You Will Be Held Accountable For Not Defending Liberty

Government and liberty cannot exist peacefully side by side; it’s that simple. As long as both exist one will pose a threat to the other. It’s kind of like fire and water; if fire and water mix either the water will put out the fire, or the fire will evaporate the water. That’s why Thomas Paine wrote the following all those years ago, “…Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one…”

If government is to be good, to be just; that is provide justice, then government must be kept as small as possible, for the more government grows in power, the more the liberty of the governed diminishes. It is best explained by the principle of a simple child’s toy; the seesaw. On a seesaw, if one side rises the other side lowers. Now if liberty is on one side and government on the other, if government gains more power, liberty goes down. But, if liberty increases, then the power given government is kept at a minimum.

The problem is that government cannot, or will not limit itself to the few powers delegated to it. The lust for power is something that draws the power hungry to government, and once there they always, and I mean ALWAYS seek to expand their power.

Voting new faces into government does absolutely nothing to diminish this fact, for it is the power hungry who seek office, and only those loyal to the party platforms of the two political parties make it past the screening process and get the funding and support required to get elected.

Our system is a self-perpetuating scam in which carefully vetted candidates are presented to the people; giving the people the illusion of choice in what their government does. But in reality it is simply a rotation of people in and out of office whose loyalty is to the SYSTEM, not those who elect them.

There is another thing people may have failed to give any serious thought to; both liberty and government rely upon coercion and force upon each other to exist. Now that may not make much sense, so let me explain.

If liberty is about living your life free from restraint so long as you do not interfere with anyone else’s ability to do the same, and government is about control; about limiting liberty, then there must be some form of coercion or force exercised against one or the other for one side to exist at its fullest potential.

For instance, government can put whatever words they want on a piece of paper and call it A LAW, but without some means of enforcing that law then the people could easily say, “Hell no, I’m not gonna obey that law.” So, law enforcers are the means by which government exerts its control over the people; makes them obey the laws it writes.

If a law defends our rights, defends our liberty, then that law is just. But, if a law restricts our rights, or limits our liberty, then that law, and those who enforce it, are tyrants; and some means of force must exist for liberty to prevail.

Our founding document, the Constitution, provides no means by which we the people can exert any force against those who write, and those who enforce tyrannical laws upon the people…NONE AT ALL. Voting them out of office does nothing; as a new crop of STATISTS replace them.

That force must come from the people, and it must come in two ways. First the people must recognize that their system of government is not just; it does not serve the purpose for which all governments are instituted among men; the preservation of their liberty.

Then, once the people recognize that simple fact, they must stop participating in the system that only perpetuates itself when they vote for new STATISTS to take the place of ones they aren’t happy with. That is the first step.

The second step is much harder, and it is probably why we will never see liberty again in this country. The second step is, the people must rise up as a united front and resist both those who write the laws, and those who enforce them.

That means getting off your fat asses, turning off your TV’s, and risking your life to defend what is rightfully yours; your liberty. The essence of that is summed up in 7 simple words spoken by Patrick Henry in 1775, “Give me liberty or give me death.”

Government does not grant you your rights or your liberty; those are gifts from your Creator. Government does, on the other hand, take those things from you; and once taken government will not return them unless it is met with overwhelming force.

For liberty to prevail 3 things must exist. First, the people must know what liberty is, and it’s not comfort and security. Second, they must know that government is an all consuming beast that destroys liberty. Thirdly, they must have the courage to stand up and defend that liberty against all who would threaten it; be it the government, the police, or a misguided and ignorant populace.

The first step, however is knowledge; and my knowledge I don’t mean what you hear on the news or read on some internet blog. Knowledge is the acquisition of facts; straight from the horse’s mouth. Ignorance is merely the absence of knowledge, much as darkness is merely the absence of light. In 1816 Thomas Jefferson wrote, “…if a nation expects to be ignorant & free, in a state of civilisation, it expects what never was & never will be…”

Liberty depends upon you to defend and protect it, and you cannot do that by supporting the very SYSTEM that is denying you that liberty. You must make a choice, seek out and defend liberty, or admit that you are a slave; and this goes for those who support the SYSTEM, and those who don’t care; those whose time is spent playing video games, watching football, or doing anything but expanding their knowledge and defending their liberty.

Government is a power hungry beast and it must be kept penned up by the will of the governed for liberty to prevail. Well government has broken free of its pen and is running amok; trampling upon your rights and your liberty, and the American people are either so apathetic that they don’t care, or they are so caught up in the hoopla of the two party system and the election of a new president to care; all they care about is that their guy/gal gets elected.

All I have to say about this is, if liberty is a gift from our God to each of us, how are you going to explain yourself to Him when He asks you why you let liberty slip through your fingers without putting up a fight?

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