Let’s Hope I’m Just Crazy

Question, do you believe in good and evil? I don’t want to devolve into a theological discussion of whether there is a God and the devil; I only want to know if you believe in the concept of good vs. evil. The reason I ask is because I believe that governments are capable of being either good, or evil; and ours right now is pretty damned evil.

Have you ever heard of the Overton Window; I’m guessing many haven’t. Basically the Overton Window is a spectrum of what the public considers acceptable behavior by their government; falling in between the ranges of absolute freedom and the complete loss of freedom. Instead of trying to explain it, I think it would be better if I just provide a simple graphic showing what I mean.

People may think differently than I do, but I believe that for government to be good it must first have the consent of the people. Let me ask you something; do you consent to everything government does? One look at America today tells me that there is always a large swath of the public that does not consent to what government is doing; simply because their party is not in charge. How can you say that we have consent of the governed when, at any time, roughly 45% of the people do not like what government is doing? What we have is consent for the institution of government; not for the actions of government; which leads us to the next thing I believe about government.

I also believe that government should have a stated purpose, and when it no longer serves that purpose it should either be reformed so that it will, or abandoned altogether. It is when there are varying beliefs as to what that purpose is that we come into conflict with each other. If people would just come to an agreement as to what purpose government is supposed to serve then we wouldn’t have as much discord in this country as we currently have.

All the conflict in this country, be it between the classes, the political parties, or those holding different morals and values, all stem from the fact that the people do not understand the purpose government is supposed to serve, and the fact that the document that established this form of government was written in such a manner as to be vague; open to interpretation by those wielding the power it grants.

To prove this point all one has to do is look at the Supreme Court. They are, we are told, (a fact I don’t agree with), the ultimate deciders of all questions of a constitutional nature; their word is final. The Justices sitting on the bench at any time are supposed to base their decisions upon the constitution, correct? Why is it then that the Supreme Court has overturned itself over 200 times if the constitution remains the same today as it did when the Court handed down its first decision?

As an example, I always hear people say that if the Court swings to the right too much it may overturn itself on Roe v. Wade. How can that be when there has been no changes to the constitution regarding abortion; let alone the fact that it was a 10th Amendment issue; something that should have been left to the States to decide for themselves? If no constitutional amendment has been ratified touching upon abortion, how can something the court said in a 1973 decision be deemed constitutional, then at a future date be deemed unconstitutional?

This happens because the constitution is being interpreted by the biases and sentiments of the Justices sitting on the bench at any given time; which is why there is so much conflict whenever a vacancy occurs in the Court; as we are witnessing now with the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. If the Justices only cared about justice; if they only cared about adhering to the constitution as it was promised to the State Ratifying Assemblies; if they only cared about preserving the rights and liberties of the people, then there wouldn’t be such concern as to whether a left or right leaning Justice be seated whenever a vacancy occurs.

If our constitution were so good, if it was truly written to establish a system of government whose purpose was to protect and defend the rights of the people and the states, it would have place clear cut boundaries upon the powers of the government it was establishing, and provided a means for those the government represents to punish those who overstep those boundaries. The constitution did neither; making Spooner’s quote about it accurate, “But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case it is unfit to exist.”

What we have now in America is a system in which various interests seek to gain control of a system of coercion and force so that they can use it to benefit themselves, at the cost of the wealth, rights, and liberty of those they oppose. You cannot deny that fact unless you deny your own position that either the Democrats or the Republicans are evil and that the only way to fix this country is by electing more people from ‘YOUR’ party. If liberty and justice were the only things our government sought to do, then party affiliation would become meaningless; for they would all seek the same thing; but they don’t; vindicating my position.

Our government is all about control, controlling us so that it can continue to exist; to plunder us for the benefit of those it truly serves; the moneyed interests. You think government serves you; it doesn’t. Look at the FDA, it does not care about you and your health, it serves the drug companies; Big Pharma. The Department of Defense serves the military industrial complex; the Department of Commerce does not care about mom and pop stores and small businesses, it cares about big corporate owned companies and national chains; like WalMart, Lowe’s and other big box stores.

For a people to be utterly under the thumb of any tyrant there are 3 things that must fall under the authority of that tyrant; health, money and property; and today our government, and the powers pulling its strings, controls and regulates all of them. If you don’t believe me, just ask yourself why so many people are still wearing masks when so few people around them are sick. Ask yourself why people line up every year to take a flu shot, and will line up to take the Covid vaccine, when they don’t even know what poisons are in that needle they are letting themselves be injected with. They simply know that the ‘authorities’ told them it is in their best interests to do so; and they have become so indoctrinated into following orders that they will obey without question.

