Can We Be Honest With Ourselves?

When people reach that age in life when they can retire there will always be those who say that you should enjoy your retirement. Let me tell you something; that’s easier said than done. Oh, I don’t miss work at all; not with the direction things were taking there. My problem isn’t boredom either; I have plenty to do around the house to keep me busy. My problem is that I simply have way too much time on my hands to think about how fucked up this country has become; while there seems to be nothing I can do about it.

You may have noticed I am no longer writing an article a day like I was before; I can’t even bring myself to finish my series on the evolution of political parties. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, it’s that I feel like throwing my hands up in the air and screaming, “What’s the use?” It’s not quite desperation, but it’s pretty darned close. I simply want it all to end; not my life if that’s what you’re thinking; but I want to see the people of this country wake the hell up and retake their liberty from those who have stolen it from them, or I want to see them suffer so badly that they wish they’d done so while they still had the chance.

I know that may sound horrible; like I’m an evil person. I’m not, I want people to enjoy life; but at the same time I want them to leave me alone so that I can enjoy mine as I see fit. After all, isn’t that what liberty is all about; being free to live your life as you please without others getting in your way; so long as you leave others free to do the same? Isn’t that supposed to be what America is all about – LIBERTY? My God, we have a huge statue in New York Harbor dedicated to it; but then again it is closed due to the Covid outbreak; proving that liberty itself has left the building…so to speak.

I’d be willing to bet that there is nary a soul alive who would not say that they don’t like freedom; I mean, only a crazy person wishes to have their freedom taken away from them, right? Then why is it that so many people sit back and let that freedom be taken from them, bit by bit by bit without doing a damned thing about it? Do they do it because it is their political party that is doing the taking? Or, could it be that they have no clue as to what true freedom is?

Freedom means you are able to make your own choices in life, but it also entails that you accept complete and total responsibility for the outcome of those choices; and that’s the part of freedom that scares the bejeezus out of people. People want a safety net in case they fuck up and make a bad decision, or are unable to provide for all their wants and needs; that’s why they’ll tell you they want freedom, but the moment they are told that there is a crisis or state of emergency of some kind, they give up that freedom without hesitation.

Just look at what happened when the people were told there was a pandemic; most of them bought into that story hook line and sinker, and the obeyed the stay at home orders without question, and put on their face masks like the willing little sheep they were; regardless of how many people told them that face masks were ineffective, and even bad for them.

People don’t want freedom, they want comfort along with the illusion of freedom; the reassurance that their government has their best interests in mind. If they can believe that, then they can justify, (at least to themselves), that everything government does is necessary for the overall public good. This illusion of freedom is like an inner tube in the open seas, and they cling to it as if their lives depended upon it.

I think people may realize, deep down in their subconscious anyways, that the system they place so much trust and faith in, is totally corrupt; evil even. But they keep those thoughts buried away; otherwise they would lose all hope.

Just look at our elections for crying out loud; we have two, sometimes more, candidates seeking a certain office, and all they do is promise to do this, promise to do that; hoping that the promises they make are enticing enough to get a majority of the people to vote for them. What do you think would happen if a candidate got up and said, “I think government has done enough for you people, it’s time you start doing things for yourselves.” How many people do you think would vote for them? Here, let me answer that for you…NOT VERY MANY!

People don’t want freedom, they want a nanny; a nanny with the power to steal from others and give to them; or their particular causes. So what you end up with are opposing factions arguing over how to divvy up the spoils, so they can be used to benefit those who voted for that particular candidate, or political party. If you were a student of history, (which most aren’t), you would see that this division between two opposing factions, or ideologies, is what led to the Civil War.

The difference between then and now is that in the years leading up to the Civil War the Southern Democrats sought to keep government as small as they possibly could, while retaining the rights of the States, while the Republicans sought to exert a great deal of power to tax and spend to benefit those who supported their candidates. Today, both parties seek to toss out tidbits from the table, while not opposing each other too much on the big issues; the ones that end up devouring the liberty this country was supposedly founded upon.

Let me ask you a simple question; which party stands up for your rights today; not just some of them, all of them? If there was such a party, which there isn’t, then your rights would come and go; like waves gently rolling up the beach and then receding back into the ocean. All I see are my rights receding further and further away; and that’s because neither party cares a whit about your rights, or mine. All they care about is the survival of the system; which is why they keep you fools fighting amongst each other instead of uniting to fight against them.

