If This Offends You, Don’t Read It

Well, it happened once again. Today at lunch Human Resources informed me that something I had written had offended someone. You know what I have to say about that? Tough shit! Honestly, tough shit, I don’t really care. You know why? I don’t care because I have neither insulted nor denigrated anyone in the things I write.

Let me tell you something, I take offense at a lot of things but you don’t see me going into Human Resources and complaining like a little child. I take great offense at people who think they deserve a paycheck without having to earn it. I take offense at people who cannot do their own job with any level of proficiency telling me how to do mine. I take offense at anyone who thinks they deserve anything, without first having earned it.

You want me to show you any trust, or my respect, then you need to show me that you have earned them. Most importantly, you want me to care whether something I wrote offended you, you had better provide me with sufficient reason for caring, other than the fact that the things I said are disagreeable to you.

Nobody said life was going to be easy. If you think that nobody is ever going to say something that you disagree with then you may as well just lock yourself in your room and hide from the world, because you are expecting something that just isn’t going to happen. One thing I have learned is that for every opinion I have, there are a dozen other people who hold differing opinions. However, I have no right to tell them to shut up, or to keep their opinions to themselves.

You know, in case you are not aware, in this country we have this little thing called the First Amendment. The First Amendment entitles everyone, even assholes like me, to speak their mind.

So, and this applies not only to the individual, or individuals, who complained to Human Resources, if you have a bitch with me about something I wrote, why don’t you say it to my face? Better yet, why don’t you write a rebuttal of your own to explain why what I said offended you? That is if you can. You see, a good rebuttal would require some thought. A good rebuttal would require you to provide facts to back up your viewpoint.

When someone rebukes me for something I wrote, I invariably hear that they disagree because they “feel” or “think” that I wrong in my assertions. I rarely find that anyone can provide me with sufficient data to prove that I am wrong. The resentment my columns generate is almost always based upon an emotional response, instead of an intellectual one.

Don’t think that I am not man enough to admit that I am wrong. For forty years I stood behind my government, no matter what. I felt it was my duty to endorse the actions of my elected officials, and that to question them would be unpatriotic. Yet, after years of study and research, I realized that for forty years I was a fool. Yes, you heard me right, I was a FOOL. And so is anyone else who continues living a lie because their mind is so closed to the truth that they refuse to even consider that their way of thinking just might be wrong.

One last thing, if what I write offends you, why do you continue to read it? Why don’t you just ignore it and go on about your business without giving what I said any further thought? Or are you so unwilling to allow others to voice opinions that may differ from yours that you must run off and cry to Human Resources like a sniveling crybaby?

I am not going to give up my freedom of speech just because people may disagree with what I say. I do not single out anyone in my articles, except those elected officials worthy of my attention. You, whoever you are that complained, have nothing to fear from me, I have absolutely no intention of wasting any more of my time worrying about what you think or feel. I would hope, that, if you disagree with what I have to say, that you would show me the same courtesy in return.

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4 Responses to If This Offends You, Don’t Read It

  1. Nicely said.

    Wow, what a pussy. I can’t believe someone goes to HR to complain about what someone wrote. What a 5-year-old. Did their mother hold their hand when they went to HR?

  2. hi there. I came from ZS’s blog and this is great. I like how you put how you felt down in words. I try no to affend anyone but sometimes I do tend to stick my foot in my mouth. but doesnt everyone once in a great while..

  3. Neal says:

    I wanted to call this person a chicken shit pussy, but refrained from doing so. I am curious though, is HR going to call me into the office on Monday for leaving copies of this one for everyone to read?

  4. Moira says:

    Offend me! Offend me! It’s so refreshing to read what someone wants to say rather than what they think they ought to say. Keep it up!

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