill of Rights which was supposed to place certain rights beyond the ability of government to infringe upon or violate, and the people sit there with their thumbs up their asses watching TV while those rights are slowly vanishing.

In 1787 Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to Abigail Adams in which he said, “The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it to be always kept alive. It will often be exercised when wrong, but better so than not to be exercised at all. I like a little rebellion now and then. It is like a storm in the atmosphere.” Yet whenever a true lover of liberty exhibits a little resistance to government the media portrays them as a radical or subversive, and the people applaud their government for violating this persons rights and maintaining law and order.

If there was any justice at all left in this country those responsible for the massacre at Waco would all be behind bars, serving multiple life sentences for murder. The list of guilty includes Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, Louis Freeh, (head of the FBI), and every law enforcement officer on the scene of the massacre on April 19, 1993. Seventy six people were murdered that day by agents acting on orders given by YOUR government; including 26 children. Where is the justice for Vicki Weaver when the FBI Sniper, (Lon Horiuchi) who snuffed out her life still walks free; again under the watch and authority of the Clinton administration?

And those are just the murders your government has committed against its own people. What about the costs associated with our global war on terror? Some estimate that just in the retaking of Mosul in 2017 tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis lost their lives. In a study released by the Watson Institute states that between 180,000 to 204,000 innocent civilians have been killed in Iraq alone since President Bush sent our troops there in the wake of 9/11.

Oh, but they’re not Americans, they don’t deserve justice. They are human beings who did nothing to us to deserve being murdered by our government; which is why I say if our troops were truly be defending OUR freedom they wouldn’t be spread all over the globe waging war against those who have never attacked the U.S., they would be right here in America waging war against our real enemy – our government.

Gee Neal, that’s not very patriotic, is it? I say it is; it is the very definition of patriotism; resisting the unjust exercise of power by YOUR government. Let me ask you something, who do you think the patriots of 1776 were fighting against? You may say Great Britain, but that isn’t actually the case. They were fighting against the authority of the government of Great Britain, and those who would enforce that government’s edicts upon them.

The Redcoats of 1776 were no different than the agents of the FBI, DEA, BATF and local law enforcement today that enforce whatever laws our government enacts; not to mention the military that goes wherever it is ordered to go and wages war against people who have never thought of attacking us. Yet the people today say, we should support them, submit to their authority, that we should obey their every command and bow down and lick their boots while they trample all over our rights.

It is so sad, so disgusting, so pathetic that we ought to just up and abolish Independence Day, for we no longer know what the patriots of 1776 were fighting for, and we certainly don’t have the spirit to even complain about our rights being trampled upon, let alone resist against those who are trampling upon them.

Did you know that those whose deeds you celebrate on July 4th were considered criminals by their government; much as people like me are considered a criminal and subversive by people like you today?

They were tax evaders, they chased the governor out of his home in Massachusetts then proceeded to ransack and loot it; they broke windows in the offices of those charged with collecting the Kings taxes; they tarred and feathered tax collectors; they violated restrictions upon the importation of certain goods – establishing smuggling routes and a black market economy, and let us not forget that little incident where they dumped a bunch of tea into Boston Harbor. Then, God forbid, they refused to obey common sense gun control measures designed to maintain the peace; meaning governments control over their lives and their rights.

Quite the merry band of political miscreants we supposedly honor when we celebrate July 4th, isn’t it?
In 1921 Justice Benjamin Cardozo was quoted in the Nature of Judicial Process as saying, “The great ideals of liberty and equality are preserved against the assaults of opportunism, the expediency of the passing hour, the erosion of small encroachments, the scorn and derision of those who have no patience with general principles.”

Compare that to what Rahm Emmanuel, Barack Obama’s White House Chief of Staff, said in 2008, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Perhaps things like pass more laws that violate more of our rights?

The esteemed orator Patrick Henry, who gave us the famous saying, “Give me liberty or give me death” is also quoted as saying, “Will the abandonment of your most sacred rights tend to the security of your liberty? Liberty, the greatest of all earthly blessings-give us that precious jewel, and you may take every thing else: But I am fearful I have lived long enough to become an fellow: Perhaps an invincible attachment to the dearest rights of man, may, in these refined, enlightened days, be deemed old fashioned: If so, I am contented to be so: I say, the time has been when every pore of my heart beat for American liberty, and which, I believe, had a counterpart in the breast of every true American.”

What was Mr. Henry protesting? Why he was protesting the adoption of the system of government outlined by the Constitution. Henry, as well as the other anti-federalists saw through the lies, deceptions, and false promises made by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and all the other Federalists who promised that this government would not endanger the public liberty.

Yeah right!!!

Yet, aside from the few true patriots I call my friends, I see a nation of people who submit to, bow down to, and almost worship at the altar of a government that does just that; the very thing it was promised it WOULD NOT do.

Yet people like me are the enemy; we’re the subversives, the radicals, the dangers to society. If you only knew how ass backwards you were. If the truth were to hit you all at once you’d snap your spinal cord spinning your head around towards it.

I’m not your enemy, if I were I would be demanding that you do things for me, or give me a part of your wealth or liberty so that I could live a better life. All I want is for you, and for your government, to leave me the hell alone so that I can live my life the way that I choose. I want them to cut the ties to the Federal Reserve and stop flooding our economy with currency to artificially inflate it; which also serves to devalue the money we are allowed to keep for ourselves.

Is that too much to ask? Or was Jack Nicholson right in Easy Rider; people like to talk a lot about freedom, but when they see or hear someone trying to be free they get scared? Do I scare you, do my thoughts and beliefs make you uncomfortable? I hope so, because that’s your conscience speaking to you, telling you that I’m not your enemy, your government is. Maybe you ought to listen to it and stop licking the boots of those who oppress you.

All I know is that, were any of the signers of the Declaration of Independence alive today, they’d almost assuredly be saying that we, collectively as a people, were not worthy of their efforts and that we deserved to be slaves to an ungrateful oppressor; for we have fallen far from the lofty principles they held; the principle that our rights come from our Creator and that it was our right and our duty to resist any encroachments upon them.
John Adams once said, “Posterity! You will never know, how much it cost the present Generation, to preserve your Freedom! I hope you will make a good Use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in Heaven, that I ever took half the Pains to preserve it.”

Were Adams alive today, the only thing I could think to say to him would be, “Sorry bud, we let you down; we weren’t worthy of your sacrifice; we threw the gift of liberty you bequeathed to us away for the illusion of comfort and security.”

But hey America, the elections are coming up next year, I’m sure we’ll do better next time…

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