Every problem this country faces, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, is not because of the policies enacted by either the Republicans or the Democrats, it is because the people don’t know why governments are supposed to be established among men; or they know but are too cowardly to stand up to government when it does not serve that function.

So, either you vote for candidates because you think that the promises they make are the reason government exists, or you know that government is overstepping its authority, but that you fear standing up to it because it is too big, too powerful. What it boils down to is either ignorance or cowardice; the question is; which of those describe you?

I’m gonna hit you with one of the most powerful quote’s I’ve ever read; and I was just hit with it this morning, “When an honest person, ignorant of true history, is presented with documented evidence of historical facts, they must choose to accept those facts or cease to be honest!” I don’t know who originally said that but my friend Mike Gaddy posted it on Facebook today, and he got it from another friend, Jamie Bell.

But think about how truthful that is; if you claim to be honest, then how can you maintain your honesty when you reject the truth simply because it causes you cognitive dissonance, or because it threatens your belief systems? The simple answer is, you can’t; either you stand for the truth and are an honest man, or you choose to accept and defending lies, making you yourself a liar.

Which are you?

Let’s use these ongoing protests and riots as an example of how people willingly avoid the truth. What caused these protests to happen? People will tell you they began when George Floyd was murdered by the police. That is only partially true, as people are killed almost weekly by the police; so why did this particular killing spark all these protests?

Oh, that’s right, it was because George Floyd was black and the cop was white; which shows that there is systemic violence and abuse by law enforcement against the black communities. Again, if we’re being honest, the data proves that not to be the case; more whites are killed every year by cops than are blacks. Yet, if you look at the homicides that occur across the country, you WILL find that blacks are more prone to be killed than whites; but it is usually other blacks who do the killing.

Why don’t those lives matter? Could it possibly be that in the case of cops killing blacks they can point a finger at the system, while if they were to look at the black on black crime they would have to point their fingers directly at the image staring back at them in a mirror? Oh, we can’t do that, can’t blame ourselves; we gotta have someone else to point our fingers at.

That, unfortunately, leads me to something else that I see happening with increasing frequency; the destruction and defacing of historical monuments. What we see happening now with the destruction or desecration of historical monuments was a long time in the making; these protests were just injections of steroids to sentiments and animosities that date back to at least the mid to late 1860’s.

It all boils down to the issue of slavery. To those who are ignorant; who don’t know why the Civil War really happened, slavery is, and forever will be what the North fought to end; making the South, and all those statues dedicated to their leaders, the bad guys. I could provide a dump truck full of documents to prove that the North did not fight the Civil War to end slavery, but people would not read them; or if they did, they would ignore what they had to say. This leads us right back to the question of whether anyone in America today has any intellectual integrity at all; or are the all willing to support and defend lies because to admit they were wrong is too painful?

Now before those of you on the political right stand up and say, BRAVO, I have a few words for you as well. For all you who proclaim to support the thin blue line, who say that if people would just obey the law they wouldn’t run into problems with law enforcement, I have but one thing to ask you; What exactly do you think the Colonists at Lexington and Concord did if not stand up to law enforcement when they came for their guns?

What exactly is it that law enforcement does if it isn’t the job of enforcing the laws passed by government? The law can be either good or bad; it can either protect your rights and liberty or it can diminish them. Jefferson once said that “…law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”

If the law serves to defend your rights and liberty, then the law is just and demands your obedience. If, however, the law seeks to diminish, or abolish, your rights and liberty, then the law is unjust and it demands your resistance. Just because some politicians put down a bunch of words on a piece of paper that say you can’t do this, you can’t do that, does not make it binding if what is written upon that paper violates any of your rights or your liberty.

So, who is it that enforces these laws that government enacts if it isn’t ‘law enforcement?’ If they do the job of defending your rights and liberty, then by all means, support the hell out of them. If on the other hand they are oppressing you, denying you the ability to exercise your rights and enjoy liberty, then it is your obligation to speak out against both them, and the bastards who wrote the laws they enforce.
What right does any government have to:

-Say you cannot leave your home;

-Obtain a permit/license to hunt or fish;

-You must wear a facemask;

-Cannot open your business;

-You cannot bear an arm for your own defense unless you have first obtained permission from [government];

-Must wear a seat belt;

-Cannot collect rainwater;

-Cannot open a lemonade stand on your property; etc. etc. etc?

