We’re Making History Right Now

I keep hearing people talk about what’s going to happen after this Covid virus passes and we can get back to normal. I sometimes wonder if Americans have completely lost the ability to think logically; for it seems they don’t even understand the meaning of the word normal. Normal implies that things are the same today as they were yesterday, the day before, the week before, and the months before; a routine that varies only slightly from day to day. Throw a drastic change into that routine and things are no longer ‘normal’; they have changed somehow.

This Covid virus, rather the steps taken by government to combat it, has changed our perceptions of what is ‘normal.’ In one of his many speeches to Californians, Governor Gavin Newsom said something that any thinking person should find frightening, “We talk about what the new normal looks like. Normal it will not be.” What that implies is that things will not be the same as they were pre-Covid…they will therefore, by definition, not be normal.

We have already had a glimpse as to what this ‘new normal’ will look like, face masks and social distancing becoming part of the new normal. Then of course there is the talk of contact tracing, with California poised to hire 20,000 contact tracers who can identify those who have come into contact with others infected with the Covid virus, and granted the authority to detain and isolate them so they do not further the spread of this virus.

Is that to also become part of the new normal?

Recently Governor Newsom has begun the process of lifting the State Lockdown; allowing people to leave their homes for reasons other than buying essential items, going to work, and seeking medical attention. Yet in some places, my county for example, the Health Department has implemented rules saying that if you enter a store or place of business you MUST wear a face mask. While I have yet to see that fully adhered to by those who frequent these businesses, I have seen an increase in the percentage of people who are complying with these ‘guidelines.’

Is that to become part of the new normal for us as well?

By the end of next month I will have officially retired – I’m retiring early primarily due to the ridiculous steps taken by the company I work for in response to the Covid scare. In doing so, retiring early that is, I will lose a large chunk of change because I will not be collecting full Social Security, nor will I be fully vested in my pension plan; but I refuse to put up with these measures any longer than is necessary to complete the paperwork for my retirement so I can be free of this nonsense.

The way I look at the steps taken to combat Covid is the same way I look at the flu vaccine; if these steps are effective in protecting those who take them, then why should people fear those who do not take those steps? C’mon people, if vaccines protect YOU from contracting the flu, why should it matter that I don’t get it? Same thing with face masks; if they protect you from contracting Covid, why should you worry that I’m not wearing one? Sure, I, or someone else not wearing a mask might have it, but if YOU’RE wearing your mask then you’re safe, right?

It does not seem to matter that numerous doctors, (most of whom have had their videos pulled from YouTube due to their contradiction to the mainstream narrative), have stated that wearing face masks all the time can actually be more harmful than not wearing them; as they provide the perfect environment for the breeding of other germs and microbial organisms; not to mention that the Covid virus is so small it easily passes through the fibers of the masks you are wearing; especially if they are clothe masks.

Furthermore, it seems to matter little that the best defense against this virus is by generating herd immunity; which we cannot do if we are locked up in our homes or maintaining social distancing guidelines. For herd immunity to be achieved we must be allowed to interact, come into contact with those infected with a disease, and then allowing our immune system to build the antibodies necessary to defend us against it.

Yet when one goes out into the public without a mask on, or if they get too close to someone, (even while wearing a mask), they get this look of fear and panic from others; as if they were threatening their lives with a knife or a gun. It’s pure fear people; generated and sustained by the media for one purpose, and one purpose only – to control you.

It is that fear that has led people to rat out their friends and neighbors for violating social distancing guidelines, and it is that same fear that will cause people to line up for the Covid vaccine once one is made available to the public.

The question is; how will this play out? Will employers or businesses refuse access to their facilities to those who have not been vaccinated? Will you be prohibited from going to work if you don’t take the vaccine? What about going to the store and buying a gallon of milk; will they refuse your entrance unless you provide proof that you have received the vaccine?

Can’t you see the level of control being imposed upon you? What are you going to do when you are faced with the choice of starving or taking the vaccine and being allowed to enter the supermarket and purchase food; will your liberty be of so little concern that you surrender it for the sake of being able to feed yourself or your family?

