My Thoughts On The Seattle Autonomy Zone

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’re probably aware that protesters have taken over a six block area in downtown Seattle. The area currently under their control spans from East Denny Way on the North to East Pike Street on the South, with Broadway on the West, and 13th Street on the East. The area is just South of the capital and contains one police precinct; which is currently unoccupied.

Those who have taken over this segment of Seattle are comprised of a mix of Antifa and Black Lives Matter who have turned the so-called autonomous zone into a cross between a commune and a street festival. They are armed, but so far they seem not to be overtly hostile towards their neighbors on the outside of their autonomous zone, although they are now patrolling the streets in an effort to keep outsiders, and this includes journalists, out. That may be because local area homeless came in and looted most of the food supply within the area they have taken over.

I have yet to form a concrete opinion on the group itself; I will wait and see what happens to do that; but I do have a few random thoughts I would like to share about them.

Aside from abolishing the police, and it isn’t clear if they are limiting their demand to the city of Seattle or if their call is for nationwide disbandment of all police forces, and that Mayor Jenny Durkan be fired, they haven’t said much about what their ultimate goal is.

What I mean by that is, let’s say that their demands that the Seattle Police Department be disbanded and the Mayor fired – what then? Would they pack up and go home, or would they continue to remain on the land they took from the city?

I hear some people calling this a secession, which in my opinion it isn’t. To me, a secession is a section of the country, whose lawful residents pass a resolution declaring that the bonds which had previously held them to a political association, are broken, and that the seceding party resumes all the rights they had surrendered to become a part of that union; including their right to self-govern.

First of all we don’t know the identity of those who have taken possession of this section of Seattle; they may be citizens of the city, but then again some of them may be from outside the city. We simply don’t know. If they are outsiders, then this comes very close to insurrection; with their having denied the lawful government, (as bad as it may have been), their right to govern within that section of Seattle.

For the time being, officials are leaving them alone; I suppose they will continue this strategy until something happens; such as those within the zone become violent; or run out of food and go out on scavenging runs to areas outside their safe zone; then I imagine the police may take some kind of action, such as rounding them up and arresting them. This in turn might cause a violent reaction by those remaining in the zone, but I think the police would be justified in taking those steps should they begin looting outside their autonomous zone.

Listen, I’m not a big supporter of the police; I think much of what has happened lately can be laid upon their shoulders for abusing the people’s trust, for enforcing laws that deprive the people of their rights, and for simply treating the public as if we were lower class citizens to be herded around like farm animals. I’m not saying all that is true about every police officer on the force throughout the country, but the system is such that the good ones are hesitant to speak out against the bad ones; so the bad ones go unpunished; which is what got us to where we are today, institutionalized thuggery in which the people have no recourse. The system protects itself; and the courts and district attorneys, more often than not, take the side of law enforcement.

That said, these protesters, if that’s what you insist upon calling them, have marked off the boundary of the area they have taken possession of, and everything outside that boundary is still under the authority, and protection of duly elected and sworn in officials. So, if members of the CHAZ, as they have taken to call themselves, go outside the boundary of their autonomous zone, in search of food to loot, then they ought to be treated just like the criminals they are. If they leave and have money to purchase food, then I would consider that an act of free trade between bordering communities, and they should be left alone. But if they attempt to loot or steal, then throw them in jail.

I have heard that the city has shown its cowardice by allowing these so-called protesters to take over a portion of the city, but I think for the present moment their policy of leaving them be might have been the best move they could have made. I’m not agreeing that they should have fought a war to maintain authority within that section of the city; had they done so it would have only added fuel to the fire and most likely would have incited those protests going on in other cities to increase their level of violence and looting. So overall, I think, if they wanted to maintain peace, (for the time being), they made the right decision. There may come a time when violence, or some manner of mobilized force against the CHAZ, may become necessary, but that time isn’t right now as far as I’m concerned.

Depending upon how this plays out, there are three outcomes that could happen. The first is that the CHAZ simply give up and go home; at which time I believe some of them might be arrested and charged for criminal behavior. The second is that force may be used to disperse them; which in and of itself could have two possible outcomes. First they could turn tails and run home, or they could stand and fight; making them martyrs for their cause – which is not the outcome I’d like to see happen.

