Torn Between Sadness and Rage

Roughly 120 days ago, sometime in early January, it was announced that the Covid-19 virus had found its way to the United States; as cases began appearing throughout the U.S. Almost immediately the news media latched onto this story with the tenacity of a pit bull; and the media coverage hasn’t let up a bit, with stories concerning the Coronavirus taking up as much as 2/3 of their news broadcasts. Then of course, at least it is the case here in California, we have the obligatory message from Governor Gavin Newsom informing the people how his draconian lock down of the State is keeping the people safe.

As someone who thinks all the time, (unlike most of his fellow countrymen), I’m flabbergasted at how quickly people fell victim to the panic and hysteria being pumped at them by the news media regarding this virus. C’mon people, six months ago if I had told you that you would lock yourself away in your homes, cowering in fear over a nasty flu-like virus, turn your neighbors in for not wearing a mask or maintaining proper social distancing, (an entirely new word in the American lexicon), and let your government determine what jobs are essential and which aren’t, you would have locked me away in a funny house.

Yet here we are…

I honestly don’t know whether I should cry or scream over it all. I know that there are some who are just as mad about this as I am, and some have taken to the streets and to their capitols to demand that these ridiculous measures be lifted so that things can go back to normal; whatever the new normal is going to be.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past four months I’m sure you’ve noticed the changes that have taken place in America since the announcement that the Covid virus was on the loose; stores have implemented social distancing rules; pathways for shoppers to follow have been placed on the floors; plexiglass barriers have been erected to isolate people from each other; some places are not allowing people in unless they have a face mask on, and in some instances only so many people at a time are being allowed into stores.

You are being conditioned people; brainwashed; indoctrinated into accepting limits upon your freedom, your ability to travel, to shop, to congregate together…over what – a virus? If your reaction to the Covid virus is any gauge of how susceptible you are to the doctrine of fear mongering, and if you knew how many viruses, bacteria and other pathogens were floating around in the air surrounding you, you would lock yourselves in your homes and never come out again.

I don’t know how anyone can call that living; letting fear dictate and guide your actions. I would rather put a bullet in my head than let fear take over and control my life. Listen folks, and listen good, the moment you allow fear to dictate how you shall live your life you become a slave to those who tell you what you should be afraid of. I don’t care if it is a virus, the fear of becoming a victim of a mass shooting, or the fear that I might be the victim of a terrorist attack; I WILL NOT LET FEAR RULE MY LIFE!!!

Thomas Jefferson…you know him right; the guy who wrote our Declaration of Independence; who served as our 3rd President? Well he once said, and I take this as my personal motto, “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”

Then of course, there is this quote taken from Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson to one of his aides, “Captain, my religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed. God has fixed the time for my death. I do not concern myself about that, but to be always ready, no matter when it may overtake me…That is the way all men should live, and then all would be equally brave.”

When you let others tell you what to be afraid of, and what steps you should take for your own safety/security, you hand control of your life over to them. Can’t you see that? Whatever these people say you accept as the gospel truth because you have put your trust and faith in them; abandoning the responsibility of thinking for yourselves; for researching and analyzing facts…a trait known as critical thinking. When you allow that to happen you become a slave to whatever real, or fictitious fears they present you; and you readily accept whatever measures they tell you are necessary to maintain your safety; typically with a corresponding loss of your liberty.

The truly sad part about all this is that people actually trust those who spread this gospel of fear; thinking that they actually care about the welfare of the people they seek to control; and make no mistake about it, it is ALL ABOUT CONTROL! They want to control you, they want to control the economy, they want to control which businesses stay open and which go bankrupt. Control is their goal, and whatever they tell you that you must do to ensure your safety is told to further that goal; and you ignorant, non-critical thinking motherfuckers swallow that shit hook, line and sinker!

People tune into their boob tubes, (and they call them that for a reason), and they seek people like this Doctor Fauci who tell them what steps they must take to ensure they don’t contract this Covid virus; even suggesting that people be issued a government ID card saying they have either been immunized or have the Covid antibodies so that they can travel outside their homes.

Do people not realize that Dr. Fauci works for the government; that he is their spokesperson in regards to allergies and infectious diseases? But he is a doctor Neal, people should listen to what he has to say. Is that so? Well Ron Paul is a doctor as well, and he says this whole Covid scare is a massive hoax, (not that there isn’t a virus), that it is being blown way out of proportion in an effort to induce a state of panic and fear so that people will surrender more of their liberty to government for the promise of keeping them safe.

Take these ridiculous masks we are being told we should wear to prevent our contracting or spreading the Covid virus…they are absolutely useless. You heard me…USELESS. They provide us with the illusion that we are safe from this virus, when the ONLY thing that could assure that is a self contained breathing system or a level 4 biohazard suit.

Yet a respected surgeon, with 30 years of surgical experience, talks about the futility, and actual danger of these masks you see people wearing: Note, my comments will be in bold letters.

