Shame On You

If you’ve ever watched an action movie, particularly a war movie, you may have seen/heard the actors saying, ‘pop smoke.’ For instance, if ground troops are waiting to be evacuated they may ‘pop smoke’ to identify their location for the evac team. Then people might ‘pop smoke’ to cover a retreat or hide their activities from others.

This Coronavirus, or more specifically, the fear and panic generated by it is one huge smoke screen designed to keep our attention focused elsewhere so that we do not see what is really happening. I’m not saying the virus isn’t real; that people won’t get sick, and some won’t die from it. What I’m saying is that all the constant hype over it, and the fear it generates, is preventing people from seeing what is really going on.

Are people so obtuse that they cannot see that they are being played for fools? Those in power, (and I’m not specifically saying government either), have found a formula that works every time: indentify a supposed threat or danger, hype the hell out of it in the news media to generate fear and panic so that the people will turn to the only thing they know for a solution – government; who then in turn offers a solution to the crisis; which typically entails the loss of more of your freedom.

Let me ask you a simple question. If the news media had never mentioned this Coronavirus, would you have noticed anything different in this country from any other regular flu season? Sure, people around you would have been getting sick, and some people would have been dying; but that is common when a new strain of the flu makes its way around. They say that each year, during any regular flu season, up to half a million people worldwide die from whatever strain of flu is making its way around. So what’s so different about this Coronavirus?

What’s different is the media hype about it. You can’t watch a half hour news show without them devoting at least half of their coverage to the spread of this virus. Give an enemy, or a threat, a name; identify it, focus all your media coverage on it and you’re bound to generate fear over it. Once the seed of fear is planted it spreads more rapidly than the disease itself, and becomes a self-sustaining organism.

This threat-fear-solution formula has been used time and time again; and each time the American people fall for it; and each time they lose a bit more of their rights and liberty. There is an old saying that goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

If one were to look back at history they would begin to notice that pattern I mentioned; threat-fear/panic-solution-loss of liberty. The best way to get people to do something, or agree to having something done that they wouldn’t normally agree to, is to introduce fear into the minds of those they wish to manipulate so that they are open to any and all suggestions to restore a sense of peace and tranquility. That process is the basis of the Hegelian Dialectic of thesis/antithesis/synthesis; which has been used against us repeatedly by those seeking to limit and restrict our freedom.

For instance, there was the financial panic of 1907; which was fueled primarily by large banks and investors sending the stock market into a nosedive, which then caused a ripple effect that affected a great many people in this country. These bankers then infused large sums of cash into the stock market to stabilize it, while warning that some central governing entity be established to monitor and control our money system. Enough fear and panic had been introduced that people did not, for the most part, oppose the passage of the Federal Reserve Act; which created the FED; which in turn has deflated the value of the dollar to less than 90% of the value it held in 1913. Oh, and it sure didn’t seem to be very effective; for just 16 short years later America entered the Great Depression; which then in turn gave birth to the welfare state in America.

Then of course there was 9/11 and the supposed attacks by Al Qaeda upon the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon; which spawned a climate of fear that in turn led to us accepting the infringement upon most of the rights listed within the Bill of Rights. I couldn’t begin to list everything we’ve sacrificed to keep us safe from the big bad terrorists; but it’s enough to sicken the stomach of everyone who truly loves liberty.

Then of course there is my favorite, or least favorite, depending upon how you look at it; gun control laws in response to mass shootings. The news media absolutely loves mass shootings; although they report on them with the requisite level of seriousness, as they give them a chance to report on tragedy; they give them a chance to interview first hand witnesses, (who, if you ask me, are often paid crisis actors), and they give them the chance to tug on the heart strings of Americans by interviewing the family members of those who died in them. Mass shootings are a win-win for the news media; and they play them for all they’re worth – which in turn breeds a climate of fear and distrust towards the millions of law abiding gun owners in America; as well as is the impetus for an increasing litany of restrictive laws that restrict our right to keep and bear arms.

I swear, I think if they could create enough fear in the minds of the general public, they’d throw their firstborn daughters into an active volcano if they were told it would keep them safe from whatever supposed crisis they were facing. It’s almost as if logic and critical thinking have been bred out of people; with them reacting instinctively, and emotionally based, to every crisis that confronts them.

Is there a virus? Yes, there is. Is this virus killing people? Yes, it is. Is the fear of this virus a responsible and logical response to the threat it poses? Hell no; it’s as if someone fired a gun into a herd of buffalo and it began stampeding without knowing who, or what they were running from! My God people, this isn’t the Spanish Flu that ravaged the world in 1918; sickening 40% of the world’s population and killing 50 million – it’s just a bad flu; we’ll survive it. But from the way the news is reporting on it, if we don’t take drastic measures, and accept all kinds of restrictions upon our liberty, the world, as we know it, will come to an end.

While everyone is focused on the spread of this virus, the powers that be are busy doing things that, after the flu passes, will have long reaching consequences for you and your freedom; what’s left of it that is.

For instance, the DOJ, (Department of Justice), is asking for authority to suspend Habeas Corpus; meaning they can arrest you, throw you in a cell, and never charge you with a crime. They have already proven that they can issue decrees and directives shutting down businesses; many of which are the only source of livelihood for a great many working men and women. And, as is the case in any crisis, those who refuse to obey these directives are labeled threats to society; as were those who did not fall lock step behind the war against terror. If you will recall, back then George W. Bush said, “You are either with us, or with the terrorists.”

No one wants to be ostracized; have a spotlight shone upon them for standing up for their liberty. Rather, people have this inner need to fit in, to not rock the boat or make waves. So they comply; even though deep inside they may have this nagging feeling that something is dreadfully wrong with what they are complying with.

It takes courage to stand up for your rights and liberty. It takes courage to think for yourself when everyone around you is acting like a fool. It takes courage to tell others that they are wrong, and then stand their ground when they come under attack because what they say is deemed politically incorrect.

I don’t know if this makes me courageous, but dammit America, y’all are acting like a bunch of goddamn fools over this virus! Life itself is perilous; you could get hit by lightning; you could get run over by a drunk driver; you could drop dead of an aneurism and never know what hit you. If life itself scares you so much that you are willing to sacrifice every last vestige of your freedom to avoid its perils, you are not worthy to call yourself an America; let alone a patriot.

Thomas Jefferson, the guy whose words gave birth to America, once said, “I prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery.” What the fuck happened to you people; where has the spirit gone that led Patrick Henry to cry out, “Give me liberty or give me death.”

Whether this virus is a naturally occurring thing, or whether it was created in a lab somewhere; like the one in Fort Detrick, Maryland, that just last year had a couple of breaches in their Level 3 & 4 bio-labs, (which handles the worst viruses and pathogens) is anyone’s guess. What I do know is that the people’s reaction to is has been blown way out of proportion to the threat it poses; based mostly upon the fact that the news media won’t shut up about it.

I also know that, as is the case in any crisis, the powers that be are following the creed of Rahm Emmanuel, who said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” And these things that the powers that be couldn’t do before usually entail a curtailment or restriction upon your rights and liberty.

Wake up people, pull your heads out of your asses; you’re being played for fools…once again. So shame on YOU!

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