A Somewhat Bipolar Rant

In 1979 the progressive rock band Pink Floyd released their 11th studio album, The Wall. The Wall is a semi-autobiographical album which weaves events from bassist Roger Waters life along with the story of Syd Barrett, (a former founder of Pink Floyd) into a story about a fictional character named Pink, whose life events cause him to erect an emotional wall; shutting himself off from society. At the end of the album Pink is forced to confront his fears, or face his demons if you will, and tear down the wall.

Walls can be good; they protect us from the elements and from danger; but they can also imprison us. If you’re locked away in a jail or prison, the only thing between you and freedom is that wall; so in that instance a wall is a bad thing.

Each of us has walls that our minds have erected to shield us from the emotional trauma of remembering certain events; and that also can be good if the trauma was severe enough. But sometimes we erect walls simply to protect us from things we don’t have the courage to face; like the truth.

What is even more unfortunate is when those walls are erected for us…often without our knowledge. If throughout your life a single lie was drummed into your head over and over, like the Moon was made of Cottage Cheese, you would grow up into adulthood believing it; and any effort to convince you otherwise would run into that wall and be unable to penetrate any further.

However, that would be just one brick in a wall, to steal a phrase from the Pink Floyd album, and you would have no trouble stepping over it to get to the truth. But, if your entire life had been filled with people who, even if they thought they were telling you the truth, told you nothing but lies, an impenetrable wall would be erected in your mind that shielded you from the shining light of the truth; and anyone bearing that truth would, most likely, be unable to break through to you.

Even if someone were able to penetrate the wall, or web of lies you had been taught, your mind would not be able to handle the truth. This denial of the truth is known as Cognitive Dissonance, and it is the most effective tool the power elite have in keeping you enslaved to them.

As, throughout your life, you have been taught/told only those things which they want you to hear/know, your understanding of reality is based upon their version of the truth; which more often than not is anything but the truth. It is when the real truth confronts the lies you have been taught that your mind comes into conflict; and more often than not you reject the truth for the comfort of things known-even if they are utter falsehoods.

This is Cognitive Dissonance, and is best explained by something Dresden James said years ago, “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.”

I do not know whether it takes a certain combination of genes, or whether it is simply a matter of having courage; but there are always those, who live in a society filled with people who have been lied to all their lives, who seek out the truth. Had there not been people such as those I just described, man would still believe the Earth is flat and that man was never meant to fly. It was only because there were men, and women too, who questioned accepted beliefs, who sought out the truth, that man has made all the advancements that it has.

Unfortunately for man, the number of people who value and seek out the truth comprises but a small percentage of the people, and when they try to share those truths with others they are confronted with either open hostility or abject apathy; people either become pissed off or they don’t care.

At one time I was among those I just described; I would have gotten extremely pissed off if you had called me a Democrat, or that our system of government sucked. Yet 20 some odd years ago something in me awoke; the desire to seek out the truth-no matter where it took me. Since that time I have taken as my own personal motto the words of Patrick Henry, “For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.” Oh, and that anguish of spirit he speaks of, that’s probably Cognitive Dissonance.

Have there been times when I’ve suffered from anguish of spirit over what I’ve learned; when I’ve been confronted with something that has stopped me dead in my tracks and caused me to say, “This can’t be true, this has got to be bullshit”? Sure there have, but I did not reject those things outright, I researched them, and if I found that the evidence supported them, I rejected my old beliefs and replaced them with ones that could be supported by the truth.

That is what a person with any amount of integrity would do…

If you were to ask me to categorize the people of America, I’d guess that you would want me to do so according to political beliefs or ideologies. Unfortunately, that’s not how I see them. I see America divided into 3 camps. First, there are those who believe in, and participate to a certain extent in the system of government we have. I would venture to guess that this group comprises somewhere around 45-55 percent of the people in America.

Then there are those who don’t pay much attention at all to what’s going on in current affairs or politics. These are probably the ones Plato spoke of when he said, “The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” I’m not saying they are all bad people, it is just that their apathy leads to them having their rights and liberty taken from them by evil people in government.

Finally there is the last category, those who have sought out, and continue to seek out the truth. They see government for what it is; a system of control that barely changes with the election of fresh meat every so often; giving credence to what Carroll Quigley wrote, “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies… is a foolish idea. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can throw the rascals out at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. Then it should be possible to replace it, every four years if necessary, by the other party which will be none of these things but will still pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policies.”

I fall into that last category, as do most of the people I consider friends. I cannot abide being around people who willfully reject the truth; especially when those bearing the truth have reams of evidence backing it up, and all they have is what they heard on the TV or learned from some textbook in high school.

It makes me laugh, it really does when I hear the two sides argue in America. Those on the right call those on the left liberals, commies, socialists and a few other names that aren’t fit for print. Those on the left do the same to the right, calling them fascists, or Nazis; which in and of itself is hilarious to me. Think about it, we have a bunch of people adhering to a socialist agenda, calling other people National Socialists; which is what the Nazi’s were. Of course the reverse is also true; we have a bunch of National Socialists calling the other side socialists. The ignorance of these people is mind boggling to me, and I can only laugh at them; if I didn’t, their ignorance and stupidity would probably drive me mad.

Getting through to these people is like trying to penetrate a reinforced steel wall with a feather duster; it’s impossible; they are immune to truth and logic. But by God if you ask them, they are making informed decisions when they go to vote; they have studied the issues carefully and made their choice wisely.