Since people were locked up, in what essentially amounted to house arrest, for all this time, what’s going to happen to America when this virus makes a resurgence and new cases begin popping up because we have not achieved herd immunity? What will government say if/when that happens? What steps will they take if the number of cases begins to increase again? Will they say, “Well it seems the first steps we took weren’t effective, we must take more drastic steps to combat the spread of this Covid virus?”

I keep hearing about this second wave, and my interpretation of it might be different than yours. I think most people assume that the second wave will be when more cases of Covid begin popping up here and there across the country. My thoughts on the second wave concern what steps government will take which further restrict our liberty. It’s bad enough already; and that means it can only get worse.

Yet Boobus Americanus cannot think; it has been bred out of the species by years of indoctrination at the hands of the public fool system. There must be something that causes a small percentage of the people to question the official story; to resist efforts to limit or restrict the exercise of our unalienable rights and our liberty. Maybe it is a genetic mutation; either in us rebels that allows us to think; or maybe the mutation is present in the masses; something that prevents them from doing any kind of thinking at all.

All I know for certain is that most people have accepted the official narrative about this Covid virus hook, line and sinker. For those of us who don’t buy the official narrative, it seems as if most people have completely shut off their thinking process, letting fear guide their actions and decisions.

Fear is a powerful emotion; it blocks out all rational thought; leaving the people who allow it to rule their lives slaves to it. The thing about fear is, if you allow it to rule you, you allow those who generate this fear to become your rulers. All those who seek to rule you, to control you, have to do is keep coming up with new things for you to be afraid of and you remain in perpetual bondage to them; for you then willingly submit to whatever violations of your rights and liberty they promise will alleviate the source of your fear.

As much as I hate that prick FDR, he did say something that I think y’all should take into consideration, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” In yesterday’s rant I spoke of how I no longer believe that this is the land of the free and the home of the brave. If we were brave, truly brave, we would face our fears and overcome them. If we can but free ourselves of fear then we can allow our brains to logically think about things and realize that our rights and liberty are under attack, and that our enemy is not guns, it is not gays, it is not illegal immigrants, it is not some virus…IT IS GOVERNMENT.

Yet that bravery is not in the kind of abundance needed to maintain, or restore liberty to America. Acceptance, obedience, and dependence upon government has been indoctrinated into the people generation after generation; and those who seek to exercise any amount of freedom that exceeds what the government says we should exercise are viewed as enemies to the public safety.

It is beyond my ability to understand how someone who only wants to be left alone can be anyone’s enemy; but that’s all I ask; you don’t bother me and I won’t bother you. I truly think that people aren’t content with being allowed to live their lives as they see fit; they demand acceptance for their beliefs; they demand that others live their lives the same way they do.

If you cannot see that forcing others to adhere to your beliefs; either directly or through organs established to represent you, (i.e. government), is an infringement upon the liberty of those whose opinions you disagree with, then there is no hope for you, or this country for that matter.

If you think it is okay to force your beliefs, make others adhere to restrictions of either their rights or their liberty, just so that you can feel safe, then you are a tyrant and America will continue its slide into tyranny.

Liberty is not won, nor is it enjoyed by people who blindly follow orders. Liberty is won and enjoyed by those who question rules that infringe upon it; by those that RESIST. If you understood, and I mean really understood what principle this country was founded upon, you would not be condemning and criticizing me, you would be standing right next to me decrying the infringements of your liberty by your government.

George W. Bush was right when he said, “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.” The question is, who is us? Does it refer to those who support and defend liberty, or does it refer those who support and defend a system that seeks to destroy it?

That is the question you must ask yourself; and if you answer that you defend liberty; then why the hell aren’t your resisting encroachments upon it like I am; why are you condemning and criticizing me?

Believe me when I tell you this, I think the time is rapidly approaching when you will wish you had joined in the fight to restore liberty to America; for I think the time is coming when all hope of doing so will be lost forever; and the only option you’ll have is to take a stand, and be gunned down like a rabid dog for doing so.

History is full of examples when dissidents who opposed the policies of their governments were exterminated by the thousands, by the hundreds of thousands, and by the millions. But that’s right, history is boring, history is useless when there is entertainment to be had and safety to be obtained.

Well, if we keep on our current path, we will BECOME history for future generations to study and learn from. Let’s hope they have more courage and were smarter than we were.

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