The Covid-19 virus particle size averages 125 nanometers (0.125 microns); the range is 0.06 microns to .14 microns; one needs an electron microscope to see a Covid 19 virus particle. The N95 mask filters down to 0.3 microns. So N95 masks block few, if any, virions (Virus particles). [In other words the Covid virus passes through masks like air passes through a window screen] This is a simple fact, so you cannot argue against it. Other surgical masks, homemade masks and kerchiefs [bandanas] do the following: 1) allow the free passage both ways (in and out) of Covid 19 virions. 2) they become warm, damp or moist reservoir of Covid 19 particles in asymptomatic “carriers” (estimated to be 85% of all people tested).

For surgeons, years of training, intimidation, and humiliation teach us to touch NOTHING but our surgical field. Lay people [the average public] constantly touch, re-arrange and manipulate their “masks”, wonderfully inoculating thousands of virus particles onto their bare or (even worse gloved) hands. So these absurd masks ENCOURAGE the fomite transmission (“infected” articles-to hand-to face transmission of the virus). So, go ahead and allow idiots to delude and mislead you to the false sense of security–and danger–of masks.

Yet government, health officials, and the news media continue to spread the false claim that masks will prevent the spread of the Covid virus; when in fact they could be actually making things worse; when what we need is a strong and healthy immune system…which we won’t get by the combination of an unhealthy diet and being cooped up inside.

As more and more people are being tested for this thing the fatality rate for it continues to drop. People don’t understand the logic behind that, so let me try to explain it to you. Let’s say there are two people in a room and both of them have Covid. If one of them dies, then the fatality rate among the test group, (the two people), is 50%. Let’s say there are 3 people in the room and they all have Covid. If one of them dies, then the fatality rated drops to 33%; if there are 4 in the room and only one dies, it drops to 25%.

People have died from this, and people will continue to die until this specific outbreak continues to spread; but like the flu, it will eventually pass; and quite possibly, at some point in time, we will find out that each and every one of us was exposed to it.

My God people, would you just think about this for a minute. The flu virus never really goes away. If it did, then why does it come back every year in a different strain? I don’t know the science behind why this happens, but the flu makes its way across the globe every year, spreading death, and then just hangs around for awhile, mutating, until it comes back the following year in a different strain. Yet we NEVER shut down the world because of it!

Like I said earlier, if people were to give any serious thought to how many deadly viruses there were out there, floating around RIGHT NOW, they would lock themselves away; and quite possibly take their lives in fear of contracting one of them. For crying out loud, we didn’t shut down the world when AIDS first made its appearance; so why now for a bad case of the flu?

I think people would shit their pants if they knew what Ebola does to the human body; and it’s out there right now, just waiting for the right conditions to induce a pandemic that would make Covid seem like nothing worse than a scratchy throat.

I’m not trying to scare you; quite the opposite in fact. I’m trying to tell you that you can’t live your life in constant fear; and more importantly, you can’t let fear mongerers utilize that fear to deprive you of your liberty. If you do, you may as well admit that you are a coward and don’t care about your freedom.

Life is full of risks and dangers; you could slip and fall getting into the bathtub and break your neck for crying out loud. Are you gonna fear your bathtub for the rest of your life? You could get into your car and the brakes could fail you while driving down a mountainous road; are you going to live your life in fear of your car now?

There are literally a thousand ways you could die right now, and if you let your fear consume you, you may as well not be living at all. Living in constant fear is no way to live at all, and when you allow those in control to preach fear you give them all the power they need over you to strip you of your rights and freedom.

I will NOT live in fear and I will not let YOUR fear dictate how I must live my life! If you wish to cower in fear over everything that might harm you, go right the fuck ahead. Not me, I will enjoy my life to the fullest extent, and when my time comes to die, it comes.

Finally, the saddest thing, and the thing that angers me the most is the fact that people think that their fear gives them the authority to limit and restrict my freedom. Well I have news for you; my rights do not end where your fear begins!

Society has pushed, and pushed, and pushed even more; imposing restriction after restriction upon the right of those who love liberty to exercise their right to it. Well some of us have said NO MORE; we will not back up another inch; and if you try to push again we are going to push back; and years and years of pent up anger is gonna be unleashed upon those who seek to push their fear onto our shoulders.

When that day comes, may the Lord have mercy on your souls; for there is nothing more fearful than a patriot with nothing to lose, fighting to regain what you have taken from him-his liberty.

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2 Responses to Torn Between Sadness and Rage

  1. Roman says:

    I’ve been fighting tooth and nail against this on Twitter and starting to build a decent following.

    Being fit and getting sunlight have been found to be your best defense against coronavirus

    So what do the authorities do?

    Close the gyms, the beaches, and tell everyone to stay inside and don’t leave the house

    This isn’t about our safety. It’s about control.

    Our Founding Fathers wouldn’t have thrown out the Constitution for an upgraded flu.

    • Neal says:

      What’s your Twitter account name? I’ve never used that platform, but people have told me I should start, so I just opened an account but don’t have the foggiest idea how to go about using it.

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