Well if they were truly informed, really knowledgeable, they would just stay home on election day and slap in a dvd and guzzle down a few beers; for all the good their voting does them. Sure, they get to cheer when their team wins, or cry when it loses; but as for all the good it does them they may as well be watching a football game, not participating in trying to make sure government does the job it is supposed to…which buy the way is defending your liberty, not giving you handouts or keeping you safe from imaginary dangers or dangers they have created to keep you in a perpetual state of fear.

If I were to ask you if you would vote in favor of tearing down the government, all of it, and sending all those cocksuckers to prison for the rest of their lives, would you vote yes or would you vote no upon such a measure?

Be careful how you answer, for your answer explains how well you understand the purpose all governments should serve…and ours comes nowhere near to serving that purpose.

If government’s job is to secure and defend our liberty, don’t you think after 200 plus years that they’d have passed all the laws they needed to do that; secure our liberty I mean. My God, how many laws does it take to do that? Thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not murder, thou shalt not covet; you’d think that pretty much covers all the bases.

Yet here we are, 230 years after its inception, with our government steadily chugging along, pumping out new laws and new regulations all the time. And has our liberty increased? HELL NOT, it’s gotten worse with each passing year!

So what the fuck is wrong with you people? Can’t you see that government, apparently do something as simple as securing our liberty correctly…yet you still put your trust and faith in it to do things like manage your health care and keep you safe? You must be certifiably insane to believe that government is going to make things better; especially with its track record.

You know, there is a passage in the Bible that, to me explains Christianity in its entirety. That passage is Matthew 5:48, and it says, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”

I am nowhere near perfect; I’ll admit that to anyone who asks. But I am a far sight better than those who call themselves my government; who seek to deny me my God-given right to liberty by passing all these laws that either destroy my rights, or take from me the fruits of my labor and give it to others; be it those in need here in America or in the form of foreign aid to other countries. I live in this country, not Africa, not Saudi Arabia, and I damned sure don’t live in Israel. I don’t want a penny of MY money being given to any of those countries, or spent on things which the government clearly has no authority to spend it upon.


Am I mad? You bet your sweet motherfucking bippy I’m mad. I’m mad at my government for thinking it can rule over me when it is supposed to serve me, and I’m mad at the people who are too ignorant or too stupid to see how tyrannical their government is. Yet they are more than willing to send our troops off to fight and die so that other countries can have the same kind of freedom we have here. What, are we fucking nuts, trying to impose our brand of servitude on the rest of the world?

Sorry for that rant, like I said, I’m nowhere near perfect.

But if the purpose of Christianity is to help/aid/guide us towards perfection, then shouldn’t we be making strides forward towards that goal, not going in the opposite direction by becoming more evil and corrupt? And if we are supposed to be making strides towards that goal of becoming more perfect, shouldn’t those strides be reflected in our government?

And if all that is true, don’t you think that MAYBE there would come a time when our liberty was secure enough that we MIGHT no longer NEED government to do anything for us? Who knows, maybe they could just shut down, take a vacation, and let the State run themselves for awhile.

That is why I like this quote by Thoreau so much, because it shows us that one day we might wake up in a world where government would no longer be needed, “I heartily accept the motto,—”That government is best which governs least”; and I should like to see it acted up to more rapidly and systematically. Carried out, it finally amounts to this, which also I believe,—”That government is best which governs not at all”; and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have.”

Even Madison, one of the cocksuckers responsible for this system of government we suffer under, once said, “If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.” So, if we truly were striving towards perfection, it would seem to me that there would come a day when Thoreau’s vision became a reality; there would no longer be a government ruling over us.

That is why it takes all my self-restraint to keep from bursting into fits of laughter when people go into such a panic when there is talk of a government shutdown. So fucking what if they shut down, are they gonna stop fighting their wars; are they gonna stop taking their cut out of your paycheck; are they gonna stop enforcing all these bullshit unconstitutional laws? Fuck no, they’ll just cut off services to government run facilities that should belong to the public anyway, and they’ll cut off funding to benefit programs that they shouldn’t be funding either. But they’ve gained control over these things, and now that they have control the public relies upon them to do things they should have been doing themselves in the first place.

Not my idea of liberty folks, not even close…more like a bunch of fucking junkies looking for their Uncle Sam to give them a fix.

You see, I’ve torn down my wall and I now see the truth. The truth is our government sucks and should be torn down and everyone in it sent to prison for their crimes against the people they were supposed to be serving…if not executed for their crimes against humanity in general.

It’s not entirely the people’s fault; although they certainly do hold a lion’s share of the blame due to the fact that, even built upon a piss poor plan like the constitution, had they fought tooth and nail to keep government limited to the few powers expressly listed within it, maybe things wouldn’t have gotten as bad as they have. But from day one the people inserted their heads up their rectums as soon as they were promised goodies; benefits and promises of jobs and a mighty American empire.

The last real, unified stand for liberty died in 1865 and it’s been nothing but an increasingly downhill slide into tyranny ever since.

I mean it was destined to happen once they adopted that piece of shit we call the Constitution; I just wished it wouldn’t have been coming to an end during my lifetime. But seeing that it is all falling apart around me, and that very few others do, I can relate to how the anti-federalists like Patrick Henry tried to warn the people of 1787-88 about the dangers of the proposed constitution, only to have their warnings fall upon deaf ears…I can certainly relate to that!

But forget all this rage, all this doom and gloom. As the Oracle tells Neo in the Matrix, “Here, have a cookie. I promise that by the time you’re done eating it you’ll feel right as rain.”

Oh, but that’s fiction Neal, cookies ain’t gonna make things better in this country. True, but neither is your vote, and neither is Trump, no matter how much you want to believe otherwise. All you’ve done is denied one fiction, while still believing in another.

So who’s still plugged into the Matrix, and who has freed their mind? You tell me, but be honest, I don’t abide liars well…

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