A Few Political Ruminations

A lot of people worry about getting old and eventually dying, but that does not concern me that much; we all grow old and die eventually. What does concern me is losing my mental faculties while living due to some form of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s. I was never blessed with a good memory to begin with, and to lose the little I was born with would be a devastating loss to me.

I think one of the reasons this frightens me so much is because I witnessed it happen to my mother as she slowly slipped into the grip of Alzheimer’s. Watching someone you love, quite literally, lose their mind was probably the most terrifying thing I’ve ever had to endure. From my perspective it was almost as if the disease was slowly depriving her of the very essence that made her my mother.

Her condition eventually got to the point where she was declared incapable, (mentally incompetent is the term they used), of managing her own affairs, whereupon the state ordered that she be placed into a managed care facility; where the Alzheimer’s slowly rotted away her mind, and unbeknownst to me, cancer slowly rotted away her body until she finally passed away; putting an end to her suffering.

I don’t mention this out of any desire for pity or sympathy; I mention it because I see many of the same symptoms my mother exhibited early on in one of the candidates running for President – Joe Biden. As most of y’all know, I don’t vote; I can’t see the logic in electing people to hold positions within a system of government that, quite frankly, sucks. That does not mean I don’t pay attention to what is happening; it is wise to be aware of what’s going on in this country; besides it is sometimes downright entertaining when they make fools of themselves.

The point I’m trying to make is that Joe Biden sometimes clearly acts befuddled and has a hard time forming complete sentences; which is one of the symptoms my mother exhibited in the early stages of her illness. There is no way that the DNC, (Democratic National Committee), is not aware of his peculiar behavior, (and I’m not even going to address his bizarre penchant for sniffing hair). If the DNC is aware of this, why in God’s name would they run him unless he was the only candidate they had that stood a chance against Trump?

It wouldn’t be without precedent; having a POTUS who was in the early stages of dementia; Ronald Reagan began exhibiting signs of his illness while in office. Reagan got so bad that NBC White House Correspondent Lesley Stahl would write about his condition as follows, “Reagan didn’t seem to know who I was. He gave me a distant look with those milky eyes and shook my hand weakly. Oh, my, he’s gonzo, I thought. I have to go out on the lawn tonight and tell my countrymen that the president of the United States is a doddering space cadet.”

The thing about it is, Reagan began exhibiting signs of his illness while in office, Biden is exhibiting them and the election is still over a month away. I don’t want to go too far out on a limb by suggesting something is amiss, but it’s a good thing this fake Covid crisis happened when it did; so that Biden would not have to stand on a stage and debate Donald Trump; Trump would have obliterated him. Not that I’m a Trump supporter, but that would have been something to see.

Although I don’t like Joe Biden much, I wouldn’t wish this illness, (that is assuming he has an illness such as Alzheimer’s), on anyone; even someone I despise like Biden. That said, why are the Democrats running him when it is painfully obvious that there are times he’s lost and can’t speak coherently? That question becomes even more relevant considering the Democrats also had Bernie Sanders they could have resorted to. I have often wondered if the DNC had not thrown Sanders under the bus in the last election, choosing to fall in behind Clinton, would Sanders have beaten Trump in the general election.

We’ll never know I suppose, but it seems to me that history is repeating itself from four years ago; with Sanders being pushed aside early on to make way for Biden. Could it be that the puppet masters at the DNC knew that Sanders was just too radical for some of the more moderate Democrats, and they may have chosen to not vote had they went with him instead of Biden? But then again, that kind of thinking is a double edged sword; especially when many of the voting Democrats have become quite radicalized themselves; which brings us to Kamala Harris.

Harris is far to the left of Joe Biden in her beliefs; hell, she’s far to the left of Stalin as far as I’m concerned. She once wrote me a curt letter while serving as Attorney General in California, saying that she was under no obligation to respond to public inquiries. That alone was enough to leave a sour taste in my mouth; not that I’d let my lips get anywhere near her; who knows who she had to sleep with to get the Number 2 position.

There Neal goes, exhibiting his sexist attitudes; that women move up in the world unless they spread their legs to do so. Bullshit; I know lots of women who I admire and respect who got to where they were due to hard work and intelligence; and Harris is not one of them.

