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Awhile back I wrote a short commentary entitled It Seems I Have Issues. Someone at work read it, then made copies of it and left them on all the tables in the lunchroom/cafeteria. They also went so far as posting a copy on the bulletin board as well. Apparently, something I said in that commentary offended someone, because that person complained to human resources and the article was taken down from the bulletin board because it was too “incendiary.”

As I recall, I did not mention any names in my commentary, all I did was talk about laziness and people’s unwillingness to do their jobs. It seems I struck a nerve, or somebody had a guilty conscience. Whatever the case, I am about to drive a friggin’ stake through their heart now, because I am really pissed off.

The other day I was working on one line, packaging fruit into pouches, and my wife was on the next line packaging fruit into bulk cases. The machine that palletizes the fruit on my wife’s line was having problems, and she had to tail off the cases from the line and stack them while they fixed whatever problem it is they had.

On the next line over there were two workers assigned who were hand stacking cases onto pallets. One would be stacking, and the other was just sitting on his fucking ass doing nothing.

These lazy bastards didn’t even offer to help my wife, they just sat there and watched her bust her ass to keep up. It is not that she couldn’t handle it, they didn’t even offer! And this has nothing to do with the fact that she is my wife.

When I am assigned to that line I always make it a point to help out the person on the bulk line if they are getting their ass kicked. It doesn’t matter who the person is who is assigned there. There are some people at work who I would spit in their eye if I ran into them in public. But when I am at work we are all part of the company and we should help each other when we can.

For the longest time I have been holding this anger inside of me while it built up and built up. Well now it has come to the surface and I am pissed off beyond words. It is not just this one event that caused me to lose my cool either; this shit has been eating at me for quite some time now.

For instance, I am sick and tired of watching these other workers just stand there, staring into their hoppers, while the line around them is a pig sty. What the hell, is that fruit falling into the hopper so hypnotic that people forget that they also are responsible for keeping their area clean? Seeing other people’s lines a mess used to really bother me, to the point where I would go clean it myself. They can forget about that shit now. If they want to work in a filthy environment, let them, I won’t clean their fucking messes up any more.

Also, these bastards think that just because the end of their shift rolls around they could just leave; clock out and go home. They didn’t care that they left a mess for the guy relieving them, or that if their line did not run on second shift they were supposed to clean it up prior to leaving. Again, I would stay late myself and dump their trash cans, and pick up their red baskets. That too is coming to an end. Fucking people want to be pigs, let them, I just don’t care any more.

Anyway, these lazy bastards picked the wrong person to piss off. Because they have all the time in the world to “sit on their ass” there won’t be anyone relieving them for breaks and lunches any more. When they are in the back, stacking pallets, they will have to handle both sides of the line by themselves, as they will be relieving each other from now on. Let’s see how they like that shit when they are the ones busting their asses and nobody comes to help them!

Also, there are certain lines where I made it a habit of going “above and beyond the call of duty” so to speak. I would prepare enough materials to, not only, keep the line running while I was assigned there, but also to help out the person who took my place, or rotated with me. Not anymore! I am going to do just enough work to keep the line going while I am there. If the person taking my place has to bust their ass to keep up, so be it. I no longer care if people have to work their asses off, I am going to treat them exactly as they treat everyone else.
To put this in terms that people can understand, I am flat out tired of working with lazy people who think that just because they clock in and spend a certain amount of time “at work” that they are entitled to a pay check without actually having to “do any work.”

These people are going to learn that there no longer is anyone who is going to carry the share of work that they are too lazy to do themselves. And, if they are fortunate enough to work with me, I intend to make sure they earn their pay.

Like I said, they pissed the wrong person off.

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