Where’s The Spirit Of Liberty When We Need It?

I once read an article about the exponential advances in technology; how quickly new and improved devices come out. For those of you who don’t understand what exponential means, let’s say it takes you 10 years to invent something that benefits society in a major way. Then five years later someone comes along and makes a dramatic improvement upon your design; making for easier use or some other beneficial feature. Then 2-1/2 years after that someone comes along and makes another improvement; and that cycle of diminishing time between advancements on your design continues ad infinitum. That is how exponential change works; a decreasing time period between significant changes. The article said that our grandparents probably would not even recognize half the devices we take for granted; simply because their existence would have been the stuff of science fiction, not reality.

Well there is something else our grandparents probably would not recognize if they were alive today; the world we live in. Let’s play with a little math, shall we. I’m 62 years old right now, and I was born when my parents were in their 20’s. So if you ad those two numbers together you get 82 years; which is close to a century already. Now if you apply that same formula to their parents, the total is just over 100 years; meaning that some of them were alive during the Great Depression, possibly even World War I.

If you were to look back at America during that time frame there was no welfare state to help those in need; that came later, during the administration of Franklin Roosevelt as part of his New Deal. Although the infrastructure was already in place to decimate it, liberty was, to a large extent, much more abundant than it is now; that is if it is even in existence today. To give you an idea of what I’m getting at, in 1920 the highest tax bracket only paid 7% in income taxes; now they pay upwards of 40%.

Our grandparents would not recognize the world we live in, with all the laws, ordinances, and statutes that control what people can and cannot do. If our grandparents were alive today they would probably be standing around saying, “What the hell is wrong with you youngsters, why are you putting up with this nonsense?” Good question…

Like I said, I’m only 62 and I barely recognize the world we live in; changes, or more accurately, infringements upon our liberty are happening at such an alarming rate that I can barely keep up with them. Take guns for instance. When I was a kid you could send a check or money order into Sears & Roebuck and the Post Office would deliver a rifle to your front door via the U.S. Mail; no background checks, no hassle; easy peasy. Nowadays you not only need a background check to buy a gun, you also need one to purchase ammunition; at least in the Socialist stronghold of California you do. I can imagine my grandfather going into a gun store to buy some ammo and the clerk asking for I.D., saying “Sir, we’ll notify you when your background check is complete.” I can imagine my grandfather saying, “Background check? What background check? What kind of bullshit is this; a background check to buy bullets?”

But this isn’t about guns, and background checks to buy them; it is about the rapidly evolving state of affairs in this country which sees governmental control over our lives expanding at an exponential rate, while whatever remains of our liberty diminishes at a proportionately exponential rate. I’m wondering how much more people are going to tolerate before they reach their breaking point; or do they even have a breaking point; are they willing to accept absolute servitude and unlimited oppression as long as it is accompanied with the promise of comfort and security?

I’m just flummoxed, (Google flummoxed if you don’t know what it means), at how willingly people submit to, what can only be described as, absolute tyranny over their lives. Wear a mask. Yes sir, no problem. Wear a face shield over your mask. Yes sir, no problem. Stay at home, shut down your only source of income. Yes sir, no problem. Do all this and we’ll take care of you; we’ll up the unemployment rate and we’ll send you a $1200 stimulus check; which we don’t have the money to pay for; meaning you’re on the hook for paying off the debt we incur when we do these things for you.

I just read this morning that the mayor of Los Angeles, California has authorized utility companies to shut off the power and water to homes where large gatherings of people are disobeying his orders to stay at home and minimize contact with others. It doesn’t matter if you’ve faithfully paid your bill on time for years, if you host a party the mayor of L.A. will shut your utilities off.

Two days ago San Mateo County joined Contra Costa, Marin, Mendocino, Napa and Yolo Counties in instituting fines for those who are caught not wearing face coverings amidst this Covid outbreak.

All of this bullshit, and that’s what it is, BULLSHIT, over a virus with a 99% survival rate!

And then we have our illustrious leader, Darth Cheeto, spearheading his Operation Warp Speed, in which the U.S. military will participate in delivering 300 million doses of the vaccine as soon as it is produced and passes FDA muster. Two things. First, whenever the military is involved the use of the word delivery typically applies to how they intend to ‘deliver’ a weapon to their intended target. Keep that in mind. Secondly, we all know how reliable the FDA is; after all, they did approve VIOXX for public use. Only after VIOXX led to 140,000 heart attacks, and resulted in 60,000 deaths did the FDA recall VIOXX. I’m gonna tell you right now, the FDA is nothing but a pimp for the drug companies; BIG PHARMA, that will pretty much rubber stamp anything they tell it to.