Don’t you find it coincidental that right about the time Ms Harris political career took off that she was having an affair with Willie Brown; the same Willie Brown who opened the doorway and gave her, not one, but two key positions? There’s no proof Brown gave her those positions because he was sleeping with her, but it is an undisputed fact that they were sleeping together. So you put 2 and 2 together for yourself and see if you come to the same conclusions about Ms Harris as I have.

Maybe I’m just too cynical, or perhaps it is because if you are going to understand evil, you have to put yourself into the same frame of mind as the people you are trying to understand; maybe I’ve gotten accustomed to thinking the way these slime-buckets do, but I never take anything in politics at face value; I always look for ulterior motives and hidden plans; and the appointment of Ms Harris to the number 2 slot in American politics leaves me asking lots of questions.

I think the DNC is fully aware of Biden and his troublesome behavior. Now whether that behavior is due to some form of dementia has yet to be proven; or even tested for. Funny, Biden is a big fan of testing for Covid; I wonder how he’d feel if the American public demanded he be tested for Alzheimer’s before his name be allowed on the ballot? See, my mind goes off in all different directions and I have to constantly reign it back in to stay on topic.

I think that, possibly deep down, the DNC sees the way the winds are blowing for the future of their party, and that moderate Democrats are no longer going to be their core supporters; those core supporters will be the radicals; the kind that are out protesting now; the BLM and Antifa folks who have no qualms about using violence and force to get what they want. I don’t think the voting public is quite ready to commit to that strategy yet, but the DNC is hedging their bets, so to speak.

I think what they’ve done, (and it is quite ingenious by the way), is put a moderate, (who may be suffering from a debilitating illness), in the Number 1 slot; then they put a far left radical in the Number 2 slot. If Biden wins and survives one or two terms without being declared unfit, then the Democrats having lost a damned thing; they’ve still had one of their guys in the big chair pushing forward traditional Democratic agendas. However, if he is declared unfit, or dies in office, then Harris moves on up to the Number 1 position; and the Democrats get to radicalize American politics that much sooner. A Biden/Harris ticket is a win-win for the Democrats; but that’s assuming they beat Trump in November.

Now I’m going to be brutally insulting now; but there’s no getting around it. There is a portion of the Democratic voting public that is lazy as hell. That’s why this party appeals to them; it gives them things they didn’t have to work to get. Yet even after getting all these things at the expense of others, they still have to be wooed and convinced to show up on Election Day to cast their votes in favor of whoever is running on the Democratic ticket. These whole Get Out the Voter drives have got to be a huge drain on manpower, and they must be getting tired of having to do it every time there is an election.

However, if you were to mail people their ballots, and all they had to do is make a few marks on them, sign them, then slap them in your mailbox; you’ve eliminated the hassle of having to make sure your people show up at the polls to vote on election day. Now if I were a conspiracy minded kind of guy I’d be saying, “Wait a damned minute. First we have Biden say he won’t debate Trump due to Covid, and now we’re mailing ballots to the people? It sure seems like this Covid scare is benefitting the Democrats.” Lucky I’m not conspiracy minded, right?

I fully realize that what goes on in American politics affects me, but that does not mean I intend to vote for anyone come November; I may just stay home and get drunk for all the good voting does me. I don’t think anyone gets into the Oval Office who is intent upon tearing down the Deep State; regardless of what all you Trumpettes may believe about your chosen one. Where are all these indictments Trump promised would be on the way? Oh, he’s holding on to them until after he wins a second term; I get it. SMH!!! What about Edward Snowden; who lives in exile for doing nothing wrong other than exposing the crimes of our government; why hasn’t Trump dropped all charges against him so he can return home? What about Juilian Asange who is rotting away in prison; why hasn’t Trump done anything to see him released? What about Trump’s offhand remark about taking the guns first and giving people due rights later; huh, can you explain how that’s constitutional?

Trump played the Republican voters like a finely tuned Stradivarius, and they are still singing his tune; well most of them are. He is a consummate actor who is able to read the political landscape and play off the anger and fears of those who call themselves conservatives; and people fell for it. Hell, his promised tax cut for working folks certainly proved to be a lie; at least when my tax bill came due. I ended up owing 15% more in taxes than I did last year; so what tax cut? Oh, but he was gracious enough to send me back $1200 of the money the government had already stolen from my paycheck; so thank you Mr Trump. (Obvious sarcasm intended)

If you vote you probably look at those on the other side of the political fence as if they were miles away in their ideologies; when the fact is they are much closer than you care to admit. Both sides believe that government has all this wonderful power to do things which benefit them; the only difference between the two opposing sides being what those things government needs to be doing are.

