Dear Karma, Why Did You Take So Long?

From multiple sources I’ve been hearing that since the initial announcement of this Covid-19 pandemic gun sales have gone up 300% from the same time frame last year; and that most of those sales, in fact around 75% of them, are first time gun owners.

While I have no qualms with people who have never owned guns going out and buying them, it does mean that there are probably going to be a LOT of new gun owners out there who have never been taught safe firearm handling procedures, or worse, have NEVER fired a gun in their life. I wonder how many accidental fatalities this is going to end up causing when it could have been avoided had people been taught from an early age how to safely handle and fire a gun?

I haven’t seen any statistics on the demographics of who these first time gun owners are, but I’m taking an educated guess that a good number of them are former supporters of stricter gun control legislation. The reason I say that is because a large number of those on the ‘other’ side of the political spectrum already own guns; so they wouldn’t fall into the category of ‘first time gun owners.’ I wouldn’t be a first time gun owner if I were to have ‘panicked’ after the announcement of the pandemic and went out to buy a gun; as I’ve already purchased guns and ammo in the past.
See my logic?

What I truly hope for, however, is that these people are getting bit in the ass by their own stupidity. What I mean by that is that, for years, these people have been pushing for tighter and tighter restrictions on the private ownership of guns, and now that THEY want to buy a gun in a time of peril, or crisis, I hope these laws come as an absolute shock to them; a fucking wake up call, if you will – that the kind of bullshit laws you have made us deal with would one day apply to you. Well looks like there is some justice in the world after all.

I can only hope that conversations such as the ones that follow are taking place ALL across the country…

-What do you mean I can’t buy an AR-15; and what the hell is an FFL?

-What do you mean I have to pay $35 and take a test before I can guy a gun?

-What do you mean I can’t take it home now; I have to wait HOW MANY days before a background investigation is done on me? I’m not a criminal!

-I don’t understand, I pulled the trigger like they told me to, but I couldn’t hit the guy.

-What do you mean if someone breaks into my house I can’t shoot them with this unless I can prove that my life was in imminent danger? They were stealing my stuff, why can’t I shoot them?

-Gee officer, I don’t understand why he stabbed me. I pointed my gun at him, but he wouldn’t run away like he was supposed to.

-What kind of idiots passed these laws; and who supported them when they did? This is bullshit!

See what I mean; karma has a way of making you pay for your ignorance and stupidity, and all I’ve got to say about it is; it’s about fucking time!

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  1. Roman says:

    I feel exactly the same way

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