What right do they have to enact laws, executive orders, royal decrees; call them whatever you want, that deny you your rights and liberty? The answer is none, the only authority they have is the authority you allow them to exercise; and if you allow them to have unlimited power, they WILL become tyrants; which they already are; and law enforcement is just their enforcing arm.

There is systemic abuse and oppression in America, but it is not confined to black communities; it is systemic against every man, woman and child living in this country. The race issue comes into play because people have not been taught the truth, and their ignorance keeps them pointing fingers and arguing with each other instead of directing their anger towards their real enemy – the entire system; from the lawmakers all the way to the law enforcers.

What would you have us do Neal, revolt? Well, Nancy Reagan gave us the answer, although it was in the wrong context. The former First Lady once said, “JUST SAY NO.” It’s that simple. According to statistics there are around 325 million people living in the United States. There are far fewer elected officials, and there are roughly 60-70,000 cops in America; putting the ratio at roughly 450:1 in our favor. If we just said, in a united voice, NO, what could they do; arrest or kill us all? Who would they govern if they did?
They need us far more than we need them; that is assuming we want to live a life enjoying perfect liberty. If we want to live as slaves, dependent upon the benefits government provides, then we do need them; but I sure as hell don’t. The only power they have is the power you allow them to have. We wouldn’t need to revolt if we all united together in opposition to them; although a few lynching’s here and there might serve to send the message more effectively.

Think about the money in your wallet or purse; what gives it its value? Ever stopped to ask yourself that? It’s just paper; well a clothe fiber actually, but still. The only reason people accept that money in exchange for goods or services is because they put their trust and faith in it. Well it is similar to government; we let it get away with all kinds of shit it isn’t supposed to because we still put our faith in the system; regardless of which political party happens to be in control of it at the moment.

If you believe, with all your heart and soul, that our system was designed to secure your liberty, then why hasn’t it done so? There are two reasons and the first of which is that you, and those who came before you, let government get away with overstepping its authority and restricting your rights and liberty.

The second reason is because the system itself sucks; it was designed so as to leave the people no recourse for abuses of power. They can arrest, jail or kill you for breaking the laws they enact, but where is your power to arrest, jail, or kill them if they violate the Constitution or infringe upon your rights? Hmm, riddle me that batman!

Patrick Henry, numerous times I might add, warned about this deficiency in the proposed system of government he was arguing against. On June 5, 1788 Mr Henry stated, “The Honorable Gentleman who presides, told us, that to prevent abuses in our Government, we will assemble in Convention, recall our delegated powers, and punish our servants for abusing the trust reposed in them. Oh, Sir, we should have fine times indeed, if to punish tyrants, it were only sufficient to assemble the people. Your arms wherewith you could defend yourselves, are gone; and you have no longer an aristocratical; no longer democratical spirit. Did you ever read of any revolution in a nation, brought about by the punishment of those in power, inflicted by those who had no power at all?”

Think about that, would you? In 1860 seven states id assemble in convention and recall their delegated power, and Abraham Lincoln raised an army against them; upon which 4 other states joined them in recalling their delegated powers.

So tell me, and be honest, what power have you to punish those who write, and those who enforce the laws? Every once in awhile, when the people become angry enough, the system will offer a sacrificial lamb to appease the people’s anger; but the systemic violations of our rights and liberty continues.
As long as the people in this country stand divided; pointing fingers at each other over race, gender, sexual preference, political party allegiance, and a whole host of other ideologies, the system wins. The answer, as Clive Shelton in Law Abiding Citizen said is to bring the whole fuckin’ diseased, corrupt temple down…

For Lysander Spooner was right, “But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case it is unfit to exist.”

The system is rotten, it is diseased, it is corrupt, and all the issues we fight amongst ourselves over are just symptoms of that; but instead of removing what ails us, we put a band aid on it and hope that things will get better after the next election cycle.

In closing I’d like to leave you with two passages from the immortal speech given by Patrick Henry on March 23, 1775. The first states, “Mr. President, it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.”

The final is the passage that elevated Patrick Henry from simple lawyer to Patriot extraordinaire, “What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

What would YOU have; comfortable lies and bondage, or a painful truth and the chance to regain your birthright of liberty? I think I know the answer for most people, and that is why I feel so down in the dumps; for I see no hope of ever recovering that which has been stolen from us when the American people are too afraid of the damned truth – their government sucks, it is evil, it needs to be torn down, and people need to start accepting responsibility for their wants and needs; and to stop blaming others for their failures in life.

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