Is that freedom? Not by my definition, it isn’t.

Trump supporters say that their man is working hard to expose and eliminate the Deep State; yet if you were to ask them who, or what, this Deep State is they couldn’t give you a concrete answer. There is a scene in the James Bond movie Quantum of Solace where Bond and M are interrogating Mr. White and he says, “The first thing you should know about us is that we have people everywhere.” I think that, more than anything else I could say, explains who and what the Deep State are; after all, they don’t walk around displaying Deep State ID badges; they hide in the shadows controlling policy, the news media, education, and even religion.

I don’t honestly care what you choose to call them, the CFR, the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati, the Jesuits, the Freemasons, or simply the Shadow Government; they exist and they are the ones who hold the true power in our system of government today, with those we elect being but actors chosen to play out a role; all of them beholden to the hidden powers behind the scenes. The only way to free ourselves from them is to tear the system down entirely; take away their system of control over us and they lose all power over us.

Former Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter spoke of the Deep State years ago when he said, “The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise power from behind the scenes.” You see that kind of influence in government without even recognizing it; PAC’s, lobbyists, and other special interest groups vying for access to, and influence over those who are elected to represent we the people. However, that is just what you are allowed to see, you are never shown what happens behind the curtain of deceit; not unless you are a part of that deceit. All you see it the actors up on the stage; playing the roles they have been assigned; following a script; all while you naively think your vote matters.

The only way these people can maintain their control on government is if they keep us ignorant and fighting amongst each other over petty party divisions and insignificant differences of opinions over the ‘issues.’ Unfortunately, emotion is a baser, more powerful, and more seductive instinct than is logic and the quest for truth; which is why so few seek out that truth; preferring to stay locked in a never endless battle in which they point fingers at those they disagree with; blaming them for all our problems.

It is my belief that the intent of those who wrote the constitution was to, all along, not benefit those who would be asked to give their consent to it, (the people), rather it was developed to benefit the moneyed class; with business and banking being among them. This is not some half baked conspiracy theory I’ve come up with, or fallen for; it is based upon a careful examination of the things said by those who created this system of government, and the things said by those who argued over whether or not this system should be adopted. Through a study of history, (which is far from complete), I’ve seen how the moment this system of government went into effect it began to do the very things its opponents warned it would; breaking promises made during the State Ratifying Conventions; exposing the duplicity and evil intent of those who created it.

Those who drafted the constitution knew that if they were to come out and write a document stating their intent, it would be rejected; as the Revolution was still fresh enough in their memories to cause them to reject any system designed to centralize power and diminish the liberty of the governed. Through careful use of grammar and wording they weaved loopholes into it; and when those loopholes were exposed by opponents to their document they sugar coated them and told the people that these opponents feared demons that were not there; that something MUST BE DONE lest the nation fall apart.

Let me ask you a simple question; well maybe not so simple. Why is it than in many of the key battleground States where ratification was argued, were members of the constitutional convention allowed to become delegates given the responsibility to either adopt or reject the plan for a system of government they had just written? Wouldn’t you be inclined to think they were biased and would vote in favor of their creation no matter what arguments were leveled against it; what flaws were found within their plan? Does that not seem like a conflict of interest to you? To me it is like allowing the accused in a criminal proceeding to sit on the jury deciding their fate.

Even once they got their plan in place they could not reveal themselves for who and what they were, they had to be patient and begin with baby steps; such as the assumption and centralization of all debt; the reorganizing of the Judiciary through the Judiciary Act of 1789, and the push for a National Bank. Yet throughout our history they met both resistance and failure; but if they are anything, it is patient and unwavering in their dedication. Thomas Jefferson stood in their way from the get go; but fortunately Hamilton had Washington’s ear and the president listened to his Secretary of the Treasury more often than he did his Secretary of State. Later they would do battle against Andrew Jackson and his war on the National Bank; but these things do not deter them, they keep pushing and pushing until they get what they want; then they move on to their next priority; the next stage in their plan.

Did I just say plan? By golly, I did. I find it highly ironic that people call me the conspiracy theorist, yet a conspiracy is defined as a secret plan designed to do something unlawful or harmful; such as a plan to deprive the people of their freedom. Yet if facts prove that this is exactly what the constitutional convention was, a conspiracy to lay the groundwork for a system of government designed to do exactly that, then who are the conspirators; me, or those who wrote the constitution? Furthermore, if the facts prove that to be the case, then it is no longer a theory; it is an indictment, leveling an accusing finger at those who created our system of government.

