This Was a Test-And Most of America Failed

Before I get into the meat and potatoes of this I would like to thank my friend Bart Stewart for providing the motivation/inspiration for what you are about to read. Bart runs a weekly live show on Facebook in which he delivers his opinions on a wide range of subjects, and if you’re interested in tuning in, he does them on Sundays and you can find him by doing a Facebook search for Reverend Bart. That said, let’s get to business.

I had seen and heard the stories about how stores were quickly becoming depleted of certain items; such as toilet paper and bottled water. Yesterday, however, I ventured out to do our weekly shopping and saw for myself how empty the shelves were in some areas; while they were fully stocked in other areas.

A lot of what I saw was to be expected, yet there were things I saw that didn’t make any sense to me. For instance, flour was scarce; if the stores even had any of it. Yet yeast, baking powder and baking soda were plentiful. What are people going to do with all that flour, snort it, make Paper Mache? Also, in our local Sam’s Club the frozen chicken aisle was empty aside from a couple 5 lb bags of frozen, uncooked chicken wings, yet the aisles for crackers, beef jerky, granola bars and chips were fully stocked.

Some of the things that I did not see stocked are to be expected; such as water, but a lot of the other items seemed like they were purchased without rhyme or reason; as if people saw them and thought, “Damn, I just saw somebody buy two bags of flour, so maybe I need to buy 15 of them before they run out.”

What bothers me the most about this is that those who are doing this panic hoarding are probably the very same people who, six months ago, were making fun of those the media calls Preppers, or survivalists. Who’s laughing now you unprepared mother-fuckers?

Listen, as I said in one of my recent commentaries, this Coronavirus is not the end of the world, unless it somehow mutates, or is mutated intentionally by those who created and released it upon the world; and yes, I’m also one of those conspiracy theorists and I believe this virus was produced in a lab somewhere and released upon the public.

For what purpose; who knows? Maybe it was to thin the herd out some, maybe it was a test run to see how it spread, or what affect it, fueled by round the clock media fear mongering, it would have on the stock market or the upcoming presidential election. Like I said, who knows what their reasons were; I just believe with every fiber of my being that this was not a naturally occurring virus; that it was manmade and released upon us; either by accident or intentionally.

I am not a full blown Prepper myself; although we have enough stocked up to get us by for a month or so before we have to start worrying; and even I was caught with my pants down regarding some items. So this silly virus is proving as a learning experience for me; what I need to do to better prepare should something really bad happen-and if you have half a brain, you should learn from it too.

This virus will end; it will vanish into history just like the Swine Flu and all the other strains of influenza that have made their way around. What you take out of it once things return to normal is what matters; as if normal was all that great as far as our liberty goes; but that’s another topic altogether. The important thing is that you learn from this, so that the next time something happens, you don’t get caught were your pants down around your ankles.

Like I said, there was no rhyme or reason to the shopping patterns I witnessed yesterday. Canned corn was all but gone, but there were green beans aplenty. Last week when I went to my local chain supermarket they had pallet after pallet full of canned corn; but yesterday it was all gone. Yet the frozen corn aisle was well stocked.

What are people going to do with all the corn they bought; go on a corn diet? That stuff has an expiration date, in case you weren’t aware of it. Unless you plan on eating corn every day for the next 365 days, that shit is eventually gonna go bad on you. Yet in all the stores we went to, and there were 4 of them, beef jerky was to be found in abundance in all of them.

I’m not as well versed in the intricacies of prepping as some of my friends are, but there is one thing I have learned; you don’t hoard items for emergencies only; you buy the things you eat regularly so you can rotate the old stock out with new stock. That is, unless you are into stockpiling freeze dried meals and other essentials that last for an eternity.

Usually when I got shopping the tomato sauce aisle is full, yesterday it was empty; and tomato sauce is one thing that does not last long; unless you can your own; and even then it won’t last for, at best, 18 months before they go bad.

What I witnessed yesterday reminds me of the shopping store scene in the movie World War Z, starring Brad Pitt; where people were grabbing anything and everything they could without thinking whether or not they actually needed it.

Prepping is a discipline, and it requires a little bit of thought. The first thing you must do is ask yourself what you need to survive. Food and water are essential; but what kind of food? You don’t want to stock up on shit that will expire in six months to a year; you want shit that will last so that you can gradually use it; and replace it as needed if possible. What will you cook your food on if the next event involves a loss of power, or natural gas?

I saw row after row of empty shelves that used to be stocked with paper towels and toilet paper, yet the toothpaste section was fully stocked. So what, are people planning on keeping their ass clean, but letting their teeth rot?

Like I said, I could have rode this out without worry; although I may have lost some weight in the process-but that may have been a good thing. What I’m getting at is that I have used this experience to learn from; find my deficiencies and correct them…and you should too. If you were one of those who went out and bought 8 packs of toilet paper; 12 cases of bottled water, and all the hand sanitizer you could find, you were NOT prepared. You need to change that and be prepared the next time something happens; whether it is a real world ending event, or something that is blown way out of proportion by the media; like this Coronavirus. And when I say prepared I mean not only in having enough stockpiled to keep you alive for six months to a year, I also mean having the means to defend it; for if the shit ever does hit the fan, there will be predators and starving people out there who will try to take it from you; and if you aren’t prepared to defend it, you WILL lose it.

Believe me when I say this, had this been a truly serious event and someone had asked me for a cup of sugar, a bag of flour, a roll of toilet paper, or some bottled water, I would have told them to EAT SHIT AND DIE. It has never been, nor will it ever be, my responsibility to ensure that you have all that you need to survive a crisis. If you do not prepare for what might come, then that’s on you; don’t ever come begging for help from me. This was a test, and most of America failed it. You can thank God it wasn’t more serious than it was. Learn from it, prepare for what might happen next time; and if you choose to ignore the lessons you should have learned, don’t come knocking on my door for help if/when the next crisis happens – you have been warned.

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