I hear people say ridiculous things like, “I wish they’d hurry up and make that vaccine so we can get back to normal.” I have to leave the immediate area when I hear people say things like that, otherwise I’d probably end up in jail for choking them to death! I’m sure most of y’all know I’m retired, but when I was working the company I worked for contracted to give out free flu shots for all the employees who wanted them. I never took one, and I never got the flu. But of those who did take them, I’d say roughly 75% of them got sick as a dog and had to miss time from work.

The flu makes its way across the globe every year, (killing people as it does I might add), yet the media remains relatively quiet about it. Yet now, when there is a virus, (and I still don’t think it is a virus, not technically anyway), with a survival rate of 99%, the media goes into panic mode; spreading fear and warnings of dire circumstances if people do not follow the safety precautions being recommended by our leaders.

The problem is, people are falling for this nonsense. For crying out loud, I saw a guy in WalMart last week with 3 facemasks on! I saw a person driving down the road, all by themselves, with a face mask and a face shield. Who the hell is he protecting himself against when he is by himself? The whole country has gone stark raving mad if you ask me. But Neal, I had a friend who died from this virus! Well good for you, I had a friend who was electrocuted too, so would you agree we ought to shut off your electricity to prevent that from happening to YOU?

My God people, have you all lost your ability to think? Our government/s, both State and federal, have declared all out war on this Covid virus. When has government declaring war on anything ever seen that thing completely eradicated? Our government has declared war upon crime, poverty, drugs, and all kinds of other things; yet those things still exist.

When are you going to realize that it is a fiction, a pipe dream, to think that government can keep you safe from everything that could harm you; let alone that it is not among the powers given government to begin with. Your safety, your health, is YOUR responsibility. It’s funny, when I go shopping, (without a face mask I might add), the worst glares I get are from shoppers whose carts are packed to the gills with junk food – some of them are morbidly obese I might also add.

I wonder if it’s ever crossed these people’s minds that the reason they are so susceptible to disease is because they guzzle sodas, snack on potato chips and cookies, and couldn’t prepare a meal from scratch if their lives depended upon it; relying totally on prepared oven baked or microwaveable meals? Their immune systems are in the tank; which is why they get sick, and die, from diseases like this.


Well I have a message for them….FUCK YOU!

This country was, and I emphasize the past tense of the verb is, founded upon the principle that each person was free to make whatever decisions they want in regards to how they would live their lives; so long as they do not bring harm to another, or violate the rights of anyone else. That concept has gone out the window; it is a thing of the past. After all, we can’t expect people to accept responsibility for themselves; that’s asking too much of them; they need government to do it for them. And for that government to work effectively it means that you and I must comply to whatever restrictions it imposes upon our freedom.

Well I have a message for government too, and it’s the same one I mentioned before….FUCK YOU!!!

Like I said, I’m 62 now; which means I’m in what you might call my twilight years. I’m not going to go to my grave knowing that historians in the future are going to write, “Neal Ross, and his generation, let the last vestiges of their liberty slip through their hands, enabling tyrants to assume absolute control over the people of America; all for a virus with a 99% survival rate.”

No way, no sir, I’m not going to go to my grave with that being written about me. What about you, are you going to die standing up for your freedom, or are you going to be buried with the shackles of servitude firmly attached to your wrists and ankles?

The time’s a coming when you’re gonna have to make that choice. The first choice is when they tell you that you MUST take the vaccine; the second, and final one, will be when they say you must go to a cashless mode of buying and selling goods. Now whether that is a debit card, or a microchip, it matters little; for if you money is all managed electronically, all they have to do to dissidents is shut off their access to cash, and they will quickly start obeying their masters again.

Now I don’t know about you, but last time I checked our founding documents said that all men were created equal. Seems to me then that they intended that we don’t have masters; we have representatives and public servants; and that when they overstep their authority, or try to infringe upon our rights and liberty, we have the DUTY to resist.

So my question is this; when am I gonna start seeing a bit more resistance and a lot less compliance? Or have we been so conditioned to follow orders that the next exponential change will be the complete and utter enslavement of the American people? I certainly hope not; I hope that the spirit of liberty is still there, and just needs a bit of exercise before it is extinguished forever.

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