So Simple Even A Caveman Can Understand It

(What’s Wrong With Our Country In 300 Words Or Less)

Let’s say you purchase a bicycle that requires assembling. You take it home and decide to put it together yourself without following the manual provided. Once you get it together you take it out for a ride and something doesn’t work properly and you have an accident and get injured. Is it the fault of the company that manufactured the bike, or is it your fault for not following the instruction manual?

The way things are in this country you would probably sue the manufacturer of the bike and end up with a hefty settlement. But in all honesty you would be to blame because you failed to properly follow the instruction manual.

It could be said that our country is falling apart, and it is all because the operating manual for our government, the Constitution, is being ignored. Those who we have elected to represent us have, in their lust for power, or misguided sense of what is best for our country, have re-written the Constitution to allow them to do almost anything they desire. Whether their actions have been willful, or merely incompetent, the end result has been that our country is on the verge of ruin and our liberty has been severely restricted.

Ultimately, however, it is the American people who are to blame. We continue to vote for these individuals, we continue to vote for candidates who make promises they have no legal authority to fulfill. We do so because WE have not read the operating manual for our government; we do not know the restrictions it imposes upon them.

Whatever you choose to believe, all our nation’s problems can be attributed to this simple fact. Really, it’s so simple even a caveman could understand it.

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