If you were to draw a horizontal line on a sheet of paper, and at the far left write, ‘absolute tyranny’ and then go over to the other end of your line and write ‘absolute liberty’ then government should fall somewhere in between those two points; the question is, where? If, as the Declaration of Independence says, government is instituted to secure the blessings of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, then it becomes apparent that good government should fall very close to the extreme right of your line.

Now if government were to stick to its intended purpose, there probably would not be any need for a division in this country into political parties; as the whole body of the people would be united in one common cause; the defense of their liberty. Yet here we are with two different political parties; Republicans and Democrats; conservatives and liberals.

Those voters who affiliate with the two parties see each other as being at opposite ends of that line demarking liberty and tyranny. Unfortunately, that is not the case. While the schism, or chasm, (call it what you will), between Republicans and Democrats has widened and deepened, neither of the two parties is anywhere near the point marked liberty; they have both shifted left of center and are leaning heavily towards tyranny. It’s just the question of who this tyranny benefits that separate the two parties now. Liberty is standing way off in the distance, with only a small fraction of the American people standing guard around her.

How does all this tie in with Biden and the possibility that he is losing his marbles? Not saying this will most certainly happen, but I think there is a good chance that, should Biden win, he will be declared unfit to continue on; which will elevate someone who is a radical; someone who isn’t even constitutionally qualified, to the presidency.

Oh here we go again, more of this birther nonsense. I’m not going to argue with anyone over this, but if you had done any research into the qualifications for President you would know, without a doubt, that Kamala Harris does not meet them; she IS NOT a natural born citizen as the constitution requires for candidates seeking the presidency. However that, apparently, does not matter to either party; for neither was Barack Obama, Ted Cruz, or Marco Rubio for that matter. If you disagree with me on this, I can only suggest you research what Vattel’s Law of Nations says about the meaning of the phrase, natural born citizen; and that’s all I intend to say about this issue.

So that’s one possible outcome, or consequence of this upcoming election; one step closer to absolute Socialism; with an illegal occupier sitting in the Oval Office. Then there is the possibility that Trump wins another term; in which case, I believe the riots and protests we’ve had so far will seem like a walk in the park in comparison.

I think if the Democrats win, the Republicans will bow their heads in sorrow, maybe hold a few peaceful protests, and sit back and wait until the next election so that they can put one of their own back into office. That is assuming that there is anything left of the land of the free after 4-8 years of either Biden or Harris.

On the other hand, those on the left have already shown us what they are, and more importantly, what they are willing to do when they feel slighted; and believe me, if Trump wins another term they are going to feel that they were cheated out of the election. If that happens, all I can say is, you better have a good stockpile of guns and ammo; you’re going to need them.

Before I retired people I worked with used to ask me what can be done to fix what’s wrong in America. Honestly, that is like asking what can be done to put a bus back onto the pavement after it’s gone over a cliff.

In the final two Avengers films; Infinity Wars and Endgame, Dr Strange tells Tony Stark that out of 14 million possible scenarios he sees only 1 chance for success. I feel the same way; there is a way out of this mess, but with all the confusion, ignorance, apathy, and downright contentment with the way things are, I don’t see us taking it.

The only way out for us is if we all stop fighting amongst ourselves; put aside ALL political differences, and stand united in tell our governments; both State and federal, to go to fucking hell; leave our rights and liberty alone, or you son of a bitches will be dangling at the end of a rope before sundown.

Like I said, I just don’t see that happening; not when I go outside and I see more than 75% of the people wearing facemasks; when I see businesses letting government run them out of business over the fear of a fake pandemic? Are you kidding me?!?

If you want to fix what’s wrong in this country you are going to have to get off your knees and stop bowing down before tyrants; you are going to have to admit that, not only are those you have voted for evil, but the system itself sucks. You may also be required to do something I don’t think is possible; you may have to grow a set of balls and risk your life to regain what we have lost. And like I said, with all these people walking around with government mandated muzzles on their faces, I think balls are in short supply.

Anyway, I’m not a prophet or a seer of the future; I’m only making a few ruminations based upon what I’ve seen, and what I currently see going on. Who knows, we all may wake up the day after Election Day and all will be well in America; that is if you believe in fairy tales and happy endings. I’m a realist, and I see nothing but despair in our future; and you had better prepare yourself for it.

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