Just as the drafting and ratification of the constitution laid the groundwork for things to come, the misnamed Civil War, and the aftermath, Reconstruction, laid the groundwork for things to come; things that we are experiencing right now. For instance, we can thank the Civil War, and the aggressors in it, for the 14th Amendment; which was forced upon the Southern States under duress. Then of course there was the emancipation of close to 4 million slaves; slaves who were not given any formal education or preparation for their freedom; slaves who were told they would be given 40 acres and a mule by the government that had freed them; creating a class of citizens who would become dependent upon government for their sustenance and survival.

In the years leading up to the creation of our current system of government Thomas Jefferson was writing his Notes on the State of Virginia. In those notes he said, “It will probably be asked, Why not retain and incorporate the blacks into the state, and thus save the expense of supplying, by importation of white settlers, the vacancies they will leave? Deep rooted prejudices entertained by the whites; ten thousand recollections, by the blacks, of the injuries they have sustained; new provocations; the real distinctions which nature has made; and many other circumstances, will divide us into parties, and produce convulsions, which will probably never end but in the extermination of the one or the other race.”

People praise Lincoln for freeing the slaves, but what they don’t realize is that Lincoln had, for years, supported the position that they be colonized outside the United States; forever separating the two races. In 1862 Lincoln met with a delegation of black leaders from the North, urging them to support colonization of all freed blacks outside the United States. Frederick Douglass, a leading black abolitionist, charged Lincoln with being racist, saying that they should be given the same rights and equality in the nation of their birth.

This begs the question; if an opportunity was given to both free and enslaved blacks to return to the country of their forefathers, and they did not take it, why do they now cry for reparations for the evil of slavery? I’m not condoning slavery, or the treatment blacks got from their masters while suffering under its yoke; I’m only saying that if your ancestors had the chance to leave, and didn’t take it, why are you blaming this country for your current plight; when you should be blaming those who chose to stay in the country that had held them in bondage.

There is another president who also favored colonizing the blacks outside the United States – Thomas Jefferson. However, unlike Lincoln who just wanted to put them on a boat and say, “Here you go, here’s your new home; make the best of it.” Jefferson proposed buying the slaves, training them in skills that would help them survive on their own, and only when they were able to do so, send them to another country to live. Now whose plan sounds more humane; Lincoln’s or Jefferson’s? Yet Jefferson is called a racist and Lincoln is praised as a saint. Lincoln even attempted colonization; only to learn that the colonies he established failed because those sent to them were not given the skills and knowledge to make it on their own without a master overseeing them.

Furthermore, even though the abolishment of slavery did finally occur under the administration of Abraham Lincoln, those in the North who pushed hardest for it did not want those freed slaves living among them. All the land that was promised to the recently emancipated slaves sat in the Southern States; not one acre of it was found in any of the States of the Union.

Say what you will about slavery, about the Confederacy, but Reconstruction was not about rebuilding the South after the war so it could re-enter the Union as it had existed prior to secession and the war; it was about conquest and subjugation; the complete and utter destruction of the Southern way of life; it’s culture, its heritage, and its political systems. Those loyal to the Confederacy were prohibited from holding positions within the State governments; which pretty much applied to everyone in the South. To fill those positions carpetbaggers and scalawags flooded south after the war to add insult to injury; taking control of their systems of government and placing them under military rule until they would submit to the demands of their conquerors.

As for the freed slaves, a Freedman’s Bureau was established to help them in the transition from bondage to freedom. At its head was a Major General Howard, to whom the Southern Pastor R.L. Dabney wrote the following, “I cannot believe that means will be lacking to you any more than powers. At your back stands the great, the powerful, the rich, the prosperous, the philanthropic, the Christian North, friend and liberator of the black man. It must be assumed that the zeal which waged a gigantic war for four years, which expended three thousand million of dollars, and one million of lives, in large part to free the African, will be willing to lavish anything else which may be needed for his welfare.”

Did the Freedman’s Bureau, or the North to any extant, do anything to lift those slaves out of their ignorance and plight; to elevate them to the same level of equality they held in the North? No, they promised them 40 acres and a mule and told them that if they voted for Republicans in the elections they would get more goodies; which were to be plundered from their former captors. The North sought to keep the freed slaves in the South, where the ‘ten thousand recollections, by the blacks, of the injuries they have sustained ‘ could be used by the North to punish the South and take control of it through the election of Republican candidates and the utter dissolution of the Democratic Party founded by Jefferson so many years ago.