It’s the third outcome I’d like to discuss in a certain degree of detail. First of all, if these protesters are truly claiming that the area occupied by them is under their control, and that they are free from all outside authority, then I say shut all utilities and services to that area of the city off; let them provide their own electricity and running water; or pay for continued services. Oh, and that would also include shutting off all wifi to the area under occupation; nobody else gets it free, why should they?

Next, and this may sound like it’s an emotional reaction to the matter, I would halt all shipments of food into the occupied area. If they truly want liberty and justice, then let them assume the responsibility for their own survival that accompanies real liberty. Let them grow their own food, or starve – that’s real liberty, and if they don’t like that then there is the possibility that they are pretenders, fakes, frauds, who don’t want liberty; they just want to make a name for themselves on the news. Let’s put them to the test and see what they actually stand for.

I’m almost certain that if this goes on for any length of time without their demands being met that there will be those who bring food and supplies into them. I’m just as certain that there will be men behind these charitable movements; men possibly like George Soros, or maybe Bill Gates. But I think if this thing goes on, people will donate supplies to them just like they give supplies to the victims of natural disasters.

Yet still they will remain in an occupied portion of a city in which they are surrounded on all sides by the very people they call their enemy; in essence, while they may control the occupied territory, they are in fact the ones under siege, as they are surrounded and without any allies.

If this goes on for any length of time, and if their demands are not met, I would urge those within the CHAZ to think about what happened to a compound near Waco Texas that was placed under siege by forces that were hostile towards them. The outcome of that siege did not end well for the Branch Davidians, and the CHAZ ought to keep that in the back of their minds if this protest goes on for weeks…months. I mean, you don’t spit in the face of your enemy and expect them to not retaliate at some point, and these protesters, whether you agree with their cause or not, have spit right into the face of the beast they are protesting against!

As for the groups comprising this CHAZ, I also have a couple of thoughts. First of all, fuck them for defacing monuments and statues of those who are part of our countries history. They have torn down Civil War monuments, and they defaced statues of George Washington and Ben Franklin…so fuck them! You don’t get to erase history simply because it is offensive to you; that crosses a line for me and once crossed makes those who commit such acts my enemy.

I don’t really care if these acts were committed by the Antifa faction of these protesters, or the BLM faction; it is beyond acceptable, and the problem is that corporations such as NASCAR, the NFL, and even the U.S. military are pandering to them. That, to me, is symptomatic of a much larger problem; a lack of concern for historical truth. If you sympathize with this group solely because you believe that the police have oppressed them, then you do not recognize that the police are only part of the entire system that subjugates and oppresses us all.

It would not surprise me if most of those protesting inside the CHAZ are Democrats. Now I don’t want to get into a discussion of political parties; for I think both of them suck, but the primary policy of the Democratic Party is to provide things to people who are in need. This, at least as far as I’m concerned, does two things. First it denies liberty; for with liberty comes responsibility for all your own needs. Secondly it creates dependency; which makes their protest somewhat hypocritical; as they are the ones who, most likely, have relied upon government handouts for most of their lives…and now they want to sever that dependency to defend social justice? Like I said, let’s see how this plays out, but if it goes on for any length of time, I’m betting that their empty stomachs, (especially if this lasts into the winter months), will override their demands for justice, and they will disperse to where they came from, so that they can feed at the government teat again.

As I said at the beginning, I have no concrete opinion upon what’s going on in Seattle right now; and that’s primarily because I’ve yet to receive enough data to form an actual logic based opinion. I do think that there is a good chance this is a media stunt; and by that I mean I think these protesters, although their hearts may be in the right place, are looking more to make a statement, and get a little media attention as well, rather than actually go the distance and lay down their lives for the cause they claim to be supporting. But again, those are uninformed opinions; and I could be proven wrong.

But when our Founders said, “Give me liberty or give me death” they meant every word of it. Let’s see if the CHAZ has that same resolve…I don’t think they do.

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