Choose Your Side (Time To Start Separating the Loyalists From the Patriots)

In 1765 Parliament enacted the Stamp Act and the Colonies immediately sought a redress of grievances from the King of England. Not only that, they effectively blocked the imposition of those taxes by threatening those charged with collecting them, tearing down tax collection offices, and ransacking the homes of government officials. Eleven years later the Colonies were at war against their government due to its “…direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.” (Declaration of Independence)

Eleven years people, eleven years of repeated injuries against their rights and liberty was all it took for them to say ENOUGH ALREADY and take up arms against those who would oppress them!!! How long have we suffered under our current system; 50 years, 100, 200? How much more suffering are you going to tolerate before you withdraw your support for the system that enslaves you; stop voting for who will make the laws that deprive you of your God-given rights?

I make no claims to being a genius regarding history and our system of government; although I know someone who easily falls into that category. However, in comparison to most of the people I encounter on a day to day basis, I’m light years ahead of them in my understanding of those subjects; yet they refuse to even consider that I may know more than they do, and they refuse to accept that the system they support is evil and corrupt.

For roughly 20 years now I have been expanding my own knowledge, and sharing what I’ve learned in the hopes that others would put it to use in their decision making process; all to no avail it seems. Oh, I’ve encountered a few who have listened to what I’ve said, and changed the way they think and feel about our current system of government; but they are, for the most part, the exception and not the example.

I’m tired, tired beyond belief in arguing, discussing issues of grave importance with people whose minds are so tightly shut against opposing ideas that the truth falls off their thick skulls like raindrops on a windowpane.

What irks me the most is how some of these people stand for all the same things I do, yet they claim that they can make a difference by voting. How well has that shit worked out for you so far? Has your vote seen any unconstitutional law repealed? Has your vote stopped the government from engaging in any unjustified wars of aggression against people who have never attacked the United States? Has your vote stopped the continued increase in our national debt or the continued devaluation of the currency you hold in your wallets and purses? Has your vote enlarged your freedom to exercise your rights, or has government continued to encroach upon them regardless of who gets put into office?

I keep hearing from people that they are open to suggestions if I have any solutions that make sense. The solution is to stop giving your consent to a system that is evil and corrupt; stop voting, and when possible, resist every law it enacts that deprives you of your rights and liberty.

Oh, we can’t do that, people say. Why not; our ancestors did in 1776; and you supposedly celebrate their bravery and courage every July 4th. So what’s the difference between them and you? If I had my way I’d see the whole government dismantled, all the way from the president down to the janitor that mops the hallways of the Department of Homeland Security. Make those people find honest labor to support themselves instead of living off the sweat and labor of people like you and I.

People say they need government. I can only speak for me, but I don’t need government to do a damned thing for me; I can live my life on my own without its interference…thank you very much! If you say you NEED government, then that tells me that you’re weak; you’re incapable of doing what is, ultimately, your responsibility to do; provide for your own wants, needs and security. If you NEED government then it means that you need someone to impose your will upon those you disagree with. That isn’t freedom for all; that is freedom for you and slavery for others.

I don’t care who you support, be it a Trump, an Obama, or a Sanders or Hillary, the way people flock behind these people makes me sick to my stomach; for they all use the power of government to push for an agenda; and that agenda never includes the preservation of our rights and liberty. Screw em all, and screw those who put crooks like that into office by their votes.

I’m tired of it all; tired of listening to and seeing people praise the system, or the candidates they support. The system sucks, and those they vote for suck even more than the system does. This system can enact law, and then impose fines, jail time and even death if we resist the laws it enacts; yet we have no means at our disposal to impose the same penalties upon those who violate our rights and our liberty.

Good, bad, or mediocre, our system was given life by the people of this country – it works for us – not rules over us with an iron fist. As our servants, our REPRESENTATIVES, we have the right to nullify any law that restricts or infringes upon our rights and liberty; if only we had the courage to do so.

But no, people bow down and worship at the altar of tyranny and statism; forsaking their freedom for comfort and security…and it makes me physically ill watching it.

I hear people say we cannot oppose our government; it is too big, too powerful; we would be crushed if we tried. So, the alternative is to continue voting people into offices within the entity that enslaves them? Good plan; let me know how well that works out for restoring your liberty.

Our Founders, the Patrick Henry’s, the Thomas Jefferson’s, the John and Sam Adams’ may have spoken the words that kindled the flames that grew into the American Revolution, but it was common men; men just like you and I, who stood up and fought for their freedom. Patrick Henry may have lived and said “Give me liberty or give me death” but he was just one man; it took an army of like minded patriots to secure that liberty; and liberty will not be restored in America until that spirit is rekindled in the hearts and minds of the people who inhabit this vast country.

Voting won’t do it, writing or calling your representatives won’t do it, and even these rants I write won’t do it. The only thing that will do it is if the people tell their government that they have had enough of the lies, the unconstitutional laws, and the infringements upon their rights and liberty; and then back that up with their lives.

Government has proven time and time again; through its enforcing arms, (federal and local law enforcement), that it is more than willing to use deadly force against us to impose its will. To return America to the land of the free we must be willing to use the same force against them; anything less than that is half measures and a perpetuation of the status quo.

So this is my farewell to some of you. If you are reading this, and I see any future comments supporting a candidate for office, or one holding office; if I see anyone comment that we must turn out and vote for this guy or that guy; and if I see any mention of how great our system of government is, I will immediately and irrevocably distance myself from you and your statist beliefs.

If you wish to remain friends with me you have two options. Either change your positions and do some damned homework so that you learn the truth, or you can keep your mouth shut when it comes to politics around me. Anyone who does not choose either of those options will be disowned by me. I will not respond to e mails from statists, I will unfriend them on facebook, and I will hang up on them if they call me.

I’m tired of you and your pathetic belief that the system can be fixed if we just vote the right people into office. The only solution is to do as the patriots of 1765 did, resist the tyrants with every ounce of our being, and bring their system down upon their heads.

Let the fun begin now…time to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

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