I don’t know how to say this without appearing racist, but those ‘ ten thousand recollections, by the blacks, of the injuries they have sustained ‘ has been used time and time again to explain the condition of many blacks living in America today. It is the very basis of the cries for reparations for slavery, and it is the fuel with feeds the fires of racial discord in America right now.

Government, and those who hold power under it, may be evil, but one thing they aren’t, is stupid. They understand human nature and they understand how to play our emotions against each other. The fertile soil for racial discord was tilled long before the Civil War; when blacks were first transported to America in slave ships owned by Great Britain. That soil was nurtured and fertilized by the importation of even more slaves by the New England Colonies; Rhode Island; Connecticut; Massachusetts, and New York.

The seeds for discord were planted when those who had suffered under the yoke of slavery were given their freedom, and told that their plight came at the hands of evil white men, and that government existed to provide them with freedom, and with all that was needed for their sustenance and survival. That belief has been taught for generations in our public schools; to the point that neither blacks nor whites know the truth anymore. Those who try to speak the truth are met with a wall of opposition; built by generation upon generation of lies and indoctrination at the hands of those who were supposed to instill in our children knowledge and critical thinking; which is why you see so many young white people out rioting and looting alongside the blacks.

The soil has been well tended, and it is my belief, (and this is just a thoughtful diagnosis of what I’ve seen happen), that the fruit of their planning and labors began sometime around 2008; right before the sudden rise of Barack Obama into the political spotlight.

Who is, or who was Barack Obama, and why was he thrust into the spotlight to take the presidential election in 2008? He was just a former community organizer turned U.S. Senator from Illinois who introduced no meaningful legislation, and missed 24% of the roll call votes in the Senate during his tenure; which was 20% than the average for any Senator. So who was he, and what was so special about him that he went from obscurity to the Democratic candidate for president in 2008?

Back when I watched more TV, and when I still had faith in our political system, I used to sit with my wife and watch shows with her. One of her favorite shows, much to my disdain, was the Oprah Winfrey show. I recall one episode when Obama came on as a guest; while he was still an unknown Senator from Illinois. I can’t recall her exact words, but Oprah suggested to Obama, or made the comment, that he would make a good president. The next thing you know this unknown entity is delivering the keynote address to the Democratic Convention in 2004. Those who give the keynote addresses are typically the movers and the shakers within a political party; those who shape both policy and the future direction of their party. So what lifted Obama out of nowhere to that position in the spotlight; which would be he jumping off point for the presidential election in 2008?

I think the whole thing was scripted; part of a plan to widen the gap and cause more racial discord in America. Republican voters hated Obama, and what he stood for; which was, in my opinion, the exact response the Deep State, or Shadow Government wanted from them. Not only was Obama despised by those on the right, he set the stage for Donald Trump. Obama’s policies infuriated the right, and when 2012 came around the GOP gave us nobody that really stood a chance against Obama; similar to what they did when they ran Bob Dole against Bill Clinton in 1996. So Obama won the election, forcing the Republican faithful to put up with another 4 years of someone they despised.

Then along comes the 2016 election and Donald Trump. I recall once seeing Trump say in an interview that he had no desire to run for office, that he was content to simply run his business empire. But Trump’s face was everywhere; he had his own TV show, The Apprentice, he was on the news all the time, and even made appearances on celebrity TV shows such as EXTRA and Access Hollywood. Like him or not, everyone knew who Donald Trump was.

Then suddenly Trump begins talking politics and he gains a following. The more he talks, the more people listen; and the more outrageous and offensive he becomes, the more those on the right who felt disenfranchised by their party, fall in line behind him. Suddenly Trump pulls it off; he wins the election and becomes president.

Trump appealed to the patriotism and the sentiment that the GOP had let corruption overtake our system of government; promising to rebuild our military and drain the swamp. Indictments against Hillary were promised; a promise he has yet to keep, and his master plan to rid our government of the Deep State has made about as much progress as his promised border wall with Mexico.

Trump did not need to be marketed, he was already well known. All he had to do was show up and people would show up to hear him; people who liked what they heard; which only angered those on the political left. So when Trump was elected, what did we see? We saw protests with people marching around chanting, “Not my president.” Again, this is exactly the response the script writers wanted; for it further divided the people of this country; deepening the animosities between the left and the right.

Then along comes this Covid virus; which the lead doctor in charge of the governments efforts to prevent its spread, (Fauci), had a hand in financing its creation while serving as head of NIAID; the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. The agency which he headed funneled money into the Wuhan research center where the Covid virus originated; a virus that records indicate was created right here in the United States at the research facilities at Chapel Hill University in North Carolina. Coincidence; I stopped believing in coincidences a long time ago. As the saying goes, nothing in government happens by accident; everything is planned.

So we’ve got Covid; which forces people to stay home, shut down their businesses, social distance, stop attending church and other public events; all of which disrupt our lives and wreck havoc on our emotional status; at least it does to those who fall for the lies being fed to them about the seriousness of Covid.

The news media played their role in this whole plandemic thing to a T; spreading no stop fear; reciting case numbers, death totals, and how the only way to prevent its spread was to shut down our lives. There is nothing like a boatload of stress introduced into an already volatile situation to prime things for an upcoming presidential election; especially when the two sides pretty much already hate each others guts.

And if that weren’t already enough, we had the George Floyd incident; the Rayshard Books shooting, both of which led to protests, riots, and violence against anyone who did not bow down and support Black Lives Matter. We also saw an increase in vandalism and destruction of monuments in this country; not only those honoring Confederate leaders, but also those honoring founding fathers and other assorted historical figures. Then the fires were intensified when the cops involved in the Breonna Taylor shooting were given a figurative slap on the wrist.

We are sitting atop a powderkeg right before a presidential election; and to make matters worse, Ruth Bader Ginsberg goes and dies; leaving a vacant seat on the Supreme Court in the last few months of Trumps first term. If I didn’t know better, I’d wager the woman has been dead for quite some time; after all, not much was seen of her this past year. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like, but I think they may have kept her passing a secret; only to release the information at this crucial moment in time when tensions between the left and right are strained to the limits.

So here we are, going into an election where the tensions of the voting public have already been strained by multiple stress multipliers. We have two opposing candidates, one of which can barely form a coherent sentence and has refused to debate Trump; possibly for fear of being humiliated on the national stage. We have his running mate, who is almost as bad, if not worse, than Hillary Clinton was.

To top all that off we have an election where a large portion of the votes will be cast by people sending in mail in ballots; which leaves the door wide open for all kinds of fraud. We have Trump saying he might not abandon the presidency if he suspects that fraud was involved in a Biden win, and we have the left saying that they aren’t going to accept a Trump victory; with the more radical of the left saying they’ll burn the whole thing down if it is announced Trump won a second term.

I mean what could go wrong with all that playing into the election; which is less than two months away.

If the shit does hit the fan during, or after the election, I think it will give government the perfect excuse to abolish the few privileges we have left. I think no matter who wins government is going to do something similar to China’s Social Credit Score in regards to a Covid Vaccine; either you take the vaccine our your right to participate in society is taken from you. Without a Vaccine ID you won’t be able to go to your bank and withdraw any money; and even if you could you wouldn’t be allowed inside a store so you could spend it.

I also believe that the rioting and violence is going to intensify and spread into other cities where it doesn’t already exist. I think that when it does, those who try to defend themselves will be punished severely, while those committing the actual acts of violence will be left free to commit their crimes; just as they are right now.

I think this is all leading up to martial law of some sort; either the National Guard will be called out to restore order, or worse, UN troops will be brought in to do so. I think that people in this country have been so conditioned to accept infringements upon their rights and liberty that they’ll submit to anything if the government promises that peace will be restored.

If they submit to that, the prison door will have been slammed shut upon them, and they’ll never see anything remotely resembling liberty again in their lifetimes. Those of us who have predicted this, and seen their endgame, will probably be rounded up, and when we refuse to go, we’ll be shot and killed; with the media labeling us domestic terrorists, fanatical militia members, or some other name that causes the masses to think we were a threat to their safety; just like they did to Randy Weaver and the Branch Davidians.

I cannot be 100% sure of any of what I just said, but if I’m right, you’ll have wished you’d listened to me long before we got to this point in the game. The only thing I can say at this point is, only time will tell. I hope I’m wrong about all this; that the things I just said are the wild imaginations of a crazy person; but I don’t believe they are.

In closing I’d like to leave a final quote for you to ponder. The statesman Edmund Burke once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” If the plan I’ve just suggested truly exists, and is in its final stages, those who created this system, and those who drafted this plan are some evil son of a bitches. And if they’re evil; what have you done to stand up against them?
Ponder that…

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